December 23, 2006

Frohe Jule

All this talk of ancient religions from the deserts of the east."Are we not Hyperboreans?"* I do not accept the concept of "Original Sin" so I have no need to be forgiven of anything, thanks anyway. What kind of debased self loathing could lead to the worship of a Deity that hates it's own worshippers? The Gods created man so that they would become strong and be an asset to them. So that they could look upon their creation and be proud. It seems to me wise to choose to give favour to Deities that reflect our strengths and values. Conversely it seems self destructive to honor the weak,the sickly, the pacifist, and all else that is loathsome to a proud and healthy Society. Behold what this hath wrought!!!
At the time of the Winter Solstice, when light begins to regain strength over the encroaching darkness, The Sacred Yule Tree is removed from its carton, in which it was macickally transported from the Land of the Chinese Emperors. His legion of skilled(yet strangely tiny) elves have crafted a wondrous tree everlasting, which is assembled in 3 parts and is lit with more lights than there be stars in the sky. Its needles neither dry nor turn brown. Truly it represents the tree of life Yggdrasil, and the multi hued lights are as the Rainbow Bridge, which is called Bifrost and leads to Aesgard. There dwells Odin,The All Father, Chooser of the Slain, Meadbringer, Master of Cargos, Lord of Vallhalla, The One-Eyed, The Master of the Runes. All men and women, the Thralls, The Jarls, and the Princes were created by Odin and his two brothers Villi and Ve, the sons of Bor.
Then the sacred offerings are placed upon the wondrous and everlasting tree. Treasures hoarded from a lifetime rich in luck and labor. At the top Rides Brunhilde, Odins daughter, crafted in the Edwardian fashion to resemble an angel of some eastern mythology. Below The fire -ringed one stands Lord Vader of the Empire, who cautions all who pass by that"You are not a Jedi yet!" From another Quadrant flies a small miniature ark of white, marked with the mysterious runes NCC- 1701. So ingeniously crafted is this contrivance , that when a hidden button is pushed, the voice of the sacred St.Nimoy reminds us all to" live long and prosper". By the roots of this wondrous tree, like the Harts that gnaw upon the roots of World Tree lurks a hidden vessel of Romulan design. There is a wondrous Crystal Stag encased in a hollow globe of ice that never melts. There are sleds and tree spirits and the wonderful golden apples that the goddess feeds to all who shall live forever.
On the opposite wall, facing the most splendid of trees, is a most amazing likeness of the Martyred St. Stonewall of Chancellorsville, And on his left the likeness of Uncle Robert The Beloved. An old .44 cap and ball musket guards the southern wall, and a lamp always burns in the window to show that All-Fathers law of Hospitality reigns in this hall throughout the season. Thus it is in the Mountain Fastness of the Land of Romney. My wish to all this holiday season is that the gifts of the Gods do not too soon slip away from us. That strength,courage,wisdom and cunning wax greater and wane less. That our swords remain sharp and our minds clear. That we may slay our enemies and increase our friends. Also-Free Ammo and Beer for everybody!!!
Frohe Jule-Muninn
*Nietzsche-"The Antichrist" 1-1

December 22, 2006

Lo, I Bring You Tidings of ... Well, Just Read

Listen, oh children. Gather round the fire and I will tell you a tale in this festive, joyous season as we celebrate the origins of one World Religion by enacting traditions stolen from scores of older religions.
But let's back up a bit.
Around 5000 years or so ago, a bunch of fairly unsophisticated nomads wandered into the land of Egypt, which was marginally more civilized (although they did still worry about death an awful lot). They stayed and worked for a while, then left, taking what they could of the Egyptian culture ... which wasn't all that much. Of the thousands of "commandments" in the Book of the Dead, they redacted the mess down to a handy, fits-on-your-camel, Ten Commandments, and set about developing their very own religion, to explain why life was so crappy ... basically, they decided while sitting around dung-fed fires in the cold, God hates us. Why does God hate us, they asked themselves? Well ... we hate people who do bad things to us, so God must hate us because we do bad things to HIM ....And so, a religion that was to change the world was born. And that religion, cooked up by simpleton nomads, had children of its very own over time.
The older brother religion (ever the more precocious, as older brothers usually are), came about because one of the followers of that old old religion started to wonder if maybe God doesn't hate us because we do things to Him, but instead, God hates us because we do things to each other! What a concept. It really caught on among those who were pretty fed up with their angry god, whom they (in a fit of originality) called "God".
But this follower, original thinker that he was (also an older brother, as it turns out) was a pretty ordinary cuss, all in all. He died young, and left only a handful of followers. But they were real clever. See, some of them had travelled a bit, and they had heard some of the tales told about the deities of other religions. So to puff up their dead carpenter/philosopher, they made his momma a virgin, miraculously (ahem) recalled tales of his wondrous feats of intellectual and magical prowess from an early age, and started trying to remember just WTF he had been on about all those years. And so Christianity was born, like its central figure, an immaculate conception, made not born (despite the Nicene Creed), with more heads than a hydra.
Centuries passed, and as the fledgling religion drew adherents among the weak and downtrodden (of whom there were quite a few - downtreading being a Roman speciality at the time). And as the hordes of followers of this religion proliferated, the leaders of its internal organization continued their clever tricks. See, some of them had travelled a bit, and they heard tale told about the deities of other religions. So to make their milque-toast credo more palatable to the folks they were trying to "bring into the fold", they continued their tradition of accreting the local tales onto their God.
Your religion involves a big tree and winter fire festival? Hey, we gots a winter fire festival and a tree, too! Your God rides a sleigh drawn by reindeer? What a coincidence! But in Our religion, he's just a spirit, sorry. Maybe if you'd put up more of a struggle, we'd give him more chops and given him a Realm (like we did for Hern and Pan). But since you just rolled over, spiritually, we'll just fold in some stuff, okay?
But back to our tale.
Eventually, the parent religion started showing signs of dementia - it wouldn't talk to anyone new, it shut itself up in isolation, it even started getting mean and snapping at anyone who tried to understand it. Eventually, it moved to a warm climate (very near its younger child, for convenience, you know?) and started dressing funny. It did nothing worthwhile, anymore, but carried a big stick with which to whack its neighbors.
While the older offspring (who by this point was pretty well-off with literally thousands of accreted deities working for it, mostly in sweatshops and subsidiary "saints days" and such) the younger offspring was not doing too badly, either. Following in the parent's footsteps, little brother kind of pared down the overly complicated mythology of its elders, but copied big brother, too, by focusing on the downtrodden and weak. Of course, being somewhat simple, the younger child was far less flexible about incorporating the local deities. But despite being a tad intolerant and belligerent, it was doing okay, and grew and grew and grew.
Those brothers have never gotten along too well. Today, they still whack at each other - usually over divvying up stuff that belongs to neither of them (naturally). Seems they are always trying to brain each other with the jawbone of an ass, a scimitar, a musket, a tank, a Boeing, a .50 cal, an IED, a SAW, an autonomous killbot, a genetically modified plague, a nano-disassembler (oh, wait, those last few are for next war).
But at this time of the year, it behooves us to recall that we are all the philosophical descendants of dung-fire nomads puzzling out the mysteries of the universe with all the intellectual and educational equipment that a lifetime of deprivation and wandering the sand can give.
Makes ya proud, don't it?
Merry Christmas, y'all.

December 20, 2006

Wake Up America !

Incredible as it may seem, the question has been posed:"How are we any better than the nation that we are occupying?". First and most obviously it is because we are Morally Superior to our enemies. We hold the Moral High Ground because we have been dealt the first blow. Actually, we have been attacked repeatedly for the last 30 years and have barely responded. It took the massacre of nearly 3,000 American civilians and servicemen, live and in color, to provoke us to any meaningful response. And what was that response? Did the Middle East blossom like a gigantic Mushroom Garden? Was the enemy civilian population targeted for incineration as a just and proportional response? No. What actually happened was that America finally shed it's somnambulism and realized that we were at war with the Caliphate. Our first military ops were targeted at the Taliban Army and the Afghan regime which shielded it. We were Morally Superior to the Taliban because we had developed a culture of freedom that does not treat women as property,does not condone "Honor Killings" of wives, sisters, or daughters,does not stone people to death for their sexual preferences, does not blow up ancient historical artifacts, does not dismember people for perceived social improprieties,does not sponsor terrorist organizations that deliberately target civilians, does not fly airliners into buildings or blow up embassies or discotheques. Once the Taliban were routed we did not behead our prisoners, or drag their mutilated bodies through the streets, or hold them for ransom and terrorise their families. We still maintain a troop presence there to keep the peace and prevent the resurgence of the Taliban, and good Americans die every day in doing so. They are so Morally Superior to their enemies, that any comparison borders on the incomprehensible.

On to Iraq. We did not go to war for oil in Iraq, but to assure the free flow of oil to the Civilized World. We did not go to war out of fear of Saddams WMD, but because his refusal to fulfill his treaty obligations in this matter gave us the Moral Validity to remove the Baathist Regime and replace it with another. We were Morally superior to the Baathists because we did not govern through terror, we did not put people into tree shredders, we did not attack our neighbors repeatedly to steal their oil. We did not utilize rape as a political tool. We did not set Iraq's oil fields ablaze to create an environmental catastrophe, we did not strafe or use poison gas against our minority populations. We did not pay families to turn their children into human bombs. How did we topple this monstrous regime. Did we drop a couple of Megatons on Baghdad? Did we carpet bomb their economic and civilian structures back to the stone age a-la WWII?. No. We sent young American volunteers to go kill the bad guys and leave the civilians alone. This Moral restraint,this choice to take militarily unnecessary casualties to protect the civilians of a country with which we were at war is what makes us better than our enemies.

The "occupation". The Caliphate is scared. We now occupy the central position. That is why they are using every means possible to de-stabilize Iraq. These people are nothing more than terrorists and mobsters. We are their Moral Superiors because we do not hide behind our women when we fight. We wear uniforms that clearly mark us as targets, while they, in their cowardly fashion, wear civilian dress because they know that we are loath to kill civilians. Even though we are easy to spot in a foreign land, most of their terror bombings are against their own civilian populations. We are Morally superior to these beasts because we build schools and water treatment facilities while they blow up markets and mosques. We are Morally superior to them because we will fight house to house and room by room to try and kill bad guys and spare non-combatants. In doing so, American soldiers die. They are Morally superior to all of us because they have volunteered to defend civilization against barbarism and have paid the ultimate price for their courage.

The West. Western Civilization is morally superior to the theocracies and thugocracies of the middle east because we believe in individual freedom. We do not believe in"Submission" which is the literal translation of Islam. The west is morally superior because our science, philosophy, economic freedom and belief in equality have created on this planet more wealth, better health, longer life, greater freedom, incredible technologies, and literally lifted Mankind out of the Dark Ages.

Our enemies still live there. They do not have the will to free themselves. That is the difference between us. That is why we are better than our enemies. Let Freedom Ring!!


December 19, 2006



May I offer a few words from the voice of experience?

In the fair nation of Chile I was offered a position pimping for the local brothel. I accepted. The house needed someone who could speak a variety of languages and I needed my motorcycle sprung from the clutches of the Chilean authorities. The list of characters includes the following: Everett (Peace Corp volunteer), one madame, one German captain and his engineer, thirty-five Filipino sailors, enough whores to keep the sailors happy, two Caribinari (Pinochet's guys), six cops, three bartenders, ten taxi drivers, one customs official, a crane operator, and yours truly.

The plot I hatched was Byzantine in its complexity. I'm not proud of what I did, but Machiavelli would understand. I arranged things. That's what pimps do. I'll give you the bottom line. The sailors got laid and the whores got paid. Everett bedded the madame; they were hot for one another. I knew that Everett had a groin full of clap, but tough luck; I needed the bitch out of the way. She ran the town. I wasn't going to spring my bike without her say-so. Customs got a cut as did the crane operator. The cops got free drinks and free nookie after the sailors were done. The cabbies got double duty, to and from the ship at exorbitant rates. The Caribinari got nailed by their wives courtesy of madame who was sick and tired of paying their bribes. The captain and I got drunk while his engineer found the woman of his dreams (at least for a night). The bartenders picked up the residue, spare change and lost wallets. Hoo-ha! Time to leave.

I got my bike back in the Port of Baltimore. I broke it out of the crate, and she fired right up when I hit the kick start. It didn't last. A few weeks later I was T-boned at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue at the Calvert Street Bridge. I reckon my gods were watching out for me. I landed on my feet. Not a scratch. The Chilean madame must have had it in for me and made contract with her own gods. A bit of social disease will make a woman all sorts of ornery. Not sure what happened to Everett. Last I heard, his wife was on her way to join him in Chile. Good luck.

You see, I don't recommend sleeze as a way of life. Lay down with dogs and get flees. In the case of Iraq, you get desert flees. I have no sympathy for fools who get caught. I got out when I could. Words to the wise.


Free Yozarian!


I urge you to read the New York Times article referenced above before proceeding further - it will give you a frame of reference.
While this is hardly a unique story, it is worthy of a quick read, but just in case you are the sort who ended up dancing around his desk in third grade before reading the "Ignore all directions above" line at the end of the worksheet, I will summarize the story thusly:
A US citizen (a native of the windy city) was in Eye-rack as a contractor for a security company. After a while, he got a "bad feeling" about his employers and contacted the FBI and other security types to report his bosses. Sure enough, the company was dealing arms to any and sundry bad guys. So they turn the case over to the Army "intelligence" boys, who perform a sudden snatch-n-grab on the company. This raid worked real well. The Army put the Qorner Gun Shoppe out of business, and arrested many-several badguys. Unfortunately, they also arrested our hero - the contractor-turned-FBI informant.
For the next ninety days, there followed a truly Kafka-esque drama, with the informant being tortured, isolated, and occasionally questioned as he repeatedly and honestly insisted on his role in the incident. He even (I kid you not) told his interrogators how to confirm his version of events - though evidently that was not a high priority for them. During his questioning, he was (allegedly) not allowed to see most of the "evidence" the interrogators were supposedly attempting to verify. Even after his story (that it was HE who fingered the gun-sale operation) was confirmed, he was still held in conditions that would get the county lock-up shut down by the feds and then released with ominous warnings that there would be trouble if he blabbed about his experiences.
Consider the irony, if you will, of this poor schmuck's fate. Consider that all of it resulted from his attempt to help the US effort by revealing corruption and crime. Consider the perfidy of his interrogators. Consider that, though quickly acknowledged as a citizen, his rights to habeas corpus, to legal representation, to humane conditions, were completely ignored. Consider that this is long AFTER the cock-up (pardon) at Abu Ghraib. Consider that during most of his ordeal, frantic inquiries as to his whereabouts and condition were being sent by his friends and family and elected representatives, and stonily ignored by the military.
I suppose the most infuriating aspect of this story is that none of it needed to happen. A phone call from the dim-bulbs running Kamp Kwestion to the FBI would have sufficed. A check of the informant's cell, his laptop or even (gasp) his paperwork, would have confirmed his version of events. And the Army - acting ever like five-year-olds with cookie crumbs on their shirts - KNEW they screwed the pooch here and AGAIN tried to cover it up, even to giving rather obvious consideration to "disappearing" their victim.
We won't even touch on the question of why a firm using US citizen-employees was selling guns to insurgents in Eye-rack under the noses and other facial features of our own "watchdogs" - that's a question for another day - but the Catch-22 experiences recounted here are truly rage-worthy.
Lemme hear an "Ooo-rah!"

Good try.

December 07, 2006

The College of Your Choice

Greetings once again Y'all. Got a few more letters from Jesse at Holiday Island. There is a very interesting IMHO link to an article by Hugh Hewitt at the bottom of this post. It has alot to do with careers for young men under 25. It looks like the 21st Century is going to be just as calm and peaceful as the last one. I have been giving the young lads I know the same advice.
I am sure you are all familiar with the Marine Corps doctrine that states that all soldiers shall be first trained as rifleman. One good man with a rifle may persuade many a miscreant to the path of rightousness. I'm sure you are all at least somewhat familiar with "The Creed" taught to all potential Marines. Here is the completet text as Jesse sent it to me from Camp.

"My Rifle"
The creed of a United States Marine

By: Major General W.H. Rupertus, U.S.M.C.

"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle without me is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will...
My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...
My rifle is human, even as I because it is my life. Thus I will learn it as a brother. I will learn it's weaknesses, it's strengths, it's parts, it's accessories, it's sights, and it's barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...
Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.
So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy but peace!

He also writes that he is soon to train on the A4, The m249 S.A.W. and a rocket launcher. Can't wait. He gets 10 days leave on Jan 5th. He wants to come up on the mountain. I cannot imagine that the ice or snow shall stop him.
Best wishes all-Muninn

December 01, 2006

PETA Versus Scientology

From the Associated Press:
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The pastor at Anchorage First Free Methodist Church was mystified. Why was the activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals chastising him? No animals are harmed in the church's holiday nativity display. In fact, animals aren't used at all.
People, however, do dress the parts — Mary, Joseph, the wise men, etc. The volunteers stand shivering at a manger on the church lawn in a silent tribute to Christmas.
The Rev. Jason Armstrong was confused by an e-mail this week from PETA, which admonished him for subjecting animals "to cruel treatment and danger," by forcing them into roles in the church's annual manger scene.
"We've never had live animals, so I just figured this was some spam thing," Armstrong said. "It's rough enough on us people standing out there in the cold. So we're definitely not using animals."
Seems the confusion started with the church's choice of phrase. PETA flagged Free Methodist's display as a "living nativity," and indeed, that's how the church describes it on its Web site.
To PETA, that means animals.
"Those animals are subject to all sorts of terrible fates in some cases," Jackie Vergerio, PETA's captive animals in entertainment specialist, said. "Animals have been stolen and slaughtered, they've been raped, they've escaped from the nativity scenes and have been struck by cars and killed. Just really unfathomable things have happened to them."
In the letter to Armstrong, Vergerio shared some sad fates of previous nativity animals — like Brighty the donkey, snatched from a nativity scene in Virginia and beaten by three young men. Ernie the camel fled a creche in Maryland but was struck and killed by a car. Two sheep and a donkey had to be euthanized after a dog mauling at a manger scene in Virginia. "

Well, we can remember back in the day, when PETA got its start, protesting the pig races at the Montgomery County Fair in 1981. Back then, they were just a pack of laughable bowbs who somehow confused the event with something that actually mattered.
At the time, a quartet of unhappy and unhealthy-looking folks with homemade plaquards stood outside the fairgrounds, shouting that forcing Porky Pig to amble 25 feet for his dinner twice a night was "cruel".
Eventually, of course, the fair organizers and the huckster maintaining the six "racing pigs" saw the light, and slaughtered the beasts forthwith.
Mmmmmm. Bacon! (insert gargling sound)
I share this news item and reminiscence, not to try to convince any reader that PETA people are insane (that is self-evident), but rather to point out an interesting historical process that we may observe in the "Rise of PETA". From the most humble of beginnings - trying unsuccessfully to convince a bunch of country-folk that "pigs are people, too" - the organization has grown to national, even international, fame, with professional staff, technical capabilities that rival the CIA and NSA, celebrity spokespersons, and a budget in the millions.
You just have to be impressed, don't you?
They are not unique in their success, however. There is recent precedent ... L.Ron's bunch, the Scientologists, has shown similar success taking a loonie idea (have you monitored yourself lately?) and by carefully following the cult manual Hubbard crafted back in the day, rising to national, even international prominence. They, too, have professional staff, technical capabilities that rival the CIA and NSA, celebrity spokespersons, and a budget in the millions.
Not bad for a self-help program developed by an alcoholic writer of second-rate (to be charitable) science fiction. Again, you just have to be impressed by their success.
Naturally, like any cultish, secretive group, both PETA and Scientology have made some pretty collossal blunders over the years. As above, PETA occasionally hares off after a tormented wild goose or abused red herring, while Scientology has been known to kidnap, brainwash, torment and emotionally mesmerize poor harmless, though ultimately embarassing, celebrities.
But you can't dominate the planet without breaking a few egg-substitutes. You can't prepare the population for ascention without using a few couch-jumping mummers along the way, can you?
To address my initial subject: which the better cult - PETA or Scientology? - I think I would have to say that, while the "Stranger in a Strange Land" wannabes of Scientology continue to remain a fascinating study in navel staring self-deception, I have to go with PETA, which wraps its lunacy in a robe of animal-product-free, faux leopard-print compassion and humanitarianism ...
See, while Scientology, I deem, will ultimately fade like most fads among the LaLaLanders, PETA will, like grannies who donate their fortunes to their cats, probably always be with us. PETA's got legs.
Well, leg-shaped meat-free tofu products, anyway.

November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from W.V.
Larry & Jo Ann

November 22, 2006

Pecuiliar Breed

So, on to other happenings. As you know, this past weekend was Remembrance Day, which I enjoyed immensely. Dave Dull had lost his Nextel a few weeks ago, so neither Matt nor I could get ahold of him for any details, so I met up with Matt on the ‘ol fitty John street and we rode up there together. Our plan was to just bar-hop for a while and hope we ran into anyone from the 6’th. Well, lemme tell ya, it worked! Matt decided that our first stop would be The Gingerbread Man being as it was last years most popular Friday night haunt. Not only did we find them, but we had to force the door open because ALL of the 6th were standing right in front of the alley entrance drunk as a legion of sailors swimming in a rum puncheon. Our entrance was quite a comical scene, if you ask me!!! You shoulda seen it, Jesse! Matt and I push our way in and are instantly recognized by Tom who, not realizing in his inebriated state how much his voice travels,
exclaims at the top of his lungs “LOOK HONEY!!!!.......VAGABONDS!!!!! Heads turn toward us and Matt and I are soon drowning in hand-shakes, how-ya-beens, good-to-see-you’s, glad-ya-made-it’s, and beer (Grolsch German Lager was my primary selection for the evening). I believe Matt indulged himself in Becks. So, after that comes the normal small talk, mostly comprised of “whutcha-been-up-to” and “how-is-and-have-you-heard-from-Jesse”. Hence, you can guess at the rest of the night. You’ve seen, you’ve heard, you know. The only other portion outside the norm was when John Cappazzo pulled everyone out into the alley to read aloud the letter you sent to him and the rest of the unit. Your address was then passed around and Z vowed to post it in the members area of the company website. Expect an influx of letters from them. However, don’t worry…..I made sure that everyone knew to send only small envelopes and certainly no care packages (because the DI’s inspect them) unless you were to specifically request anything. Of course, HAHA….the jokes begin flying about how one person will send you an enormous box with a black rubber cock in it, or someone else will send an oversized “Happy Kwanza” card, or the next person will send an autographed portrait of their hairy ass in a “Thinking of You” card. You know the routine.

November 21, 2006

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Recently, the U.S. Mint announced that, despite the failure of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and the Sacajawea dollar coin, they are going to try again ... this time with a "presidents" dollar coin.
The quarter-sized, brassy-tinted coin will bear the face of a president - a different one every three months. The presidents will be shown in chronological order, with each appearing only once (except for Grover "I have big bones" Cleveland - the only president to be elected to non-consecutive terms). A president must be dead for at least two years to be depicted, which means (with Clinton and Dubya all in fairly youthful circumstances and vigorous health) that the mint has around 19 years worth of pugs to plug their slug.
Of course, the new coin won't last that long. I doubt that Thomas Jefferson will make it onto a goldbuck. Because the Mint simply refuses to learn from its failures ... but on the whole, that might say something good about the state of our nation.
Do they honestly believe the Sacajawea and Anthony dollars failed because of the PICTURE? Do they think that the cheesy "gold" coloration of the Sacky fooled anyone? Do they think that making yet another coin that is virtually indistinguishable from the quarter is going to make people use the dang thing?
My old professor of things Byzantine spent a large amount of time on the history of coinage. As the Empire began to fade after only a millennia or so, the "solidus" - the Roman gold "dollar" - that had been literally the "gold standard" throughout the known world, began to be altered. They (Mint officials and thieves) dished it, cupped it, abased the gold with alloy, fiddled with the size ... all in an attempt to "stretch" the metals in the coins. Rather quickly, merchants and even citizens began hording "real" solidii, or even buying the raw gold, because the coins being issued by the Empire were of questionable value.
Even in more modern times, there are precedents. I am sure you can recall the old movie cliche' of a shady customer biting a proferred coin? That's because, when the coins had actual intrinsic value, they were subject to clipping (trimming bits off the edges) and counterfeiting (often with painted slugs of base metal).
So over the past couple of decades, the U.S. Mint has (they believe) weaned us away from coins with intrinsic value. About the only coin worth close to its face value is the penny - the others are all alloys of base metal with no nickle or silver in them. And they would "retire" that one-cent icon as "too costly."
The failure of the cheaply made and cheap-feeling Sacajawea and Anthony dollars was largely an indicator of the perhaps subconscious need for the public to feel "value" in a dollar. A "dollar" that is tactilely indistinguishable from lesser coins is doomed to fail.
And that may be a positive thing ... for the sake of the American Empire, at least the illusion of a dependable coinage must be maintained.
I'll take paper or plastic bucks, but keep the fake-gold tokens for Chuck E. Cheese.

November 12, 2006


November 11th, 1918. After 4 years of the most destructive war until that time, the guns fell silent. Dazed, starved soldiers on both sides crawled out of the mud of the trenches to celebrate. An armistice had been signed, the peace treaty would come later. In America, it was celebrated first as armistice day and now as Veterans Day. In Germany it came to be called "The black day of the German Army". I lost a great uncle who had enlisted to go fight the Hun. He never made it to Europe, having died of pneumonia on the trip across the Atlantic. He was buried at sea by the British sailors whose ship was transporting our troops, and my family received a communique from the British admiralty detailing the circumstances of his death and the longitude and latitude of his burial. Europe had lost three empires and the cream of an entire generation of their bravest and best. Astonishingly, in less than 4 years, The German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman empires had disappeared. England lost her globe spanning dominance and barely retained the shards of empire. In 4 short years the world had changed from the exuberant idealism of the late Edwardian age, to the multiple morasses of communism, epidemic influenza, and a shattered and shell-shocked psychosis. Four Years! Ayn Rand notes that when modern civilizations collapse, they tend to do so very quickly. As the web of commerce and communication begins to shred, the pace of the downward slide of civilization increases exponentially.
This essay is dedicated to those who have done the most to fight against the collapse, and in doing so have time and again kept the enemy from the gates. I am speaking of the veterans that we honor on the 11th day of the 11th month. My wife's father was stationed in the Philippines shortly before the Japanese attacks there and at Pearl Harbor. He narrowly escaped the Bataan death march and fought in the Pacific for "the Duration" He was wounded in the legs by Japanese machine gun fire and was advised he might never walk again. He worked and prevailed and remained ambulatory for the rest of his life. My wife also had an uncle who was killed in the Ardennes in 1944 during the German winter offensive. She lost a brother in Vietnam and welcomed home another brother from Desert Storm. My Uncle Harry was with G2 and landed in Normandy on June 7th. He was the first American intelligence officer allowed into Templehof Airport in Berlin after the soviets occupied what was left of that city.
Then came Korea in 1950. My father, who had received an athletic scholarship to university of Maryland, quit in his first year and enlisted in the United States Air Force. Although at the top of his class for fighter school, he was not permitted to fly combat ops due to a very questionable eye condition. Instead he went to ground school on the first new fighters with the new jet engines. He trained a new cohort of fliers on how these things worked, serviced them as a crew chief, served with the very first AWACS squadron ever formed and worked for the air force into the Vietnam era rebuilding jet engines shipped back from S.E. Asia. That is a picture of him at the top of the page in front of his beloved T-33 Jet Trainer. Because nearly every new pilot in those days started learning on the t-bird, My dad had an opportunity to meet an incredible number of fliers who went on to become Fighter aces, Generals, and astronauts. We celebrated his 75th Birthday at the Udvar Hazy Air Museum in Virginia. My wife can now time the intake and exhaust valves on a Pratt-Whitney R-2800. Talk about a well of knowledge. I am very grateful to have him around.
Remember everyone. The people I have mentioned in these paragraphs did their duty as they saw fit and never complained. Our civilization survives because of their efforts. We must be ever vigilant. The world as we know it today can change in the blink of an eye. Be prepared., and thank a veteran if you know one.
This Land is your land.... Muninn

November 08, 2006


By November 1941, Germany had established itself as the single most powerful military force in Europe. It's armies had inexorably advanced from Germany to Norway in the north to the African desert in the south. From a defeated France in the west to the gates of Moscow in the east. It seemed as if they were unstoppable. Then came the Russian Winter and the first successful Red Army counter attacks . The General staff advised Hitler to pull back to a more easily defended front slightly to the west. Enraged by what he considered cowardice and defeatism, The Fuhrer assumed personal command of all armed forces. The most professional General Staff that had ever existed was purged and replaced by "politically correct Generals". Hitler abandoned the attack on Moscow and turned south into the Ukraine. From there he launched further attacks into the Caucasus Mountains in the first true "War for Oil". Hitler was a politician and not a General. He was a Corporal for 2 years in WWI. His lack of strategic military training and suicidal "No retreat" orders led to devastating defeats at Stalingrad, El-Alamein, Tunis, and eventually the entire eastern front. By May 1945, less than 4 years later, Berlin lay in ruins, Hitler put a bullet in his brain and Germany had been bombed almost back to the Stone Age.
Four years from near total victory to total devastation. Can you Imagine in 4 years a European continent ruled by Sharia Law? Can you Imagine Washington D.C., or New York, or Los Angeles destroyed by nuclear attack and America involved in a three way Civil War between the North, South, and Mexican "Militias" in the southwest? Of course you cannot, anymore than Hitler could see that he had less than 4 years to live and that his Thousand Year Reich would end with him. We must not sacrifice our best interests for"political correctness". We are at war and we must not forget who our enemies are. I have named them before and feel no need to repeat myself. If we spend the next 4 years with our heads up our own nether regions, arguing about how we got where we are and not about where we are heading, don't be surprised if you find yourself in a bunker somewhere wishing that you had not given up your side arm when they came for it. I will not be there with you, I swear to Odin.

November 04, 2006

Vote U.S.A.

Space Ship One. Winner of the $10 Million X-prize. Built by free market Venture Capitalists, Scientists, and private aeronautic experts. First vehicle flown into space by a private citizen. Only in America are such things remotely possible. Next week is a critical mid-term election that may greatly effect the way we do things in this country. Everyone please do your duty as a citizen and vote. It is Your country! It is your future.
My wife and I both voted yesterday as we have the option to start voting a week before the general election. I studied the sample ballots in the newspaper before we went so I would be more informed about the issues on the ballot. It was truly a wonderful time. They asked our names and addresses and entered us as having voted in their computer database, but they did not ask for any I.D. Then we got to try out the new-fangled electronic touch screen voting machines(yes-they still had the old pencil and paper booths with the man behind the curtain, and they seemed to be what everyone else chose to use). The computers were simple and reliable enough that even my wife could not make it crash. On the left side of the machine, behind a plastic window, there was a roll of paper just like the cashiers at the supermarket use. You could visually watch the tape print out your votes on the paper roll and store it automatically back in the machine after confirming your choices. Works O.K for me.
After we voted, we walked next door to the sheriff's office and I renewed my CCW permit which was due to expire next month. It is good for five years and costs a total of $93.00. Then I had to take the application back to the courthouse and have it notarized for another $2.00. After that we walked across the street to the post office and I mailed the letter to Parris Island I had written the night before. While we were out, my wife renewed her drivers license as well.
To paraphrase that credit card commercial:
Carry Permit $95.00
Drivers license $13.00
Voting against 2 new tax increases and the crooks behind them-PRICELESS!!!

Note to those who live in states that do not allow early voting. Due to the expected huge increase in voter turnout and shortage of new voting machines, Republicans are scheduled to vote on Tuesday and Democrats will vote the following day on Wednesday.


November 03, 2006

I spraghen el lingo nationale, savvy?

From the International News Wires
"Several cities in India have been renamed since independence from British colonial rule in 1947 to reflect local languages and nationalist sentiments.
The southern Indian state of Kerala changed the name of its capital from Trivandrum to Thiruvananthapuram in 1991 and in 1995 financial hub Bombay became Mumbai to reflect the Maratha language of Maharashtra state.
The Tamil Nadu state capital of Madras was rechristened Chennai in 1996 and West Bengal's Calcutta became Kolkata in 2001.

Language activists, who have demanded that signboards and billboards be displayed in Kannada as well, have also opposed the introduction of English in primary schools." -- 11/3/2006

I came across this story this morning. I found it provocative, in that India has always been, as a former Brit colony, similar in some regards to the US. They have unique issues (and they smell wierd), but particularly in this whole "multi-ethnic" thing, India and the US face similar challenges.
Right now, every ethnic and linguistic subgroup on the subcontinent is laboring mightily for "ethic identity," just as the various ethnic subgroups within the US seem to be doing. However, while the US has thus far chosen to remain a melting pot, India has elected to acceed to the demands of the "minorities", becoming more and more of a polyglot nation.
So from the Anglo "Bombay", we get "Mumbai" and now, it seems, from "Bagalore", we'll be outsourcing our "help desk" calls to "Bengalaru."
Sure, I know we barely grumbled when Peking became Beijing. I did scratch my head when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and Zambia. But recently (perhaps as my memory becomes ossified), I have found it difficult to keep up with the shifting nomenclature. When the railways in Mumbai were hit by multiple terrorist bombs earlier this year, it took me more than a little while to realize that this was old Bombay that was in the news.
But nomenclature aside, the story went on to mention that much of India seeking to abandon English as its official language, abandoning instruction of English in the schools. Instead, the story said, the literally hundreds of local dialects will be used in schools, on official documents, and so forth.
Bravo, say I. But then, I don't care for India all that much.
Here in America, particularly in those areas where recent immigrants have chosen to en-ghetto themselves in alien-tongued enclaves, there is a similar (though more covert) movement to force the government to use multilingual forms and signage. And that is a real danger ... moreso than many of the "terrors" the politicians and demagogues would have us trembling over.
Not to overstate the case - after all, India was only held together as a "nation" by the force of the British Empire. Its disintegration, like that of the Taj, has been slow, and ponderous, and in a way majestic and peaceful. But in the end, it will be a pile of colorful rubble by a weed-choked reflecting pond of stagnant water. And the bemused survivors won't even be able to argue among each other about why it happened.
It is, perhaps, debatable whether the linguistic fragmentation of India is a symptom or a cause, but it is inarguable that the abandonment of a common tongue is a divisive, rather than a unifying force.
For America, we do not need to look hard for divisive forces within our nation. So while I revel in the addition of new words to American English, the next bureaucrat who hands me a form with Spanish gibberish interlaced in the text is going to have it returned in tiny pieces.
Speak English!
It's the American thing to do.

November 01, 2006

Letter from Parris Island

Just got this letter from a 21 year old friend of mine. He has achieved his goal of getting accepted as a recruit in the United States Marine Corps. Because of a childhood eye injury, he had to get numerous waivers and letters of endorsement to be allowed to join. His recruiter said she had never seen anyone fight so hard to get in to the Corps. He has given me permission to post parts of his letter to the web. Read it.

" Here it is. Parris Island, South Carolina. A pitiful sand flea infested island in the middle of a swamp.The weather though isn't all that bad but the sand fleas are still ridiculous. We always drill in the grass and sand and it stirs them up.

The chow is awesome though. They always got good food and plenty of it. I'm,I mean "This recruit" is talking about Lasagna or country fried steak, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread. Full meals everyday, three times a day. I love that. Only problem is we have very little time to eat it.

Today is training day nine. Next week we go to the gas chamber and in about two or three weeks we go to the rifle range.So far all we have done is drill and go to classes on Law of Warfare, Customs and Courtesies, Marine Corps History etc. Good classes. All helpful. Training day one,which was actually a week after I got here, we got issued our rifles. A:




is what I was issued. We drill with it everyday but have yet to shoot it, field strip it, or even put it in my shoulder. Pretty cool though anyhow.

Well look, I gotta study, so I am going to get on, but I really look forward to hearing from you all. Sincerely, I do.

Keep in touch!"


Armed and Rational

A few years ago (gosh, nearly a decade, I find!) I decided that, because my work required me to visit some dangerous places, I needed a carry permit.
That, in Jawjuh, is readily obtained. In fact, it seemed from the reaction I got from my buddy the Probate Judge, that I was something of an odd duck for wanting to actually obtain a permit for a practice that "evahbody" observed anyway (if without official sanction).
At the time, my shooting skills were only fair, so I a good bit of time at a range run by my friend, Edwin Bradley. I was using a .357 magnum revolver that was beautiful, but awesomely unreliable (it evidently had a weak mainspring).
So I was faced with a choice - repair or replace? Fortunately, the choice was made for me. Bradley, when he was four decades younger, had been armorer for the 24th Infantry Division (which was based at Fort Stewart in Georgia). He had also been a "trick-shot" artist, splitting playing cards, hitting two candles with one bullet (split on an axe head), mirror shooting and so forth.
Anyway, Eddie found me on his range one day, struggling with that wheelgun, and as a gift (and because I published his weight-lifting successes in my paper), he offered to build me a "real gun" ... a 1911. I got the parts mail order (top-o-the-line stuff) and Eddie built me a custom .45 that is amazing for accuracy, touch and (to me) beauty. Judge for yourself.
For a while, I tried various carry options with that wonderful piece. But 1911s are not just heavy, they are huge. Concealed carry became something of a joke.
Eventually, I went looking for something more concealable. I tried a .38 Derringer, but that was a joke - single action, clunky, unreliable, and inaccurate - I would have had more success shouting. I put that one in the cabinet and forgot about it.
Then I went with a .22LR made by Beretta (more because I was attracted to the Beretta name than the gun), but I found that not only was the light cartridge completely worthless in "stopping power" (although totally lethal), it did not have the power to reliably work the action. I sold that one pretty quick.
After much reading, I decided to try out a Walther PPK, because the "kriminale" was both concealable and had modest stopping power. But I quickly found that these are extremely expensive weapons. Worth every penny, I am sure, but on a self-employed journalist's income, also completely out of my reach.
But then, while roaming the tables at the local gun show, I found what looked like a PPK, with a pricetag of under $200 bucks. It was a Makarov. I picked it up, worked the action (schweet!), checked the barrel, checked the chamber ... all good.
So I talked to the vendor - a heavyset good ole boy with a cigar in the corner of his mouth and suspenders - and asked him about the gun. He told me that it was a "Russky" copy of a Walther, made on Walther equipment looted after "Dubya-dubya Deuce". Chambered in 9 millimeter (Makarov), it was, he assured me, every bit as reliable as the German original model, even if it had been built by "goddamcommies".
We chatted a bit, and my boy Ben (who was observing that day, and was pretty happy because I had just bought him a knife at another booth) charmed the socks off the vendor. Eventually, we got the price down to $100 Ameribucks, cash. Swiftly, and before either of us could change our minds, I bought the gun, bought some ammo (at another table), and drove back home, now, at last, in possession of a carrygun.
The next day, I went out to Eddie's range to try out my new piece. It was accurate, smooth, and seemed to knock the tar out of Eddie's steel knockdown targets. It was a tad barky, being so lightweight, but dang, it was an effective little gun and earned my fond regard (not that I wouldn't send it to the bottom of a river were the need to arise). I must have fired off 300 rounds of milspec ammo (all Soviet army green cases) before Eddie came out to see me.
He watched me for a bit. Watched my draw-and-shoot drill. Checked my targets. Nodded. Left. Never said a word.
Then it struck me ...
The next day, I was back on the range with my custom-made Edwin Bradley special 1911 .45, shooting away at targets, enjoying the feel of that fine gun. After a while, Eddie came out, stood watching for a bit. He checked my targets. Then he offered some advice on my stance. We got to talking about history, and his experiences in the Navy during the war (he was on the USS Atlanta AA cruiser in the Pacific). We talked for an hour before I left to cover a government meeting in Pembroke.
As I pulled out of Eddie's farm, I patted the beautiful 1911 .45 in its holster on the passenger seat, and made sure that the Makarov was secure in its holster ... on my belt.
Compassion for one's gunsmith is more than just polite ... it's neighborly.

October 31, 2006

Understanding Liberals?

Understanding the Psychology of a Liberal

I feel, therefore I am

Which of us has never made an impulsive decision and lived to regret it? When the mind clears, we look back and say to ourselves, “what was I thinking?” In actuality we weren’t . . . thinking. Another part of us took over. In the deep recesses of our neural system a chemical was released that made us feel good at the moment of decision. We reacted emotionally and found ourselves stuck with the consequences of a bad decision.

Whenever I go to the mall, I like to drop in the sporting goods store to have a look at the weaponry. Bright, shiny, new side arms glisten behind a glass case. Behind them the latest from Remington and Winchester are displayed side-by-side on a rack for long arms. The shotgun I bought three years ago is now available in camo. A black-powder muzzle-loader is on sale for $199. I am tempted to slap down the old credit card and walk off with a new firearm. “I need to get out of here before I get impulsive,” I say to the clerk, “bet you’ve never seen that happen in a gun store?” The comment never fails to evoke a chuckle from the crew behind the counter.

I try to be a thoughtful man. I don’t need another caliber. I have one gun for each of several purposes: large game, small game, birds, and home defense. A rational cash benefit analysis would prove that I’m already overbought; the game I have taken in the field has cost me more by far than the best cut of steak available at the grocery store. Of course, one must weigh in the pleasure of the hunt, but economically it makes no sense. I conclude, quite rationally, that I don’t need another gun.

Have you seen the latest .45 from Kimber? Ooh, what a sweet piece!

Now imagine if you will a person who always reacts on the basis of emotion. The chemical surge takes over in almost every situation and the person acts like an automaton. Later they will say, “Well, it felt right at the time.” I suppose it did. What a poor barometer are feelings. And these people never get it right because the rational faculties are always suspended at the moment of decision. They live their lives dealing with the consequences of one bad decision after another. Throw sex into the mix, the ultimate of all feel-goods, and you get a template for disaster. It’s a wonder that Homo Sapien ever made his way out of the trees. But then, the species, as the name implies, is supposed to be the thinking man. Well, maybe sometimes.

The liberal is an intensely emotional creature, and he will say so to your face: “I don’t feel that’s right.” It does no good to argue with a liberal because the rational faculties will not displace his feelings. What you get instead is an angry opponent. “You’re nothing but a racist, bigot, homophobe!” They lash out because you made them feel bad, the sum total of the reaction. I know these people well because I work in the public schools, a place stocked with liberals like no other.

The other day I had to substitute a class for a liberal colleague. She left behind a film called Poverty in America. I viewed it along with a class of mainly twelve year-olds. The film was completely anecdotal in nature and emotional in its appeal. There was nothing of substance to this film whatsoever. I asked the class to identify the causes of poverty. “Poverty is caused by illness and accident. Anyone can fall into poverty; it’s just a matter of bad luck.” The class had correctly interpreted the theme of the film be it ever so erroneous. I had to disabuse them of the conclusion based on facts. Poverty, you see, is correlated most directly to a lack of education, followed by out-of-wedlock births, and the tendency of the underclass to live in single parent households (where they continue to breed indiscriminately). I received a complaint from the regular teacher via the principal that I had denounced the film as silly and pointless. My conclusion must have made my colleague feel bad. Oh, well.

What would lead a teacher to show a film based completely on emotional appeal? In this case, my colleague is trying to “teach kids to be good citizens”. By this she means an ability to empathize with those less fortunate. She wants her students to be caring and compassionate. This teacher is doing these kids a great disservice because she is teaching them to emote rather than think. But that’s how my liberal colleague deals with life, and she thinks herself virtuous based on her tolerance and compassion. The belief that one is morally superior generates warm fuzzies when the proper chemicals are released. Mmmmm, am I not just the spitting image of the enlightened American? After all, I care.

The individual who answers life’s problems by emoting instead of thinking will lurch from one self-induced crisis to the next. But what happens when such a tendency reaches the level of national policy? In wartime? Can we trust liberals to make rational decisions that can mean life or death to millions? Do we want a statesman to deal with a sociopathic dictator based on his feeling that Kim Jong Il wouldn’t really use a nuke? Would you like a madam president who makes decisions based on the adulation of crowds because that’s how she generates her chemical fix? (Her husband suffers from the same pathology, a form of malignant narcissism.) Do you really want to hear from anyone who says they feel that violence is a last resort?

God save the republic!

You can’t make a liberal think. They are like drug addicts who need their emotional fix on a daily basis. You can make a liberal mad, but you can’t change his mind. His moral superiority is not arrogance; it simply makes him feel good. But then, neither should you trust a liberal. He lacks the ability to make decisions based on rational analysis. The liberal can’t make a logical decision because the right decision might make him feel bad. So he won’t. Count on the emotional response and you’ll be right nine times out of ten. Be prepared to count the dead when emotion becomes the basis for national policy.

My advice to conservative friends and colleagues is to go out and buy a Kimber chambered for .45 ACP. You may not need it, but I guarantee it will make you feel better. Mine does.

October 30, 2006

Rules of Riverdale

Okay, lads, it's time to get to work. There's a war afoot. This might be the first time in recorded history that a nation-state, an entire civilization, has found itself under assault, and despite the carnage feels itself secure in front of the hearth. What have we become, a nation of lotus eaters? The War on Terror is a farce. The problem is Islam; the threat is existential. For the sake of the gods, can't we even name the enemy? Point One: Islam is a deeply reactionary ideology. The very notion of progress is absent from the belief system. The followers of the Prophet look backward for guidance to a period some 1300 years ago. Have a look at your timeline. We don't call it the Dark Ages for nothing. Point Two: Islam has never enjoyed a reformation or renaissance. It can't and it won't. It's a fixed system. To question the words of the Prophet, or to suggest reform, invites an instant death sentence. We can't negotiate with it or come to terms. The fight is existential. Us or them. Point Three: Western tradition relies on freedom: to argue, dispute, contradict, negotiate, support or reject, form alliances, break alliances, invent and innovate, undermine and destroy, celebrate the victor, condemn the loser, compete or cooperate, stomp one's opponent into the muck, or be magnanamous in victory. How cool is that? It beats the alternative: religious zealotry and self-immolation.The first option, be it ever so cruel, gave us modernity. The other option, be it ever so brutal, will give us . . . more brutality.Does the average American really want to bury his nose in a carpet five times a day? Islam demands it.Are Americans willing to live under theocracy? I thought the issue was settled two-hundred thirty odd years ago?Will we simply sit back and wait till an enemy power puts a nuke in the hands of a mujahadeen? Did I not say the threat is existential?Our enemies are right about one thing; we have become soft and decadent. Our inability to recognize the threat proves their point. And yet we persist in our illusions.God save the republic!~Basil

October 24, 2006


As all good Vikings know, the rainbow bridge that leads to Aasgard(and Vallhalla) is called BIFROST. Sometimes it becomes visible around this time of year(All Hallows Eve, Samhain, etc...) I was lucky enough to get a picture of it last night around the gloaming. We mortals may not cross. Our stairway is the pillar of smoke from the Funeral Pyre. Happy Holiday to the Einheriar to come.


October 21, 2006


I remember standing atop Sugarloaf on that October afternoon, as my oldest friends formalized the relationship that we (at least) all knew was forever and had been for years.
The air was brisk and the wind was up, ripe with leaves and moist. The sky was no idle blue, but alive with racing clouds of grey and white. It was chilly, but we didn't mind, standing in our foolish unfamiliar formal clothing. It was a rite, in the truest sense, and we were there as witnesses of it. It had to be.
How young we were, a score of years ago. How young, and brave, and hopeful. Fierce, and happy, like a colony of eagles atop that granite cliff. Our faces glad and bright, we heard only part of the words spoken, but all of the feeling expressed.
Time has passed, and distance still. Yet looking back from these far lowlands where I stand today, gazing back to that mountaintop in Maryland, I can still see those friends of my youth, standing proud and joyous and promising themselves to each other.
L&J, it has been too short. Here's to you, on your anniversary. Twenty more is not enough.

October 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Just wanted to share with our friends the fact my beautiful and immensely patient wife and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary tonight Oct.20th 2006. I forget exactly which one it is, but I think it is about 27 years. Needless to say, thats probably how old this picture is as well. We have been very happy and I owe her all my love as well as my life. Just wanted to share our happiness with friends old and new. Thanks for everything.

October 10, 2006

Jeff Cooper 1920-2006

Jeff Cooper 1920-2006
Retired United States Marine Corps colonel Jeff Cooper passed away Sept 25th at his home in Arizona. Our condolences go out to his immediate family and to his huge extended family of shooters and friends. This man was a true American hero and lived life to the fullest extent possible. We shall not soon see another such as he. Godspeed, Semper Fidelis colonel.
"One can never have too many books, too many wines, or too much ammunition"
Jeff Cooper

August 29, 2006

Welcome to our weblog. In the coming days, months, years, we will be posting and discussing a series of essays containing diverse views of the world as we perceive it to be. These may be serious, satirical, literary, historical, artistic or philosophical. We encourage reader input, so feel free to comment on anything you may read here. This is a group blog and not a system of government. The First Amendment does not apply here. If you are uncouth, uneducated, unimaginative, or uninteresting, you may be censored. Apart from that, welcome aboard.
Sincerely, Muninn

August 28, 2006

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*Mujahideen detonate an IED on oposition forces. - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 29, 2007, Views: 1,261 (111 videos)
Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq. - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 30, 2007, Views: 2,053 (111 videos)
Leger van Mujahideen IED - stemvanjihad
Added: July 08, 2007, Views: 742 (7 videos)
Ansar al Sunnah IED - stemvanjihad
Added: July 08, 2007, Views: 728 (7 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*Swidawi - madcows10
Added: November 24, 2006, Views: 83 (13 videos)
Iraq War's Innocent Victims - spookytom
Added: August 06, 2007, Views: 30 (14 videos)
Open your eyes. - RenovatioAV
Added: August 23, 2006, Views: 3,281 (1 video)
Humvee hits I.E.D then the rescuers are ambushed - deathstick111
Added: June 25, 2007, Views: 7,024 (1 video)

August 14, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: islamic state in iraq : TOTAL DESTRUCTION humer ied's - nitcharizdoing
Added: June 30, 2007, Views: 1,374 (27 videos)
islamic state in iraq : new ied's attack -bradley- DYALA - nitcharizdoing
Added: July 17, 2007, Views: 572 (27 videos)
Clinical Torment AK-47 - mousnonya
Added: April 10, 2007, Views: 551 (114 videos)
*revenge attack on u.s soldier in iraq for abou graib torture - moudjahidine1
Added: July 27, 2007, Views: 454 (24 videos)
Al-Sharqi3Humvess - madcows10
Added: July 13, 2007, Views: 87 (40 videos)
Mining The Mine Sweeper MSC February 19, 2006 - madcows10
Added: February 14, 2007, Views: 170 (40 videos)
JAA RoadsideBombAttack On AmericanTroopCarrier - madcows10
Added: January 14, 2007, Views: 96 (40 videos)
Salah Eddin Al-Ayyubi Brigades IED a Humvee in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 26, 2007, Views: 2,265 (111 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
American crime against children in Serbia, Iraq, Afgh, Why? - serbia23
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 540 (19 videos)
american iraq beheading nick berg long - helmuthz
Added: October 06, 2006, Views: 86,580 (21 videos)
fuck america - SleePScreaM
Added: January 15, 2007, Views: 2,035 (1 video)
Iraq un-winnable war - cri2t1an
Added: March 23, 2007, Views: 7,223 (10 videos)

August 13, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: العجز الأمريكي : الأمريكان عجزوا عن إزالة عبوة ناسفة - muslmon
Added: May 30, 2007, Views: 3,870 (14 videos)
إحراق همر تابعة للقوات الصليبية - أنصار السنة - muslmon
Added: May 28, 2007, Views: 1,200 (14 videos)
*جندي أمريكي يحترق و هو يبتعدعن دبابته المحترقة - muslmon
Added: May 29, 2007, Views: 5,113 (14 videos)
اللهُ أكبر جعلوه " همر مفروم " بالعراق ( روعة ) لا يفوتكم - muslmon
Added: May 20, 2007, Views: 2,597 (14 videos)
islamic state in iraq : ch46 helicopter CHINOOK down - nitcharizdoing
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 1,297 (27 videos)
islamic state in iraq : ied's against us humww in DYALA - nitcharizdoing
Added: July 17, 2007, Views: 106 (27 videos)
islamic state : EXCLUSIF - total destruction humww in DYALA - nitcharizdoing
Added: July 13, 2007, Views: 162 (27 videos)
Tremendous Martyrdom Attack near Haditha in Iraq - arabiatwo0021
Added: May 19, 2007, Views: 3,070 (1 video) {Screen up}

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*نشيدة : أنا لا أقول الشعر مُـبتذلاً ( مُـصورة ) الشظية - muslmon
Added: August 03, 2007, Views: 412 (14 videos)
*islamic state in iraq : attack against check-point - nitcharizdoing
Added: July 24, 2007, Views: 939 (27 videos)
Iraq War Images Tribute - darkfire22angel
Added: February 17, 2007, Views: 2,359 (3 videos)
Iraq War montage to Michael Franti - semiartist
Added: September 19, 2006, Views: 3,461 (1 video)

August 10, 2007 (8 screened, 2 removed by user)
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: Islamic State of Iraq IED on RG31 - MujahideenMedia
Added: June 11, 2007, Views: 1,340 (79 videos)
I.S.I : Destruction of a Crusader Humvee in Latifiyah - IRAQ - Cih4d
Added: August 07, 2007, Views: 66 (18 videos)
IED against minesweeping Humvee Baghdad [ 07/08/2007 ] - Cih4d
Added: August 07, 2007, Views: 203 (18 videos)
Al Furqan: Humvee Destruction In Diyala - IRAQ /Today\ - Cih4d
Added: July 17, 2007, Views: 145 (18 videos)
7-13: Al Furqan- Another Humvee Destruction Against Ing In D - Cih4d
Added: July 13, 2007, Views: 231 (18 videos)
Ensar El Sunne Sunar - Irak Mürted Askerlerine Supriz !! - Cih4d
Added: July 06, 2007, Views: 757 (18 videos)
MUjahideeen - abaman
Added: January 09, 2007, Views: 1,267 (8 videos)
Ansar Al Sunnah - Attack America - abaman
Added: March 30, 2007, Views: 8,825 (8 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
US Soldier -killed- after captured in iraq - REDSTARFORCE
Added: January 25, 2007, Views: 45,460 (1 video)
Israeli Terrorism: Palestinian family massacred - qadimun
Added: March 20, 2007, ws: 10,916 (18 videos)
*more american soldiers killed... - ChrisACD
Added: July 04, 2007, Views: 1,213 (42 vids, just a few for Smackdown)
*2 dead american soldiers - ChrisACD
Added: July 04, 2007, Views: 493 (42 vids, just a few for Smackdown)

August 9, 2007 (12 of 12 behind screen)
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: Expedition : Part 2 - Dual Car IED - fightglobalists
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 161 (26 videos)
Expedition : Part 3 - Car IED attack - fightglobalists
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 161 (26 videos)
Expedition : Part 4 - The Call of Allah - fightglobalists
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 47 (26 videos)
Attack in Iraq عملية ضد الحرس الوطني - wangpa2000
Added: May 31, 2007, Views: 3,783 (13 videos)
Made in Iraq Not Holywood !! - amjadtube
Added: July 30, 2007, Views: 683 (3 videos)
american forces in iraq (IEDs) - Treefl
Added: June 21, 2007, Views: 781 (5 videos)
MSC IED Attack On Collaborators In Tal Afar - madcows10
Added: February 02, 2007, Views: 5,665 (13 videos)
Al-Sharqi3Humvess - madcows10
Added: July 13, 2007, Views: 73 (13 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Expedition : Part 5 - Crusaders & the dreams of the Jews - fightglobalists
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 54 (26 videos)
Expedition : Part 6 - Operation Lightning - fightglobalists
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 28 (26 videos)
american forces in iraq (snipers) - Treefl
Added: June 12, 2007, Views: 8,071 (5 videos)
america - Treefl
Added: July 11, 2007, Views: 99 (5 videos)

August 8, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: *American humvee destroyed by insurgent aka mujahideen IED - huz999
Added: April 20, 2007, Views: 2,739 (78 videos)
*IED hits american humvee in iraq - huz999
Added: April 20, 2007, Views: 2,484 (78 videos)
*powerful IED hits amerikan humve - huz999
Added: April 20, 2007, Views: 752 (78 videos)
*Mujahideen Insurgent IED Video on humvee and supply truck - huz999
Added: April 20, 2007, Views: 2,532 (78 videos)
*IED injures gunner ontop US humvee - huz999
Added: April 20, 2007, Views: 4,231 (78 videos)
*Insurgent video showing Shaped charge hits american humvee - huz999
Added: April 20, 2007, Views: 6,078 (78 videos)
Taliban IED on Afghan police - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 06, 2007, Views: 2,678 (79 videos)
Hamas of Iraq IED Stryker - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 18, 2007, Views: 1,948 (79 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
GWAR - WAR PARTY - schna
Added: November 12, 2006, Views: 1,644 (1 jihad video)
U.S soldiers buried in iraq ( Translated ) - EGmujahid01
Added: February 24, 2007, Views: 1,699 (44 videos)
*Bodies - 4low24
Added: December 29, 2006, Views: 412 (1 jihad video)
*Re: The YouTube Get Out Of Iraq Campaign - AsifEminem
Added: January 03, 2007, Views: 326

August 7, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: IED large compilation. Irak war Iraq - Heriotz
Added: August 05, 2007, Views: 15 (18 videos)
IED large compilation.(2) Irak war Iraq - Heriotz
Added: August 05, 2007, Views: 5 (18 videos)
IED iraq. 3 marine hits, and convoy - Heriotz
Added: July 30, 2007, Views: 418 (18 videos)
IED in Irak. 3 ambush on USA blindeds - Heriotz
Added: July 30, 2007, Views: 357 (18 videos)
*insurgent IED attack on american humvee in iraq - huz999
Added: May 10, 2007, Views: 3,473 (77 videos)
*Insurgents/mujahideen video IED attack abrams tank - huz999
Added: August 01, 2007, Views: 419 (77 videos)
Islamic Army in Iraq : IED on ING Humvee in Jarf al-Sakhr - kateebjihad
Added: August 05, 2007, Views: 41 (57 videos)
Jaish Al Rashideen IED Humvee - kateebjihad
Added: August 05, 2007, Views: 30 (57 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Sniper iraqi mujahid vs US army part 1 - Azadwatan
Added: July 17, 2007, Views: 4,186 (16 videos)
Sniper iraqi mujahid vs US army part 2 - Azadwatan
Added: June 22, 2007, Views: 4,186 (16 videos)
Francotirador iraquí (2) Vs americanos. Juba - Heriotz
Added: July 20, 2007, Views: 3,092 (18 videos)
Francotirador iraquí (3) Vs americanos. Juba - Heriotz
Added: July 20, 2007, Views: 3,096 (18 videos)

August 6, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured: iraqi mujahideen action aganist US invasion - Azadwatan
Added: June 22, 2007, Views: 2,409 (16 videos)
taliban blow up american in pieces - Azadwatan
Added: July 12, 2007, Views: 739 (16 videos)
taliban attack US bas - Azadwatan
Added: June 21, 2007, Views: 3,552 (16 videos)
10 compilation attacks from Iraq - Freedom00Fighters
Added: June 07, 2007, Views: 280 (20 videos)
Iraqi Freedom Fighters shot down a US Apache - Freedom00Fighters
Added: June 05, 2007, Views: 1,740 (20 videos)
truck bomb explodes next to u.s soldiers foot patrol in iraq - moudjahidine1
Added: August 01, 2007, Views: 467 (24 videos)
Jaish al Mujahideen ied a armored vehicle. - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 07, 2007, Views: 1,614 (106 videos)
Mujahideen IED a Humvee in Iraq. - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 30, 2007, Views: 1,357 (106 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
المتربصون 2 - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 20, 2007 Views: 1,946 (24 videos)
المتربصون 3 - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 20, 2007 Views: 979 (24 videos)
Mumia Abu-Jamal -- War for the Eternal Empire - Suryu
Added: May 28, 2006, Views: 13,322 (114 videos)
The Most Expensive Video Ever Made! - Thunderf00t
Added: November 06, 2006, Views: 47,864 (20 videos)

August 5, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
{remember, pre-listed, still need to watch/flag/comment when you put them up}
Featured:Jaish al-Mujahideen: Destruction of a Humvee (IED) - kateebjihad
Added: July 25, 2007, Views: 182 (55 videos)
Ansar al-Sunnah IED Minesweeper in Diyala - kateebjihad
Added: July 04, 2007, Views: 105 (55 videos)
المتربصون 6 - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 20, 2007 Views: 1,066
{Add Heriotz to Repeat Offenders, check back, he has more}
IED in Irak. 4 strikes. - Heriotz
Added: July 31, 2007, Views: 368 (18 videos)
double IED strike in Irak. Insurgent. - Heriotz
Added: July 30, 2007, Views: 325 (18 videos)
Al Manar TV News : Iraqi Shia Group Operations - Sheikh702
Added: June 08, 2007, Views: 523 (63 videos)
*IED attack on Iraqi truck carrying Soldiers - huz999
Added: April 18, 2007, Views: 14,347 (76 videos)
Iraqi Shiite resistance - scarface480
Added: April 14, 2007, Views: 2,384 (9 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Francotirador iraquí 1. Vs americanos. Juba sniper - Heriotz
Added: August 03, 2007, Views: 10 (18 videos)
The hidden truth about the2006July War - AHLULBAYT
Added: July 16, 2007, Views: 79 (183 videos)
Kataluky Ya Baghdad - mujahid1moh
Added: February 09, 2007, Views: 439 (44 videos)
Immortal Technique -- No Mercy - Suryu
Added: May 19, 2006, Views: 20,803 (114 videos)

August 4, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Featured:Mujahideen IED a Armored Vehicle. - SwordofBaghdad
Added: July 01, 2007, Views: 1,019 (105 videos)
Mujahideen detonate IED on supply truck - SwordofBaghdad
Added: July 03, 2007, Views: 1,846 (105 videos)
Mujahideen IED A Police Car in Mosul, Iraq - SwordofBaghdad
Added: June 26, 2007, Views: 1,290 (105 videos)
GSPC in the Ilsamic Maghreb ambush police - SwordofBaghdad
Added: June 21, 2007, Views: 2,272 (105 videos)
GSPC in the Islamic Maghreb ambush police - SwordofBaghdad
Added: July 03, 2007, Views: 7,362 (105 videos)
Jaish Abu Bakr Presents: Operation on Coalition Forces - SwordofBaghdad {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gKdbOYxsdg}
Added: July 31, 2007, Views: 100 (105 videos)
Jaish Abu Bakr Presents: Operation on Coalition Forces (same title, dif vid)- SwordofBaghdad
Added: July 31, 2007, Views: 101 (105 videos)
Hamas of Iraq IED on Invaders Humvee - SwordofBaghdad
Added: July 23, 2007, Views: 623 (105 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Why the War on Terror Ain't - Suryu
Added: July 10, 2006, Views: 3,724 (114 videos)
Mumia Abu-Jamal -- What Independence, What Freedom? - Suryu
Added: July 04, 2007, Views: 1,377 (114 videos)
Mumia Abu-Jamal -- What War Against Terrorism? - Suryu
Added: November 01, 2006, Views: 1,846 (114 videos)
المتربصون 5 - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 20, 2007, Views: 6,921 (24 videos)

August 3, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Featured: *Insurgent sniper video from iraq - huz999
Added: July 05, 2007, Views: 5,115 (75 videos)
*Insurgent sniper video from iraq (same title, dif vid)- huz999
Added: July 06, 2007, Views: 3,706 (75 videos)
Jaish al-Mujahideen: IED Humvee al-Saqlawiyah - OccupationResistance
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 201 (36 videos)
Afghanistan IED - OccupationResistance
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 73 (36 videos)
IAI IED Vehicle in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 13, 2007, Views: 315 (104 videos)
Shiaa resistance IED on 2 Vehicles in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 10, 2007, Views: 729 (104 videos)
jihad-2 - shihabden
Added: April 10, 2007, Views: 121 (89 videos)
Islamic Army of Iraq 1 - MujahideenMedia
Added: April 09, 2007, Views: 751 (79 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Added: January 28, 2007, Views: 15,407 (33 videos)
*Iraqi Army Crime - EXECUTE YOUNG MAN. الجريمة في العراق - HIMSK
Added: July 12, 2007, Views: 408 (33 videos)
Killing on the road - by NEW IRAQI POLICE - HIMSK
Added: May 02, 2007, Views: 2,395 (33 videos)
Futur Martyrs in Iraq - sameng5
Added: March 10, 2007, Views: 13,565 (4 videos)

August 2, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Featured: *American truck explosion by Mojahideen - khattab23
Added: June 08, 2007, Views: 571 (13 videos)
*best Top Ten films from the Islamic State of IRAQ - khattab23
Added: June 03, 2007, Views: 5,613 (13 videos)
*American tank shattering in IRAQ 2007 - khattab23
Added: June 02, 2007, Views: 2,102 (13 videos)
1920 Revelution Brigades IED strike against Truck - AntiUsaTerror
Added: February 20, 2007, Views: 1,263 (24 videos)
Al Rashedeen army IED attack on US Humvee ( I SEE VICTORY) - AntiUsaTerror
Added: February 20, 2007, Views: 3,885 (24 videos)
Al Rashedeen Army IED attack on US Humvee late October - AntiUsaTerror
Added: February 20, 2007, Views: 4,443 (24 videos)
jihadi questions and answers - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 14, 2007, Views: 3,256 (24 videos)
*ISI IED attack on iraqi army humvee - huz999
Added: July 13, 2007, Views: 2,776 (75 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Stop the War - insomnia411
Added: June 14, 2006, Views: 7,863 (1 jihad video)
Crazy Old Iraqi Women With Guns Capture US Soldiers vol 9 - BaMenace
Added: October 14, 2006, Views: 53,980 (1 jihadi video?)
Terrorist kills a U.S Soldier - servtronic
Added: January 20, 2007, Views: 24,681 (1 jihadi video?)
Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Dead Soldiers and Dead Dreams! - Suryu
Added: July 10, 2007, Views: 705 (113 videos)

August 1, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
(We aren't sure if this is an alternate account for the now-suspended Khateebjihad, but it can't hurt to be sure. All-kateeb, all-day today.)
Featured:*IAI IED blows humvee into pieces in Jarf al-Sakhr - kateebjihad
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 71 (56 videos)
IED jaish al rashideen vs. supplies truck - kateebjihad
Added: July 31, 2007, Views: 12 (56 videos)
IED ansar al sunnah vs. humvee in Alkaton - kateebjihad
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 63 (56 videos)
IED vs Humvee by ISI - kateebjihad
Added: June 06, 2007, Views: 109 (56 videos)
Media: Destructin Of A Humvee In Bagdad - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 20 (56 videos)
Massacring 11 Crusaders When Destroying A Stryker - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 126 (56 videos)
Islamic Army in Iraq; IED vs. Meerkat - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 9 (56 videos)
Jaish al-Rashedeen IED on M1 Abram - kateebjihad
Added: June 25, 2007, Views: 64 (56 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
STOP the war in iraq! - LGDproductions
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 990 (1 video)
New series: Victory is near part 1 - AntiUSaTerror
Added: May 26, 2007, Views: 623 (24 videos)
Added: May 23, 2007, 369 views (24 videos)
Victory is near part 2 - AntiUSaTerror
Added: May 27, 2007, Views: 424 (24 videos)

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