November 08, 2006


By November 1941, Germany had established itself as the single most powerful military force in Europe. It's armies had inexorably advanced from Germany to Norway in the north to the African desert in the south. From a defeated France in the west to the gates of Moscow in the east. It seemed as if they were unstoppable. Then came the Russian Winter and the first successful Red Army counter attacks . The General staff advised Hitler to pull back to a more easily defended front slightly to the west. Enraged by what he considered cowardice and defeatism, The Fuhrer assumed personal command of all armed forces. The most professional General Staff that had ever existed was purged and replaced by "politically correct Generals". Hitler abandoned the attack on Moscow and turned south into the Ukraine. From there he launched further attacks into the Caucasus Mountains in the first true "War for Oil". Hitler was a politician and not a General. He was a Corporal for 2 years in WWI. His lack of strategic military training and suicidal "No retreat" orders led to devastating defeats at Stalingrad, El-Alamein, Tunis, and eventually the entire eastern front. By May 1945, less than 4 years later, Berlin lay in ruins, Hitler put a bullet in his brain and Germany had been bombed almost back to the Stone Age.
Four years from near total victory to total devastation. Can you Imagine in 4 years a European continent ruled by Sharia Law? Can you Imagine Washington D.C., or New York, or Los Angeles destroyed by nuclear attack and America involved in a three way Civil War between the North, South, and Mexican "Militias" in the southwest? Of course you cannot, anymore than Hitler could see that he had less than 4 years to live and that his Thousand Year Reich would end with him. We must not sacrifice our best interests for"political correctness". We are at war and we must not forget who our enemies are. I have named them before and feel no need to repeat myself. If we spend the next 4 years with our heads up our own nether regions, arguing about how we got where we are and not about where we are heading, don't be surprised if you find yourself in a bunker somewhere wishing that you had not given up your side arm when they came for it. I will not be there with you, I swear to Odin.


Aethelred said...

No worries, mate!
That 700-mile wall will keep them Mexicans out, Dubya said so.
And as for our President "not listening to his generals", well, that's a shame, fer sure, but we can fix that, I'm sure.
Well, mayhap. In any case, I'm heading for the range this afternoon with my kids for some practice shooting. We have targets that look like enemy combatants (purple dinosaurs, guys in trenchcoats, and Yosemite Sam).
Count on the Next Generation to protect us from the bad guys. Them Yankees or Migres or Crackers raise a ruckus in my old town, they'll learn why the Founding Fathers put that Second Amendment in there.
As for the ICBCs landing in Berlin, the perps are more likely to be eating rice than felafel, Muninn. 'Course, even the Reds don't want that crazy SOB Kim Jong Il to have nukes.
Worth watching, certes.
Have a happy day, though, enjoy the freedom and glory of democracy in action and keep your shootin' irons clean!

muninn said...

Get your head out of the sand. You gonna stop 10 milion illegal immigrants with your .45? You think your leftie buddies in Washington will let you even keep your .45. You think the next generation is gonna save us? The bunch of self loathing,America hating morons that are being churned out daily by our woderful educational system? The problem is here and it is now. That newkuler cargo container could be on a boat docking in Savannah tomorrow. Oh wait, no it wont. I forgot. You told me that security is way too tight in relation to any conceivable threat we face. When the Jihadis start shooting up the kids at the local shopping mall, I hope you will be there to read them the second amendment. That'll put the fear of Allah(piss be upon him) into them for sure.Dude-seriously,stop smoking that stuff.
Say hi to Ann and the kids for me.

Aethelred said...

I didn't say that, your pal, the Dubster did.
And if that newkewler-filled container IS in Savannah, it set out for Our Fair Shores a whilest ago, when your pal the Dubster controlled everything. If they are in the mall this afternoon, they are there because your pal, the Dubster is in their sandbox, kicking over their castles.
So, pardon me if I don't run in circles, screaming "Woe! Alas!" and tearing my hair and throwing ashes in the air just because of one election. The more it changes, the more it stays the same, I figger, and the pendulum swings, once more.
In its awful progress, I can but stare in fascination, horrified less at its lateral, than at its antivertical motion as it inexorably descends, descends, descends. Mwhahhahhaha!
Anne says thanks, and the kids say, "Whee! Cordite!"
My best to Jo. Now get out there and kill something.

Anonymous said...

We are a nation of somnabulists. The events of 9/11 are but a dream. Surely it is a sign of our decadence that we prefer entertainment and distraction even as our enemies plot our destruction. The next attack will be more horrific than the first. Will it be a suitcase nuke? A biological plague? Or more likely something as yet unimagined.

What happens when the lights go out and city folk are forced to march? Who or what has a plan to answer civil disorder and economic collapse? The work of two centuries could be wiped out in an instant. Yet we sleep.

Our enemies are nihilists. They crave our destruction as a necessary step toward their imagined Golden Age. It's not a fantasy; it's insanity, a world gone mad. Yet we argue, unable even to name the enemy, much less address the problem at its source.

Welcome to the new Dark Age. But do not say ever that no one saw it coming.