December 07, 2007


Pearl Harbor. December 7th 1941

The U.S.S West Virginia sinks after being attacked by The Japanese Imperial Navy.

My future father in law, who had been stationed in the Philippines in early 1941, was en-route to Hawaii that morning for his impending wedding to my wife's mother. With the stunning realization that America had been attacked and would soon be at war with Japan, all military leaves were cancelled. My wife's father's ship changed course and headed back to the south Pacific. The intended bride's wedding would be postponed for four long years. Four other women would wear her wedding dress before she did. My father-in-law returned from the pacific in 1945, classified disabled by Japanese machine gun fire on New Guinea. He was eventually able to walk and even play golf again. One of his four sons served in operation desert storm and helped design the Patriot anti-missile system. The battleship U.S.S. West Virginia was re-floated, re-built, and returned to combat operations against the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1944
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero (Zeke) on display at the National Air and Space Museum Washington D.C.

Fighters of this type, taking off from a naval task force including six aircraft carriers, participated in the surprise attack on American installations on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. As the war continued, desperate Japanese aviators would use aircraft such as these for suicidal "Kamikaze" attacks against the American Navy.
Admiral Isoroku Yamamato, who had planned the attack against the United States, was quoted as saying shortly thereafter
"I fear all that we have accomplished is to have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve."
In 1943, long range army fighters intercepted the admiral's command aircraft and shot it down, killing him. It had been less than two years since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

" December 7th 1941. A date which will live in infamy"
Franklin Delano Roosevelt-Dec 8th 1941

November 11, 2007


Sometimes things converge. Random events form a temporary pattern before swept away in the great entropic expansion. Just now is one of those ethereal moments. Air Force General Paul Tibbets died last week, well into his nineties. If you do not know who Paul Tibbets was or what he did, well, this is for you. The image above is one I took of General Tibbets aircraft the "Enola Gay", named after his mother. Arguably, it is one of the most famous aircraft of all time. It is the aircraft that dropped the first atomic weapon ever deployed against an enemy in wartime. In a few brief minutes, Tibbets, the "Enola Gay" and their cargo, dubbed "Little Boy" incinerated, irradiated, and otherwise killed 80,000 residents of the Japanese city of Hiroshima. In doing so, he hastened the end of World War II and arguably was instrumental in saving the lives of an estimated million U.S. servicemen and their fanatical Japanese opponents. He has said that he sleeps very well at night, thank you.

In case you have never met up close and personal, this is "The Bomb"

Part of the "Convergence" idea of this post has to do with Paul Tibbits, "Little Boy", WWI, WWII, Veterans Day, the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force. Today is Veterans day, originally called Armistice Day. We commemorate our veterans duty and sacrifice on November 11th. It was on November 11th in 1918 that the guns of the First World War fell silent. The greatest bloodletting in history had ground to it's tragic and futile conclusion. Among the many who died on far-away battlefields in that "War to End All Wars" were proud members of the United States Marine Corps. I do not single out these heroes today because their sacrifice was greater or lesser than any of those others involved in that particular conflict, but simply because they have just celebrated their 232nd Birthday as an organization. When Paul Tibbets dropped that bomb to begin the end of WWII, he was flying from an airstrip on a pacific island that had been recently been occupied by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces. It fell to the United States Marine Corps to take it from them. Thousands of Marines died in the assault. Many more thousands of Japanese were killed, fighting to the last bullet and last grain of rice. There were very few prisoners. It was not that kind of war. The Marines blasted the Japanese positions with explosives and buried them in their underground bunkers. They used flamethrowers to burn the enemy alive. They mowed down suicidal Japanese sword charges with John Browning's fearsome machine guns.

Talk to them sometime about "water boarding".

Despite the tender attentions of Paul Tibbets and the USMC, the Japanese would not surrender. Did I call them fanatics? I did and they were. The picture above is of yet another B-29 bomber which took off a week or so later from that same island consecrated with the blood of so many warriors. It mission was to entice the Japanese once again to the surrender table. The instrumentality of the message looked almost exactly like this:

This little Hallmark Greeting is named "Fat Man" It is the second atomic bomb delivered to the Japanese homeland. Although it was a more powerful device than it's predecessor, targeting variables limited the casualties of the city of Nagasaki to an estimated 45,000 killed. The Japanese Emperor finally got the message, even if his Generals and Admirals did not. The Emperor ordered the Japanese people to surrender. The Second World War was over. The war in the Pacific was won by a combined arms effort of the United States Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and what in 2 more years would become the United States Air Force. For this Veterans Day, give thanks to them all, especially those engaged against today's fanatic barbarians.

The last leg to this "Convergence" stool involves some stories that have appeared recently regarding proposals to split up the Air Force amongst the Army, Navy and Marines. The proponents of this scheme believe that the Major Missions of the Air Force(Long range bombing and air supremacy campaigns) are obsolete. If that is true, then they are ignoring the most important lesson to be learned about military preparedness. The very reason that the Air Force has essentially "run out of missions" is due to their overwhelming capabilities in their era of expertise. Below is a picture of the first intercontinental nuclear bomber ever built by the United States. It's critics claim that it was a waste of money because it never saw active combat and was soon replaced by newly developed jet bombers that made it obsolete. Those who think that we can save money by eliminating the Air Force long range bomber role should contemplate the name given to this huge flying deterrent...

Peace on Earth.

October 08, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 2

The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends, Cont'd.

Although the U.S.A.F "Thunderbirds" are going to headline just about any airshow they attend, they were not the only ones performing in Ohio that day. The Mustangs and Legends event has been held bi-annually in the past but this may be one it's last appearances. Many of the veteran fliers present at this celebration are in their eighties or older. Every year the number of flyable P-51 airframes gets slightly smaller. Two were wrecked in a landing accident at an earlier show just this year in Ohio.

The picture above is of "Old Yeller". It was flown by Robert A. "Bob" Hoover for years at aerobatic demonstrations and the Reno air races. I saw "Bob" perform at the Transpo '72 airshow in Dulles Va in 1972. He could dance this aircraft down the runway, first on one wheel then the other. He would do 4 and 8 point rolls just a few feet off the runway, then come back and repeat the same manouvers with the engine SWITCHED OFF ! Later on he would fly a twin engine Shrike Commander and do the same routine with both engines switched off. That aircraft now resides in the Udvar-Hazy Air Museum in Dulles, just a short distance from where I watched it perform. I remember it clearly to this day, even though that show is most remembered for the fatal crash of one of the Thunderbirds F-4 Phantom jets. I watched that too. Makes a pretty big impression on a 15 year young boy.

Then there are the "Legacy Flights" In this photo, the number 1 aircraft is another beautifully restored p-51 Mustang leading a diamond formation flanked by the new F-22 raptor and an F-15 Eagle, followed up by an F-16 Fighting Falcon. Another "Once in a lifetime " shot . Sixty-five years of advanced fighter engineering in one moment.

I think that there were over 100 Mustangs at the show. To see these old birds still doing their thing after 60 years was inspirational. Here are some shots of a few of them landing and taxiing by. The smoke is from a pyrotechnic display which was so big, the smoke took about 15 minutes to clear enough for some of the"Attacking Aircraft" to land.
"Sizzlin' Liz". A P-51D recovered from the Canadian Air Force and restored in 1987.

"Polar Bear". An early model P-51A Mustang with an Allison engine instead of the later British Rolls-Royce "Merlin". This aircraft crashed near Summit Alaska in 1944. The wreckage was recovered in 1977, and after an eight year long restoration, flew again in 1985.

There were more than just Mustangs here that day. An impressive array of old warbirds took to the air. Here is a wonderfully restored B-17G. Passenger flights are available for $450.00 and up. Getting these big guys to Berlin and back depite the attentions of the Luftwaffe was what the Mustangs were all about.

All good things must come to an end. At the end of the day there was a flyover of as many Mustangs as could be safely be put in the air at one time. Here is the "51" formation flown by all Mustangs. I don't reckon I'll ever see this again either. Bye Bye Y'all and thanks for stopping in.

Next up:The Museum.

Stay tuned


October 05, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends.

Rickenbacker Airfield, Ohio 2007

Sometimes you just have to be there. There is no way to adequately describe the incredibly loud, powerful, rumbling, scream of an afterburner on full power. To say "It Rocks" is an understatement. One cannot fully appreciate ones tax dollar at work without seeing the United States Air Force demonstration team "The Thunderbirds" doing what they do best. Here are a few more pix I was able to take on that warm sunny September day, under an azure sky, just off of the runway in Ohio.

Note that I am not using a telephoto lens. These boys and girls are flying low and close. We probably had the best seats in the place, as most of the aerobatics took place directly in front of us.

Timing is everything! More for them than for my own humble self, but I was gratified that a lifetime of trigger training on the Trap range with a 12ga. allowed me to capture this perfect "Double". After that, things settled down to a perfectly normal pace. Normal for the T-Birds anyway.

Ever have one of those days when you just don't know which way is up? Lets try that one again, shall we?

Wait a minute. Something is still not right. Lets see how the other guys are doing it. I'm pretty sure the blue side should be on top.

Maybe not. Any of you guys have the instruction manual for these things?

Well, at least we're all pointed in the same direction. Lets go home.

Bye Bye Y'all. God Bless America! Stay tuned for part 2 of Mustangs & Legends


September 20, 2007

Secret Wars Part III

Blackwater vs. Quds Force. The Secret War Diaries part III.

By now I'm sure that you have all heard about Iraqi President Maliki and his little disagreement with Blackwater Security Inc. He has revoked Blackwater's "license" to operate in Iraq. This proves once again that the honorable Mr. Maliki is too stupid to pour piss out of a boot, even with the instructions printed on the sole. First of all, Blackwater does not operate in Iraq under an Iraqi license. It is paid for by U.S. uummm... agencies/entities.

Svin ! What the hell are you on about now. Cant you ever start at the beginning?

Beginning? OK. In the beginning there was only ice. Now we have mixed drinks to go with it(rimshot). Sorry. Here is a massively compressed, unsubstantiated, and wholly made up (by my own self, no less) account of what is going down. A couple of days ago, a "very high value" personage working for one of our U.S. entities was returning to the international"Green Zone" in Baghdad from a meeting about 2 miles away. Blackwater security customarily provides the "protective" element for convoys of this type. What happened next comes in several different flavours. That is kinda the nature of this secret war stuff. Nobody tells the truth(almost nobody). Anyhoo, a VBIED(very big 'splody thing)may or may not have detonated near the convoy. Blackwater sources indicate that they were then fired upon from several houses in the vicinity. Does all this sound pretty familiar to all you anti-jihadi's doing your "Smackdown" duties? Well, of course we have seen it all about a million times before haven't we? Pretty standard BGA(Bad Guy Ambush). Being highly trained ex-military types, the Blackwater guys hit the gas to "drive through" the ambush and get the hell outa Dodge, if'n ya know what I mean. One problem. One of the vehicles took a hit to the engine and wasn't going anywhere. It gets a little murky around now. Fog of war and all that. I think at this point the convoy split up. Mr. High Value Guy(HVG?) and part of the convoy hightail it for the Green Zone. The rest of the convoy stays to hook up a tow line to the damaged vehicle. Incoming fire is everywhere. Blackwater guys lay down suppressing fire to cover the recovery operation. Back in the Green zone, a rapid reaction force is dispatched by U.S. Military. Another Blackwater rescue force also heads to the scene. U.S. Military Choppers are scrambled. Blackwater's own helo's converge on the scene as well. Now the fun really begins. Iraqi Army and Police units are headed to the scene as well.

Let us pause here for a moment, because we gotta think a little bit right now about President Maliki. Remember him? This is a story about him.

Since the first camel sprang from the dusty loins of the primordial desert, Arab rulers have been switching sides, betraying allies, playing both ends against the middle, talking out both sides of their face, and generally giving a bad name to the time honoured business of treachery. Brother Maliki is no different in this respect and perhaps we should not regard it as so much a bug but as a feature. Basically, he is caught on the horns of a dilemna. He is a Shiite and the Iraqi Army in Baghdad, as well as the supposedly hibernating Mahdi Army is also. The U.S. have just made common cause with the Sunni North of Baghdad and are kicking Al-Quaida's butt-hard. When we are done in Al-Anbar, we are gonna kick some serious Shiite ass when we take down the Mahdi Army in Baghdad. This is going to make Maliki sad because the Shiite militias are his not-so-secret-power base. If they go down, he will too(Ka-Boom). Things explode alot over there. To hedge his bets, he has been cultivating alot of friends in Iran.

Iran's operating force in Iraq is the Al-Quds force. They deliver lots of munitions to Al-quaida and conduct other covert ops like kidnapping American Personnel in and around Baghdad. The same personnel that we hire Blackwater to protect. Now, back to the streetfight.

Our friendly allies the Iraqi Army and Police show up and take up positions surrounding the Blackwater guys. The Blackwater people know all too well what will happen if they surrender to Maliki's guys. It is quite probable that the whole attack was an Iranian Al-Quds operation, that Maliki knew about it and that the Iraqi Army and Police were there to aid/abet or cover up.

Blackwater gunships appear over the Iraqui Army as their guys on the ground lock and load. The Rapid reaction force from the Green Zone gets there too, but cant get to Blackwater because the Iraqi's have them surrounded. They take up positions around the IA and prepare to advance.

More choppers arrive. This time they are U.S. Military and they start mock strafing runs on the Iraqi positions. Finally, the Iraqi's give up the game and withdraw. Mexican standoff ends. There are about 18 dead bad guys at the scene. Iraqi Army collects the bodies and proclaims them all women and children. Yeah right. Not Quds Force at all. No Iranians here. What Kidnapping? What IED ? This is all Blackwater's fault. "Bring me their operators license!"

Well, I know that is a sorry load of crap, and I cant tell a story to save my life, so I'll leave y'all with a little six minute video of Blackwater in action. The MSM will brand them as mercenaries, pirates, leeches, and murderers.They are none of that. They are professionals at what they do. I would give anything to be with them right now. I almost got the chance too...


September 18, 2007

Secret Wars Part II

Why can't I read the words? Because these are secret plans, that's why. Actually, it is just because Blogspot has a crappy graphic editor but thats not really the point. I am here today to tell you all something very important. The Battle for Iraq is over.
Uuummm....Svin? Who won?
Well, naturally, that is a secret. I can tell you who lost though. Saddam Hussein is the biggest loser. His charming offspring Uday and Qusay can be considered losers. That Bin Laden guy lost big time (even though he was in Afghanistan when Mohammed met the Mountain, so to speak). Al-Zarqawi took over in Iraq and promptly got smashed like a bug. Al-Sadr has eluded the virginal embrace, but wont be doing much talking on the cell-phone if he knows what is good for him. Al-Maliki is still a pain in the ass, but he is our pain in the ass so we own that one. Still, accidents happen. Hillary lost last week in a cage match against Petraeus. Al-Quaida in Iraq has been forcibly ejected from their "Capitol of the New Caliphate" in Al-Anbar (with heavy losses). The "surge" troops will be coming home (if only for a brief rest and re-fit) next summer. All-in-all, it looks like we can wrap this one up and file it in the WIN column. There wont be a formal surrender unless we get one of our battleships out of mothballs.
So Svin, are you telling us the War is over?
No. I said the Battle for Iraq is over. The war will continue. Phase one of the War against the Iranian Axis happened in early September when the Israeli Air Force took out a Syrian/Iranian/North Korean nuclear target in north-east Syria. The bombing of Iran will probably commence by December if the Israelis do it, or in the Spring if we do it. It will be much better if we do it, but the Israelis cannot afford to ignore a nuclear threat and will operate on their own timetable. The map above shows the approximate range of the Iranian Shahab-3 missile which can carry a 2,000 lb. warhead. Draw your own conclusions.
The (U.S.) campaign against Iran will be largely a naval/air campaign which will seek to quickly neutralize all of Iran's long-range assets. If they mobilize for a land incursion into Iraq or elsewhere, well, then they are more stupid than they look(hard to imagine, I know). The festivities will be accompanied by a(surprise) spike in oil prices, threats from the Chinese, more Moonbats marching to the Internationale in Washington D.C. and the usual lying and perfidy from the MSM, the UN, the DNC, the EU, the Russians, and NAMBLA (to name just a few). Same as usual. Us against the world. Waddya gonna do?
Just remember two things. These bastards started it and we are gonna finish it. Everything else is just fishwrap. Don't tell anyone. It will be just our little secret war, mmmkaayyy ?????
This report is brought to you directly from Odin's High Seat by Hugin, Muninn and Svin. All future facts have been verified by the three Norns at the Well of Urd." Quoth The Raven" denies that this post ever existed

September 13, 2007

What if they had a war and nobody knew it ?

Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan.

I'm sure you have all seen the movie. Some of you may be familiar with the original TV episode. I'll bet that not many of you have read the prequel "Star Trek, The Eugenics War" vols.1&2 by Greg Cox.

OK Svin, You have finally gone over the edge and changed this to a Trekkie site, right?

Wrong. I actually do have a point here somewhere. As I'm sure you all remember, Khan and his minions were the product of a genetic engineering scheme that resulted in the "Eugenics Wars" of the late 20th Century. If these wars were so destructive, why do we 21st century denizens not remember them more clearly ? Greg Cox has an interesting answer. The war actually took place, but was conducted largely in secret.

A Secret War ? "Holy Photon Torpedoes Batman. What a diabolical plot!"

"Right you are Boy Wonder, and its happening again."

"Right now?"

"Even as we speak!"

Ok, sorry for the geeky intro, but I really liked the Khan Picture. Too bad it was just a ruse to get you to check this out.

Ok, here is the real thing. Not a Starship. It is an Israeli F15i Fighter/Bomber (Made in U.S.A.). You all heard about when a formation of these crossed into Syrian airspace and destroyed what has been described variously as a "missile launch installation", "a shipment of missiles from Iran" or a "Nuclear facility" purchased from North Korea. You read it on the front page just last week, remember? No? Well, you must have seen it on the news, no? NO?
Surely you remember the Eugenic Wars?
Ok Svin. First we get Star Trek, and now we get World War IV and its a Secret ???
Next you're gonna tell us that Bin Laden was killed at Tora Bora and thats a secret too!
Umm....Have you seen his "latest" video? Its been in the can longer than Prince Albert. Here is the deal as near as I can make it out. Hope the Men In Black don't come back here after they read this. Israeli Jets did indeed strike targets in north-eastern Syria, which is an act of war, same way Pearl Harbor was. Syria doesn't wanna talk about it because
A) They got caught with their hand in the WMD cookie jar and...
B) They just spent really big bucks buying an "unjammable" anti-aircraft system from the Russians. Note-It did not appear to perform as advertised.
The Israelis have adopted a "Who Me?" attitude. The Russians don't want to admit that their system is a P.O.S.(Piece of Shiite). The Iranians (That'd be Ahmadamnutjob and his Diaper Head Chorus) just purchased the same P.O.S. from the Russkies as well and don't want to admit that their umbrella may have holes in it. They also don't want to admit complicity in shipping WMD to Syria or their Hezbollah buddies. The D.O.D. and the MSM dont want to talk about it for completely different and contradictory reasons. The only country that protested was North Korea, and that is just because their little cash and carry DIY(Destroy It Yourself) nuclear missile program just went chapter 7. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive (I just now made that one up).
So. That is your super-secret, highly classified, now I'm gonna have to kill ya report on WW IV. I hope that they can keep the ending secret too.
Sweet Dreams.
(Special war correspondant Muninn contributed to this "ahem" report)

September 11, 2007

9/11 Why We Fight

This is a hard post to compose. There is not an American alive today that does not know of the thousands that perished on that September morning. To me, this is what the fight is all about. America has now been at war for six long years. Thousands of brave volunteer soldiers have died and even more wounded. The treasury of the U.S.A., like a blood bank, is desperately trying to transfuse life into a dying region of the planet. There is a cancer growing there that, if left untreated, would destroy all vestiges of civilization as we in the west perceive it. It has thoroughly infected europe, and more than a few cells have been found here at home. It has a name. It is malignant and it is evil . It is also a religion. It is ironic that "We The People" should be confronted by an enemy that we have always considered sacrosanct. We guarantee religious freedom in this country. Our enemies demand submission to their bitter and twisted vision of Paradise. There is little room for compromise between medicine and poison. This sickness has been thrust upon us and can only be eradicated by it's complete and utter destruction. There can be no treaties, no co-existance, no conditions. The enemy must be ruthlessly hunted down and killed. Some will argue that an idea can not be killed. They are wrong . For untold centuries, civilizations were ruled by the"Divine Right" of royalty claiming descent from the Gods. This arrogance has been mostly given its answer in the last century. In the 19th century, slavery was considered a " peculiar" American Institution. Fascism, Hitlerism, and the 20th century Bushido of Japan were not only crushed militarily but destroyed as even viable ideas. It can be done. It has to be done again. I will leave it to those who have read thus far to determine how those infected with an evil idea should be treated. Is the infection always malignant? Can it be reversed or tamed? Can it be even understood? Choose your answers wisely my friends. The wrong decisions will kill us all. I choose life for myself. That choice may have consequences for others. Bad ideas cause bad things to happen. Too Damned Bad !

September 09, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Finally !

After weeks of review, the winner of the YouTube Smackdown video of the month !

September 02, 2007

Afghan Drug Trafficking

Sorry that this idiot is on the front page again, but The Minuteman over at Horseshoes And Hand Grenades has a new surveillance video out revealing the extent of the drug trafficking problems in Phumbuqistan. Courtesy of D4 productions. Warning!-Flashback Alert!
Click the link for teh funny.

Bin-Laden, Zarquwi, and uh...Dave


August 29, 2007

Tiny Tim's Training Trailer

Smackdown Video Contest !

Sometimes, you just want some funny ! If you happen to find any videos like this one while patriotically performing propoganda pugilism, please provide proper proof by providing the URL here. We will post it so you can play it.

Beg Pardon.


August 28, 2007

Burqua This !

As a present day modern aerial gunner, Airman 1st Class Vanessa Dobos has little in common with gunners from World War I. Though Dobos does fire a massive machine gun from the deck of a … well … helicopter, perhaps her greatest distinction is the fact she’s a woman — the Air Force’s first female aerial gunner.

August 27, 2007


Texas Newspaper Gives the Boot to Jihad!

Glen Rose Newspaper aids "Operation You Tube Smackdown".

"Are you aware that some real jihadist terrorists are using YouTube to spread their hate speech and graphically violent videos of our American soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Have you ever watched one of these videos? It will make you sick. But, will it make you sick enough and upset you enough to do something about it? We need your help! Please just take a few minutes and look at how a small group of American Civilians are trying to stop this. This is in no way to be taken as a request by anyone in this group or by the Smackdown website to take sides on whether you or for or against this war. This is for all Americans to be able to take part in trying to stop what is simply wrong.

Perhaps I would not have believed this had I not been sent a video and seen it with my own eyes. YouTube claims it allows no violence or hate speech videos to be posted on their website. Well I’m here to tell you different.

Not only is this allowed to take place for the entire world to see, but they are actually allowing terrorist to send snuff or death videos here to our American soil. These are despicable clips of our American soldiers being killed, tortured, blown up, shot, beheaded and their bodies degraded. There are Strykers, Humvees, and supply line vehicles being blown to pieces, with music and laughter and shouts of Alla Akbar fill the background. Yes, this is a brutal description, but it is there for you and the world to see 24 hours a day. Jihadists are openly recruiting in our own country for their fellow countrymen to join in to destroy America, and all the while, YouTube is giving free press to jihadis who want us all, men, women, and children, dead. This isn’t just another article about the war. This is a fact! A fact you can see for yourself. How dare YouTube insult our American soldiers, and our American people, to all this graphic violence and hatred videos by the very people we are in a war with, to be put in the faces of the men and women of our country that have our backs! Our Soldiers! We need your help.

A small group of Americans have taken it upon themselves to spend hour upon hour looking through these vile, sickening death videos, and then posting them to their blogsite and asking those of us who will, to pull up the video and flag it as graphic violence or hate speech. They call it Operation YouTube Smackdown. YouTube claims that each such flagging will result in their review of content and they will delete the piece if it is considered to be offensive. You do NOT have to actually look at the video itself, many people simply could not do it, and this is where the heroes of this website come in. They find them for us, and deal with the mental graphic fatigue of actually viewing them. Then they post them to their website for us to flag. They have what they call the Daily Dozen Smackdown videos and are simply looking for volunteers! All they ask is that we go to their site, pick one, and or, all twelve of the offending videos and help them smack them down!

Those of us that will take literally six (6) minutes or less, out of our day to help on this project can actually say we are civilian doing our small, but very important part in this war. It is something you can be so very proud to tell your grandchildren some day. That you took part in fighting terrorism in America!

Once you click to flag a video it automatically goes to YouTube for them to take it off - or leave it on. So far this small group amazingly has gotten many of these videos taken off. But it’s not enough! YouTube has only removed 10 to 20% of these graphic videos, leaving the vast majority up. The goal is to get citizens applying enough public pressure to see this won’t be tolerated by us Americans. It is truly horrendous and sad that an American company, YouTube, owned by Google, could allow such a thing, free speech or no.

If you want to be like an angel’s wings on the shoulder of our men and women and be able to claim you are back home on American soil helping them as civilians fight this war, then I implore you to take a few minutes and check this web site out. Please go to http://muninnquotherave.blogspot.com. We must get this stopped! We are raving made!

In loving memory of this community’s recent loss, and for our military men and women in harms way – we will not forget you and your loved ones sacrifice,

God Bless America

Rainbow Resident

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Glen Rose Newspaper

August 25, 2007

Flat Lady and the Magic Bullets:Explained!

Special Weekend Report! Brother Svin doesn't usually like to send you to another blog as soon as you have gotten here, so go do some Smackdowns (that's what you came here for right?). Then as a reward, you can go visit the frogman and view his video response to "The Flat Lady says: these Bullets hit my house!"
Then come back here and finish your Smackdown, cause I know you cheated!

August 23, 2007

N.Y.P.D. on Internet Jihad

"Self-radicalization may begin the day that an individual seeks out jihadist websites. In the
physical world when would-be jihadists seek support among local jihadist mentors and likeminded
fanatics. This is the group that currently poses the biggest danger to the West. It is the
focus of the present monograph"

Here is the entire pdf file from the New York Police Department. The link will take you to the NYPD homepage, where you can click the box titled "Radicalization in the west, a homegrown threat" NYPD intelligence report.
NYPD. Radicalization in the west, the homegrown threat

If you do not believe that internet video is a jihadist recruiting tool, you need to read this report. If you do not believe that "Operation You Tube Smackdown" can make a serious difference, you need to read this report.
I have seen firsthand how young people can be drawn into these video rings. I have also seen people stop participating in these rings because of the negative feedback that they hear from some of our "Crusaders". It is also frustrating for them when they see their accounts closed. At the same time, they are learning a valuable lesson about the First Amendment in the process, namely, that it can be a two-edged sword. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and read about the process of recruiting and training home grown Jihadists. Then, click on a few videos and help to neutralize the best tool that the bad guys have.

August 21, 2007


So, I hear a knock at the door and find these two guys standing there. They start asking a bunch of questions about Operation Smackdown!
Man in Black#1 asks if I know a guy named Mr. Rod.
"Mr Rod?" I ask.
"Yeah."he says. "Mr.Svin Rod"
"Wait a minute, who are you guys and where are you from?"
"We are from....France!"
"No you're not!"
"OK. Look Mr. Rod.We are from the government."
"Which Government?"
"Um...Its kind of a Secret."
" Yeah, we're like Secret Agents from the Government"
"Go Away!"
"We're on a Mission From God!"
"I'm an Atheist."
"Look Mr. Rod, Do you love your Country or not?"
"Whaddya mean?" I ask. I'm beginning to think these guys are not Jehovah Witnesses.
"Sure I love my country. You guys got a problem with that?"
Man in Black#2, who had been silent until now, steps forward and says,
"Look Mr. Rod, or whatever your real name is, we know that you spend a lot of time watching terrorists blow stuff up."
"Yeah, so?"
"We want ya to stop it."
"Its a secret."
"Um...look guys, I'm late for an appointment and..."
"This will only take a minute."
"OK already, whats your point?"
Man in black #1 steps forward again and says in a low voice,
"You is compromisin' a secret government project."
"By Watching YouTube???"
"Uh...Yeah, by watching YouTube."
"You're nuts!"
Man in Black #2 steps forward again and says:
"Mr. Rod. Our job is to keep America safe from the terrorists. We track them 24 hours a day.
They cant make a move without us knowing about it."
"Oh!" I say."You must be tracking these guys by satellite."
"Uh, no...not exactly."
"Cool!" I say." You must be using Global Hawk or Predator drones"
"Uh, no...not them either"
"Russian telepaths in secret underground bunkers?"
"Alrighty then." I say. "I give up. You are from a Super Secret Government Organization, You track down terrorists, you don't use satellites or drones or telepathy. What do you use and what in the hell does it have to do with me?"
"We,uh...We watch YouTube."
"Yeah... We watch Youtube"
"You guys are idiots!"
"Mr. Rod. You have no idea what its like running a spy program with all the budget cuts we have had to deal with. We're lucky just to have DSL. We have been watching the terrorists for years and now YOU are screwing it up!"
"Yeah, You and your so called "Smackdown Crew."
"Whats wrong with "The Smackdown?"
"Its like this Mr. Rod. Some of the guys we have been watching are getting their accounts closed."
"That's a good thing, isn't it?"
"No Mr. Rod, that is a bad thing. Have you ever considered what would happen if all of those videos disappeared?"
"I don't see how that could be a bad thing."
"We could lose our DSL."
"What ??????"
"Yeah. If there is no video to watch, there is no reason to fund our operation. Me and Elwood would have to go back to our old jobs."
"What jobs were those?"
"Censoring comic books."
"No. DC."
"You poor bastards!"

Live Long and Prosper-Svin

August 20, 2007


Allahu Akhbar indeed. From the Book of Armaments vs:3-7. The Holy Mortar Round.
First cousin to the Holy Hand Grenade(Python Ltd.). How many times have we listened to the soundtrack of jihad video and heard this jerk chanting Allahu Akhbar! over and over again. Dont you wish something really bad would happen to him? I know this video would violate You Tube user agreements, and I am a blatant hypocrite, but I borrowed it from Live Leak so it is OK. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

August 19, 2007

Jumpmaster's Dance

If you thought the rappin' Sargeant was cool, get down wit da "Jumpmaster"!
Four minutes of funny. Crank it up!
(thanks to Blackfive for pointing the way)


Youtube Smackdown's Public Enemy Number One calls it quits!
In a surprise developement today, the ever vigilant Smackdown Crew found this message posted at "Sword Of Baghdad's" Youtube page.
"I am leaving youtube, but leaving my account up due to the harassment of other youtubers and the admins"
Sword Of Baghdad, also known here as "The Butterknife" has been a major target of the Smackdown. With over a hundred videos posted, this jihadi wannabe was a key nexus in the distribution network for jihadi video. We can only assume that Youtube made him an offer that he decided to refuse, and that the "thoughtful" comments left by the Smackdown Battalions finally drove him over the edge. The Smackdown will continue to flag his videos until they are all gone. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for all of us Smackdown supporters, and you all deserve a hearty WELL DONE!!!
Thanks again, one and all!

August 16, 2007

Jose Padilla Found Guilty

Really, What else is there to say?

Welcome to Operation YouTube Smackdown

There are times when YouTube gets it right:

And then there are the times YouTube gets it wrong. Jihad has come to the Internet. And YouTube is helping them. We're not saying they set out to, but that's the result. Jihadist videos have found a home there. Our enemies are using that website, and others, to spread propaganda and recruit new terrorists. YouTube allows anyone to post anything and doesn't take it down unless someone objects, at which point they might take it down.

Well, we object. We object to YouTube making a profit hosting videos celebrating the death of Coalition Soldiers (and pretty much everyone else) while washing their own hands of any responsibility. We're out to smack those videos down, and maybe shake a little sense into YouTube in the process.

We know we're not on the front lines of this fight. And we can't tell a story about a Stryker platoon and their ride, the General Lee, like Michael Yon:

"The enemy was holding a video camera ... a culvert the enemy had packed with explosives ... As the bomb detonated beneath it, the General Lee arced like a dolphin from the sea of Hell ... I’ve got a photo of the mangled General Lee, but we don’t like to publish things that help the enemy. Suffice to say that the General Lee took another one for the team, and again saved the crew."

[The General Lee not pictured. Stryker photo from dvids.]

As for me, "I do it because I want to feel useful. ... I do it because, with respects to Michael Yon, our Soldiers, and John Milton, I like to think they also serve who only sit and click." And that's all we're asking from you. Flag the videos that violate YouTube's own policies.

If you think you might like to join the Smackdown: Consider our "Hate Speech, Free Speech, Whose Speech?". Take a look at "How YouTube Operates", and get started with our How-To Guide.

~ Please see our Jihad Videos: Open Letter to YouTube.

~ Want to add our banner to your website? Click the pic for email. ->
~ Welcome all readers from Ejectia.com, Rachel Lucas, Argghhh!, Pajamas Media, & NewsBusters!

Please post any comments on our Comments for Aug 12-18 '07.
And if you Want to do More?
See also, Quote the Raven for all our posts.

August 14, 2007

August 13, 2007

August 12, 2007

Comments for Aug 12-18 '07.

This post is for general Operation YouTube Smackdown comments, questions, or suggestions. Please be civil, and try to make any criticisms the constructive kind. Spam, abuse, and other pointless posts will be deleted at our discretion. See, also.

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August 10, 2007

Jihad Videos: Open Letter to YouTube

To: editor@youtube.com
Date: August 10, 2007

"Ms. Supan [Director of Marketing for YouTube] said that among the videos removed were those that 'display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).'" - NY Times, Oct. 6, 2006

It’s now been the better part of a year since the above statement was made in the week Google announced it was buying YouTube. Yet we keep hearing that jihad videos continue to be hosted by YouTube. Well, as inspired by your claim as we were disgusted by the thought of jihadi videos, a small group of people decided to help you remove, or as we like to say ‘smack down’, those very videos. We decided to take you up on the invitation in your Community Guidelines, “Some of the content here may offend you—if you find that it violates our Terms of Use, then click ‘Flag as Inappropriate’ under the video you're watching to submit it for review by YouTube staff. “ and “If you find other videos on YouTube with the same violations, please flag them so we can review them as well!”

Well, we’ve been up and running a good month now, having flagged over 300 videos, and only 10-15% of the videos we flag had been removed. That is, until earlier this week when you deleted a single account: huz999. We have flagged 21 of that account’s videos in the past month. That one account’s suspension moved our success rate up to just shy of 20%. Why did it take so long, and why were so many flaggings required? You say you close accounts for repeated violations of your Terms of Use. There were 78 videos on that account; just how many does it take to qualify as ‘repeated’?

Could it be you do not enforce your own policies on reviewing and removing flagged videos with any seriousness or consistency? If you suspect the standards by which we choose videos to flag then please, by all means, visit our website and pick a few videos from our archive of flagged videos at random. Pick a dozen. If you find them worthy of remaining online, then your error has been to delete the 10-20%, for there is no appreciable difference in their content. If you find them as objectionable as we do, why have they been left up after being flagged and reviewed? In fact, these videos often recycle the exact same footage. Why remove some and leave the others online? Looking over the archives, it’s easy to imagine the removal rate is more a function of who is on staff at any given time and not the actual content of the videos.

YouTube removes videos on grounds of hate speech. Recently, a video was removed, and account closed, that contained nothing but a person sitting in front of a camera explaining how pleased he was that journalist Daniel Pearl had his head cut off. If that’s sufficient grounds to qualify as hate speech, why aren’t videos celebrating attacks on, and the death of, Coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan also hate speech? YouTube removes videos of fights in schoolyards that kids upload from their cell phones. If it’s unacceptable violence to show school kids wrestling and pulling at each other’s hair, why is it acceptable to show videos of IED detonations, especially when they celebrate those deaths?

YouTube removes videos on grounds of animal abuse. Can you explain why videos showing (and celebrating) IED’s detonating below a vehicle full of people doesn’t constitute unacceptable ‘human abuse’? Some videos require people to click a button to ‘verify’ they’re over 18 to view them, and some of the jihad videos are behind such screens. But you also claim such videos must abide by your Terms of Use. If you don’t allow porn behind such screens, why would you allow hate speech and graphic violence behind them?

YouTube also claims it is not responsible for content uploaded by its users, and that if content is found in violation of its standards, it will be removed when users flag them as ‘inappropriate’. When you review flagged videos, and choose to keep them online, do you assume responsibility for those videos then? You might wish to consult with your legal staff on this question. If you aren’t responsible for content even after YouTube personnel have reviewed it, why review or ever delete anything at all? Perhaps you should add a note to videos that have been flagged, stating that YouTube has reviewed it and found the contents acceptable. It could prevent us from bothering to flag them in the future, and give everyone a clearer idea as to what you consider ‘appropriate content’.

Lastly, would you be so good as to inform us how many languages your staff speaks fluently? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to remove videos celebrating the death of soldiers, or journalists like Daniel Pearl, only because they were in English while leaving up similar speech if it were spoken in any other language. Could you tell us more about how you handle ‘hate speech’ flags when they are recorded in languages other than English? You must have some way of confirming whether or not the videos truly contain hate speech.

We look forward to your answers to the above questions. They will help us answer our own questions as to whether YouTube wishes to follow in the footsteps of it’s new owner when it comes to living up to the “Don’t Be Evil” standard.

Best Regards,
The Blog Admins for
Operation YouTube Smackdown

Good News From Iraq. The Surge is Working!

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August 07, 2007

August 05, 2007

Comments for Aug 5-11 '07

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Blackfive TV- A Message for Congress

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August 04, 2007

Banned by YouTube

I’ve been thinking about Operation YouTube Smackdown from a Free Speech perspective ever since we began. I’m generally more of a Free Speech purist than the sort calling for nanny-labels on every little thing. Give parents a chance to at least know what’s in the stuff they’re buying for their kids, whether it’s breakfast cereal or music albums. Then let grown people be grownups. So what gives with the YouTube Smackdown? Sure, YouTube's own policies claim they don’t tolerate hate speech or graphic violence. Of course, the hundreds of videos we’ve flagged that they haven’t taken down suggest they’re quite willing to tolerate that very thing. But, still, who died and made us the YouTube hall monitors?

Nobody. You may have heard it said that hypocrisy is the last remaining sin in our postmodern, morally-relative world. Maybe nobody can hold anybody else to a common set of standards anymore. But if someone isn’t living up to their own standards, you can still call them a hypocrite, right? Well, Google, the ‘Don’t Be Evil’ company, owns YouTube. If you read the YouTube editors blog it’s clear the standards they hold up for their company and their users resemble University Hate Speech codes far more than they resemble some wild-west, libertarian free-speech utopia. So there’s that.

But that hardly satisfies if we’re looking for a serious evaluation. It’s a valid argument, but asking people to practice what they preach isn’t the same thing as seriously considering the merits of what it is, exactly, that they’re preaching. I believe in free speech, probably more than the folks at YouTube. Especially if you consider the history of the kinds of videos they have removed. I’ve mentioned elsewhere the story by Rachel Lucas of the video where a squirrel dodges a rock (no squirrels were harmed in the making of that video). It was removed on grounds of animal abuse. You’d think a video of a humvee not dodging an IED would be more removable on grounds of cruelty to the soldiers riding inside.

Many videos like those of John McCain singing ‘Bomb, bomb Iran’ were removed, then put back up. And for all I know, removed and put back up again. A pillar of consistency YouTube ain’t. They’ve shown a willingness to delete videos by anti-jihadists like Crusader18. Then there’s Nick Gisburne, the athiest who got his video banned for simply quoting some of the harsher lines from the Koran. The link I’ll provide about that comes from the website of the famous athiest and biologist Richard Dawkins. Why? Because it gives me an opening to repeat a quote Dawkins used in a letter to Prince Charles about open-mindedness in science. “Of course we must be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.” I can’t resist pointing out how YouTube seems at least open-minded enough to host videos of people’s brains literally spilling out.

Perhaps most famously, right around the time Google bought YouTube last year, someone at YouTube decided to take down Michelle Malkin’s “First they Came” video Vent. The only explanation they seemed willing to give, in an attempt to defend against the charge the video was removed for polical reasons, was that it contained graphic violence. Yes, it showed a still photo of the body of Theo Van Gogh after his assassination. The one where the killer pinned a note in the guy’s chest saying Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be next. The photo showed a small amount of blood on the pavement, with Theo’s body covered by a sheet. I defy you to visit the Strong Stomach section of our Daily Dozen and tell me what you see there is less objectionable than a guy under a sheet.

Maybe the folks over at Daily Kos got together and flagged Michelle’s video en masse and that’s why Malkin’s video was taken down, who knows. YouTube displays how many times a video has been viewed, commented on, or favorited. But they don’t like to admit how often folks object to the videos they host. Still, they do seem to respond to pressure. More recently, some guy uploaded a video of himself saying how glad he was Daniel Pearl had gotten his head cut off. This got written up by, among others, Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs (the guys who first published the animation comparing Dan Rather’s ‘discovery’ of Bush’s 70s era military records and what anyone could produce in 2 minutes with Microsoft Word). Before the day of the resulting blogswarm of people flagging that video was over, YouTube had removed the video and deleted the guy’s account. All for nothing worse than saying he was glad another guy got killed. How is that different from showing footage of IEDs exploding under vehicles while singing and shouting Allahu Akbar? (I’ll leave for another day the question of where we might find all the outrage over these kinds of videos you’d expect from moderate Muslims, trying to defend their peaceful religion being against being hijacked.)

And of course, YouTube is willing to cater to the demands of different countries like Thailand and Turkey when it comes to removing videos unfriendly to the ruling government. They don’t mind a little censorship if it’ll help them sell more ad space. And I won’t even bother linking to anything about the issues over copyright, where entertainment companies have learned to tell YouTube to jump in a way that gets YouTube to ask, “Is this high enough?" Apparently, the line the folks at YouTube are paying the most attention to is their bottom line. When it comes to their Community Guidelines, all bets are off. Because when it comes to removing anything else, their first response is always, “meh, do it yourself.” Or rather, they cover their legal keisters against any responsibility for the videos their users upload. They say they’ll remove anything that doesn’t meet their standards. At least, whenever users complain by flagging objectionable videos, and not until (or maybe not, even then).

But what happens when they review a flagged video, and they decide to keep it up? Do they assume responsibility then? For what? Making a kid cry because he saw it? Or because some guy watched it and was inspired to volunteer to blow himself up in a pizza parlor? If anyone’s out there testing the legal theories, I’m not aware of it. But I’d like to be. Also, this emphasis on creative legal theories, like the hypocrisy standard, seems to miss the point somehow. Or rather, it sounds like the kind of thing you’d hear when someone’s trying to score a point instead of make one. And I want to make a point here, something more fundmental. One of my mottoes is, “It’s more important to find out what’s right than who’s right.” Games of who can point out the most hypocrisies lead nowhere, or favor those who hold out the fewest real standards to begin with. And ya gotta figure YouTube would win on that score, given their track record.

So how do we reconcile the value of free speech with my conviction that YouTube is creating externalities that are harmful to others? With a little free speech of our own. YouTube is fobbing off the workload, and legal responsibility, onto their site’s users. This is what allows them to host videos that incite and recruit on behalf of radical Islamist terrorists (even after they’re flagged). Is that all they need to do so they "don’t be evil"? I’m not qualified to say they’re breaking any laws here. At least, not clearly enough to convince a prosecuter to go up against YouTube and/or Google over them. But if folks on the political left want to hold gun manufacturers liable for gun crimes, why aren’t they demanding YouTube be held reponsible for terrorism aided and abetted by the videos they host? Don’t answer, it’s a tortured legal argument to begin with. Still, they got Al Capone for back taxes. But they got Al Capone.

I think it’s gotta come down to a simpler kind of argument. Is hosting these videos right or wrong, in and of itself? You’ll have to judge that for yourself. And once you do, you can decide if you want to join the Smackdown or not. You’re a grownup. But I say YouTube has spent so much time making sure they’re not liable for anything illegal, it seems they’ve forgotten about trying to avoid doing wrong. Not in the PC, touchy-feely sense where they ask people to be nice leaving comments on other people’s videos. I’m talking about the right and wrong of the kinds of acts and values these jihad videos endorse. “Don’t be evil”? Ha! I’m starting to think the average YouTube staff reviewers wouldn’t recognize true evil if it was 6 inches in front of their faces.

Which, if you think about it, is right where we’re trying to put the jihadi videos when we flag them.

August 03, 2007

Celebrate Freedom :: Tribute to Soldiers

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Want to Do More?

Several organizations work to support the troops in the field, directly or to help soldiers' efforts to help the people rebuild their countries after years of brutal dictatorship, or soldiers who have sustained injuries on our behalf, and need a hand during their recovery.

Soldiers' Angels

Spirit of America

Wounded Warrior Project

There are several independent journalists trying to get the full story out about Irag and Afghanistan:

Michael Yon

Patrick S. Lasswell

Michael J. Totten

If you support or work with a similar project, and would like to see it added to our list, please email us at QTRadmin@gmail.com. Back to Main Page.

Soldier Surprises Mom

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August 01, 2007

Repeat Offender Archives

Repeat Offenders added during Aug '07

madcows10 (40)
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khattab23 (13) Suspended {3 flagged}

Repeat Offender added during July '07

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KhateebJihad – Suspended (dozens)
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July 31, 2007

Daily Dozen Archives July 07

Total confirmed kills for month: 30 (count as of 8/5/07)

July 31, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Featured: Islamic State of Iraq IED on M1A1 - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 06, 2007, Views: 19,841 (79 videos)
Video from Iraq shows the Courage of a Mujahid - Sheikh702
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More New Footage from Taliban in Afghanistan - Sheikh702
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*Massive IED attack on american crusader humvee - huz999
Added: April 12, 2007, Views: 11,000 (73 videos)
*Powerful IED destroys american bradley vehicle in iraq - huz999
Added: July 08, 2007, ews: 2,309 (73 videos)
Hamas of Iraq IED Humvee - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 18, 2007, Views: 946 (79 videos)
ISI/Al Furqan: ING Humvee Destruction - kateebjihad
Added: July 12, 2007, Views: 168 (54 videos)
IED 1920 rev. brig. vs. humvee in Kirkuk - kateebjihad
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 61 (54 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*Lebanon 2006 - War on civilians - absssz
Added: July 30, 2006, Views: 2,951 (4 videos, only 1 jihadi)
Irak résistance - youness240
Added: October 26, 2006, Views: 152,654 (2 videos)
irak resistance - youness240 (2nd video, note spelling variation)
Added: December 18, 2006, Views: 8,087 (2 videos)
Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Cashing In On The War On Terror! - Suryu
Added: March 26, 2007, Views: 1,335 (115 videos)

{Last checked for Successful Smackdown to this point: July 31}

July 30, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Featured:OccupationResistance IED - OccupationResistance Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 56 (38 videos)
Iraqi Shia Restistance - kasim22
Added: May 25, 2007, Views: 800 (5 videos)
iraq resistance - FUCKALLG111
Added: April 17, 2007, Views: 939 (2 videos, 1 jihad related)
Resistance- Reply to US Invasion in Iraq - Muqtadaralsadr
Added: January 09, 2007, Views: 11,975 (15 videos)
Best of Iraqi Resistance IED traps vs USA Terror Army (#2) - Yallaa
Added: July 21, 2007, Views: 1,496 (32 videos)
iraqi resistance movement - thekingshrimp
Added: January 22, 2007, Views: 17,333 (2 videos)
OccupationResistance IED (same title, different video & link)- OccupationResistance
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 305 (38 videos)
IED on Cougar - OccupationResistance
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 287 (38 videos)

{Submitted by Svin/Munnin, removed before it could be put on DD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUwprNczEts - OccupationResistance, Added July 18, 2007, Views: 237 (38 videos - well it was 39!)}

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Iraqi Kids Killed - AntiAmerican2000
Added: July 01, 2007, Views: 121 (70 videos)
*IMPEACH BUSH NOW!!! - - AntiAmerican2000
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Anti Flag - Die for the government - mousnonya
Added: December 12, 2006, Views: 41,533 (114 videos)
*click boom us vs iraq - yildirimr
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July 29, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Mujahideen IED Humvee in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 23, 2007, Views: 456 (86 videos)
*Islamic state in iraq IED attack on iraqi police vehicle - huz999
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Islamic State of Iraq IEd on Hummer - MujahideenMedia
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Shia resistance in iraq 1 - YaHossain
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Shia resistance in iraq 2 - YaHossain
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Shia resistance in iraq 3 - YaHossain
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I.E.D. Attack on Contractor Convoy - Panterapete187
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I.E.D. Attack on U.S. Humvee - Panterapete187
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Strong Stomach (graphic):
War crimes - drywallman (7 videos)
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WAR CRIMES - drywallman (different post, 2 vids)
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Iraq - Crimes against humanity - Follz19
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British War Crimes - AntiAmerican2000
Added: June 18, 2007, Views: 147 (70 videos)

July 28, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
*New Insurgent Sniper video from Iraq - huz999
Added: July 07, 2007, Views: 2,091
Added: May 22, 2007, Views: 766
Destroying Iraqi police car- Islamic State of Iraq - jihad4all
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Too Too stupid Soldires - Hammer destroyed By Islamic state - jihad4all
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Big US army veichle destroyed by islamic state of iraq - jihad4all
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Film of the Islamic State of Iraq : the destruction of the h - xdfhbfdhgfdgfdgfdg
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Islamic State of Iraq destroys minesweeper - MujahideenMedia
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Strong Stomach (graphic):
revenge attack on u.s troop fot crime at abou graib prison - moudjahidine1
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children of iraq - venmishumishu
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The children of Iraq - A picture is worth a thousand words - ascendtofall
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The war in Iraq - A picture is worth a thousand words - ascendtofall
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Iraqi Lullaby - ncollins3
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July 27, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Are you afraid to die? - diatomic
Added: May 30, 2006, Views: 46,880
Islamic Jihad IED on Mossad tank - MujahideenMedia
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 1,032
huge roadside bomb +body of iraki flying in the air in iraq - moudjahidine1
Added: July 01, 2007, Views: 1,208
big roadside bomb on u.s troop in irak - moudjahidine1
Added: June 02, 2007, Views: 1,209
attack on foot patrol of u.s soldiers in iraq - moudjahidine1
Added: June 03, 2007, Views: 2,395
Man vs Bradley :O !!!!! " i.e.d , Iraq " - goulbak
Added: June 30, 2007, Views: 2,416

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*2 dead American soldiers in Iraq - roach2001
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Outlandish & Sami Yusuf "Try not to cry" 4 Children of Adam - IstiArief
Added: November 09, 2006, Views: 705,507
Mihkel, I don't want to be a soldier! - mousnonya
Added: June 15, 2007, Views: 54
*Beach Boys, Sloop John B - mousnonya
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Eagles, Eric Clapton, Hotel California - mousnonya
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Persecution of Muslims in Iraq - sameng5
Added: March 10, 2007, Views: 6,204

July 26, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Brave Iraqi Destroy US Bradley by IED,Long Live Iraq - torrnadoo
Added: March 20, 2007, Views: 26,255
Added: November 12, 2006, Views: 17,951
BAD I.E.D hit a humve in irak - sberriczy
Added: May 21, 2007, Views: 1,043
Al-basrawi group in western countries - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 14, 2007, ws: 9,314
Mujahideen IED a Truck in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 1,727
Mujahideen IED a Humvee in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 1,612

Strong Stomach (graphic):
choc war - coyote003
Added: February 08, 2007, Views: 30,223
no war - mykedu66
Added: October 19, 2006, Views: 689
The Real Face of America - torrnadoo
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July 25, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Iraqi men welcome 3 of marines in a garden ...Excellent - crashview
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*Iraqi handball in streets and us vehicle hunt . . .Dangerous - crashview
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Iraq - Insurgent Activity M.E.1 - scalifguy
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3 ied vs troops in irak - sberriczy
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Strong Stomach (graphic):
Lord, Devil, and War(stop the killing) - h2oetry
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July 24, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
GSPC in the Islamic Maghreb ambush police - SwordOfBaghdad
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July 23, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
VBIED Suicide Mission in Iraq (NEW) - 15a14
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July 22, 2007

IED Hate Speech:
Islamic Jihad IED on jeep - MujahideenMedia
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*Islamic army in iraq video - huz999
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Armed Assault Jihad - SimioHornerFilms
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{Yes, I know, this last one is from a computer game, but it's hateful, glorifies killing our soldiers, and is as graphic as the author of the video can make it. I'm just curious to see what YouTube will do. For the record, I flagged it as hate speech. Look forward to an editorial comparing virtual porn with virtual jihad.}

July 21, 2007
AsShahab Presents Martyrdom Video.. - SwordOfBaghdad
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Mujahideen engage US in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
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July 20, 2007

*Compilation attacks - Alliance01
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July 19, 2007

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Mujahideen driveby on a US vehicle and liquidate the kuffar - SwordOfBaghdad
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Asayb Ahul Haqq & Rightly Guided Ones operations in Iraq. - SwordOfBaghdad
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{32 videos, account was suspended as I was working on 2nd video link!}

July 18, 2007

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sexy - 22051997
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تدمير همر أمريكي - مؤسسة الفرقان - دولة العراق الإسلامية - IrhabiFromIraq
New al-furqan media تدمير آلية تابعة للشرطة المرتدة- الموصل - IrhabiFromIraq
New al-furqan media destroying hummer تدمير همر -الأنبار- - IrhabiFromIraq
*The UN AMERICAN way of war. - commieknocker3000

July 17, 2007

Face to face - shihabden
Added: June 23, 2007, Views: 342 (89 videos)
New al-furqan media - IrhabiFromIraq
{Arabic text not saved, multiple entries}
*Qaida al-Jihad (as-Sahab): Rockets American base Machadad - KhateebJihad
Iraq wants to live - davereps
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*Massacring 11 Crusaders When Destroying A Stryker - KhateebJihad

July 16, 2007

Khateeb Jihad
Iraq - rshea3428
Added: June 16, 2007, Views: 87 (1 video)
Al Rashedeen Army IED attack on US Humvee late October - AntiUsaTerror
Added: February 20, 2007, Views: 4,471 (24 videos)
ISI destructive IED vs rg31in Fallujah - kateebjihad
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Mujahideen destroy an Abrans in Falluja - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 3,083 (106 videos)
Jaish al Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
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Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
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Jaish al Fatiheen IED Attack - kateebjihad
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IED vs Humvee by ISI (added Aug 1)
Islamic Army in Iraq attacks - to scarface480
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*Islamic state in iraq IED attack on american stryker - huz999
Added: May 16, 2007, Views: 9,173 (77 videos)
Death for Israel (not a duplicate)
{no link, multiple resuts in search, status unknown}
Islamic State of Iraq (al Furquan - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 91 (55 videos)
Jihad IED on transport truck death for israel
{did not preserve link, may have been deleted, but unconfirmed}

Confirmed Kills from before dated records:
uyan artık!!!
For the Victims of War
True Victims of the Iraq War
savaş kötüdür hele bi de böylesi
Iraq the cost of war
- rshea3428
islamic state in iraq usa genocide against civilians