January 09, 2007

Deja vu' All Over Again!

What is it that some people just dont get about elections? Forethought and Memory work together to help auger the future.How swift it comes upon us.Seems the Fire Levy supporters were unhappy with their electoral loss in november, so they have simply decided to hold another election(and another, undoubtedly) until they get the outcome they want.(Al Gore, call your office!).A pox on on these local petty martinets, who conceal their thievery behind the guise of Democracy.Truly-pay no attention to the man behind the curtain-he is just voting! (Schmuck).Luckily, most of the perps have already been indicted on various other money laundering schemes already.Enough says I! Remember the "Three Box Rule". Soap box, Ballot box, Ammo box. Come home Bobby Lee, we need ya.
Note-Link to hampshire review special fire levy story was replaced 1-10-07 when the new front page ws posted. link has been deleted-sorry


Aethelred said...

I can't decipher this, Muninn. I take it from your post that there were some political shenanigans in ole Romney, but the link leads to an extended obit/homage to a member of the "The Dirty Five".
Can you ellucidate for those of us who are not regular readers of your local flyer?
If the issue is that the petty martinets (the Volunteer Fire Corps?) keep calling for special elections, it would seem that a call to the Secretary of State's office for W.B.G.VA would put a stick in their spokes, since there are (in most communities) fairly complex processes one must go through to call an election ... you can't just say, "Do Over!" and put out the ballot boxes.
Heck, even the Egyptians had rules for plebicites.
Nice picture of Mrs. Muninn, by the way ... tell "Squeaky" hi for us.

muninn said...

Sorry about the link.When the local paper published their new weekly edition on wednesday it switched to that unrelated story about the local vets. I have tried to find an archive section but no luck.I have nothing but respect for the Vol. fire corps. The Martinets in question are the local politicos who have run every aspect of this town for decades(Banking, Insurance, Real estate, political offices, tax assessor, all run by the same gang of five and their families since the first carpetbaggers came to town. I have considered your advice to call the S.S. office of wesbygod.I have even considered a lawsuit to stop the proceedings, but I dont want to pick a fight with the tax assessors office here in town.
Thanks for the advice and sorry again about the link.

Basil said...

Anyway, regarding your last post:

The problem with (small 'r') republican style government on the American scale is that by necessity the structure becomes multi-layered. More layers add insulation between the rulers and the ruled. Thus the opportunity for corruption increases as accountability decreases. It would seem that republican government operates best in nations limited to populations of no more than ten million. Witness Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, et. al. The corollary is that (small 'd') democratic government, whereby the entire populace is directly involved in decision making, is limited to populations of less than a million. Witness ancient Athens. Or modern New Hampshire where town-hall meetings are popularly attended.

Personally, I have trouble sitting through a faculty meeting of twenty. The best form of government is dictatorship . . . under someone like myself.

Aethelred said...

Ach, aye! King Basil I, fer sure. Just so long as your realm doesn't try to annex the mighty empire of Aethelrex or Muninn der Grosse, of course.
I must quibble with your description of republican (by all means SMALL 'r') government in Amerika, though Baz, and make a further suggestion to our chum on the mountain ...
See the wonderful thing about this little-r form of gummint is that it is so dang accessible. My point is that our system of government does not insulate the governed from the governing (or "ruling" as you would have it), but rather invites any hard-working stiff to lift himself out of the muck and ruck of those selfsame governed and become one of the governing.
Remember your Heinlein, my fascist friend: "If you gotta march in the parade, it's better to carry the baton than the bass drum." Or words to that effect.
Why, can't you see it? Alderman Muninn? Or maybe Mayor Muninn? He has all the qualifications ... he's a carpetbagging lowlander, throws a mean party, can sell ice to the Esquimeaux, and has the complete confidence of his constituency.
Muninn for Mayor! It kinda sings.
But on the more immediate front, the SoS's office, if they are worth the salt they draw from the treasury, should have a tip line of some sort ... email, voice mail, snailmail even ... that could be used to point up any irregularities in the democratic (small 'd') process.
I have found that there's nothing that warms the twisted cockles of a bureaucrat's stunted soul like having a legitimate reason to take a road trip out of the capital and put the fear of Odin into some petty jumped-up carpetbagging hill-hugging overweaning local politicians. Just point them in the right direction, wind'em up and let loose the dogs of regulation.
Hope it works out for you. And remember us is two thirds of the USA. Heh.

muninn said...

This is getting complicated. Perhaps it needs seperate threads. Maybe I'll think up a new post. Basil, I agree that the layers of government do tend to engender corruption(perhaps even guarantee it).I also agree with Aethelred that at least any schmoe can make a run for local office. I have dipped my toes once into local politics back in the day and found the waters to be shark infested and stagnant.The paradox then is that yes we have a particapatory form of government, but one can only join with the help of one pod of predators, which instantly makes one the enemy of their rivals. One is then condemned to a life of vilification by one side, and by eternal squabbling to divide the spoils garnered by your own side. It is a sordid mess and I will not stoop to comment on what type of creature would choose to pursue this most foul vocation. I have decided not to call for succor from Charleston for fear that I will be met with that most egregious of all greetings;"Hello, I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Besides, my re-loader needs a tune up.
Thanks to all~Mininn

Basil said...


Quite right. Don't bother calling the regulators. It will only make the mess BIGGER. I once called the EPA with a complaint that a certain car dealership was sending anit-freeze down the drain into a local tributary, but for naught. Mind you, this occurred in the backyard of the EPA home office. Also called the IRS about the courier biz, again for naught. Managed to throw a scare into the industry when the Teamsters got invoved, but it went nowhere. Found myself with union thugs on one side and government lawyers on the other. NOT a place you want to be. My advice: keep low, stay quiet, throw the occaisional spanner into the works when no one is looking. Government, like war, pestilence and disease comes in two varieties: bad and worse.