February 05, 2007

Baby, Its Cold Outside

Romney, Eastern Panhandle, Feb.5th 2017
As you can see, winters around here can be a little trying. God I wish I still had my John Deere Tractor with it's 4 foot snowblower.Of course They took that away in 2012 when they outlawed private ownership of Gasoline powered " Recreational Vehicles". I guess it doesn't really matter much cause I'd never be able to afford enough gasoline to run the thing. After they enacted That $10 per gallon carbon tax, its a wonder I can afford enough to still run the chain saw. If they pass that new law prohibiting 2 cycle motors we will be in deep doo doo for sure. Today me and a few neighbors all chipped in and drove one of our "agricultural" tractors into town. We all bought shovels and the biggest trailer we could find. Seems some of the local boys who used to be in the coal mining business before it was shut down have secretly re-opened one of the shafts and have a warehouse full of the stuff in town. Cant say exactly where, but word gets around if you know the right people. We plan on getting as much as we can carry (or afford). It didn't used to be so hard to find fuel in the old days, but by around 2014 or so we had logged out most of our trees for firewood. I still keep a few around the house for a wind break and because they are truly beautiful in the fall, but they may eventually have to go as well.Almost got into trouble with the tax assayer this winter. They only used to come around every other summer, and I told them I did not have the basement finished yet or the fireplace done. Now they come twice a year and when they showed up in January and saw smoke from the chimney, the jig was up. They inspected the wood stove and gave me a $1200.00 carbon emission fine for not having a catalytic converter in the flue. I told 'em I wasn't working just now and couldn't pay. They could see I was a little long in the tooth and asked what kind of work I did. I kinda looked at the floor and told them that I had spent my life mostly in the automobile business. That kinda made 'em get a little quiet and they shuffled their feet a little and one of 'em asked kinda quiet"You ever see a NASCAR race?" I told 'em about the time I saw Dale Earnhardt race at Daytona once. Came in second place that time. We started to chew the fat a bit about when even private folk could own their own cars, and I finally offered 'em a drink as my fire was really only big enough to keep the pipes from freezing and it was +1degree Fahrenheit outside. Time passed and they turned out not to be such bad guys as you usually meet in the CSC (Civil Service Corps) these days. One even allowed as his dad used to be a mechanic (and still made a little side money doing unauthorized engine repairs). Eventually, they just gave me a verbal warning to get a Cat Converter on that pipe and they would see me again in the summertime. As Their bio-diesel was pulling out, one of them handed me the picture they took of me shoveling snow that their security camera routinely takes on rural approaches. I brought it into town with me and e-mailed it to y'all from the public Internet connection that is still working at the post office. Cost a small fortune, but I know we are not likely to be able to afford to meet in person again as the carb tax makes any kind of long distance travel extravagant.Hope some of you still have your personal PC's. I had to give mine up when the owner fee went to $500.00 per year, and you know the Internet is down to only 16 (official) channels last time I checked. Well, I gotta go shovel me some coal.I guess we should count our blessings and know that we have saved the planet from certain disaster through global climate change. As far as I can see, it hasn't changed one bit. Mission accomplished! God bless Chairman Gore!
Your old friend-Svinrod the Snowbound


Aethelred said...

Wonnerful snapshot, Svin!
You point out correctly that the end results of "global warming" may be a decrease in temperatures ... particularly in Europe, but perhaps in the northern Americas, as well. It is likely that winters will get COLDER as a result, and that could be a problem.
I especially like the griping about the tax man catching you cheating. Real well-drawn, human kinda folks, doing their jobs in a humane fashion.
But "Chairman Gore"?
Have you looked at "Net Neutrality" as an issue? Checked into who is trying to restrict Internet access?
Heck, Gore would have us all wired directly to the 'Net with birth-implanted chips, monitoring our thoughts and playing accordion music 24-7. It's the corporate hoohahs who are trying to wring another trillion or so out of the Internet that are likely to sever your connections to the Outside World.
Nevertheless, nicely done, and perhaps a tad prophetic.
Stay warm. When the blanket of white stuff gets too bad, come South! I had to mow the lawn Saturday.

muninn said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comments and the warm overcoat. Both have served me well for many years.