February 10, 2007

Reclamation of First Principles

" Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security — "Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence.
Our government, whose current behavior emulates and indeed vastly exceeds the criminal practices which precipitated the colonial rebellion against their Monarch and King has shewn itself, through its deliberate actions and omissions, to be the very reflection of Despotism, magnified and enlarged by this centuries Faustian bargain with technology, that so provoked our forefathers to stand athwart history and proclaim"Enough!" The details of all charges to bolster this claim would require a report so much more complex than could be easily comprehended by the vast majority of our citizenry, whose business is the production of Capitol and not the study of legal and historical minutia, that we can only here provide a summary of the most egregious examples of tyranny's perfidy.
The matter of taxation is of paramount import. There is no provision in our constitution which authorizes expenditures from the public treasury for what can only be described generally as works of charity. Such expenditures must be excised from the political conscience as one cannot ennoble the poor by extorting the wealthy. All notions of so called progressive taxation are merely the scheme by which corrupt and ignoble politicians mean to re-distribute the wealth of our nation for the sole purpose of purchasing their own constituent votes with monies appropriated by force of law(and thereby force of arms) from those whom by right are the true owners of said wealth by virtue of their own thrift or industry.
The primary goal of our government as enunciated in the above referenced Declaration is that it guaranty unto the citizens of this country the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In this, it's main goal and duty, it has become derelict. The lives of our citizens at home and abroad have been subject to every type of hideous murder and terror for decades, yet the government remains ineffectual, unable or unwilling to do what is necessary to ensure the most basic safeties of our people.
Another crime common to the present government and the former King is the inability or unwillingness to define the laws that designate one as a true Citizen of this country. The founders regarded it as one of the creators greatest blessings upon the original colonies that we were possessed of a people with a common language, a common heritage, and an established respect for law and custom. The privileges of Citizenship today are diluted by an unrestricted wave of mass migration from around the world. Many of our forebears paid that full measure of sacrifice to preserve these United States as a single unified nation with but one set of laws, one language, and a common vision of how society should of necessity be ordered. To discount their sacrifice and to distribute their patrimony amongst any and all who may arrive upon our shores without knowledge, appreciation, and respect for or claim to such an inheritance is to desecrate their graves, their sacrifice and such veneration as they by right ought to deserve.
The government is complicit in the crime of denying to it's citizens the protections provided by the creator, and enumerated in the Bill of Rights, which documents inclusion was essential to the subsequent approval of The Constitution itself. The guaranty of religious tolerance has been replaced by a policy of suppression against nearly any non-private display of Christian heritage. Despite the distribution to the several states of vast sums of money collected by the National Treasury from it's citizens and dedicated to Homeland Security, hardly any state has used these funds to properly regulate, arm or equip any of the various state militias. The governors of various states and municipalities, as well as the Federal Government have sought to negate the individuals right to keep and bear arms of sufficient military usefulness as enumerated in the second amendment.
The congress of these United States has been derelict in it's prosecution of Traitors to this country. The first amendment, which enumerates the right to free speech is being abused by those who would willingly and knowingly give aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. Certain politicians, reporters, and people in the public domain have illegally given information to our foreign enemies that has directly resulted in the deaths of American soldiers. The right of free speech should be no shield against the prosecution of treason.
The factionalism apprehended by the founders as the most serious challenge to a republican form of government has grossly exceeded even their dire assessment of of what damage partisan politics might achieve. The National interest is threatened and undermined by politicians who care for nothing but the accretion of their own personal power and influence. Through avarice or indolence on the part of our elected representatives, the citizens have had their justly derived right to govern themselves usurped. Over two centuries ago, through clash of arms and ideals, with the notion of liberty as our godhead, we showed to despotism the limit of American endurance. Does that forge still exist to manufacture such steel. Do we still remember the manual of arms necessary to renew those freedoms. We do. We must.


Aethelred said...

Good quote, Munnin!
Thomas Jefferson understood the potential evils of big government, and how they can creep up on you. His brilliantly worded manifesto explaining the root causes of the armed rebellion he was participating in has long stirred my soul.
I do cavil at your Luddite position that the driving force of our modern society - technology/science - is a "Faustian" bargain. Many of us owe our very continued existence to the satanic magicks of modern medicine, and the fact that we may sit in warmth, communicating across continents, reading the words of geniuses accumulated over centuries, safe from invader or pestilence or famine, is proof that there is something right going on.
To accuse our government of despotism is to acknowledge and accept personal weakness. Yet that is a misperception. Any of us - even mountain trolls - may seek and achieve high office ... it is not "them" that runs this nation, it is "us."
To "do the right thing" is often painful, and always hard. But in this case, it is far less hard than overthrowing the government that is doing, all-in-all, a pretty damn good job (though I do quibble at its methods).
"Manual of Arms" to address your snarks? I think not. You just need a "Certificate of Qualification" and a soapbox to stand on come November.

muninn said...

"Certificate of Qualification"??? Spoken like the petty bureaucrat that you actually are. Would that certificate cover the first and second amendments, or do I need to purchase each seperately? How about a 10 day waiting period between blog posts(cooling off period?)
On the nature of the "Faustian Bargain", let me state that I am niether Luddite nor Saboteur. In fact I am a strong proponent of the benefits of technology. This Mountain troll has a sattelite dish,high speed internet connection, cell phones and digital cameras. The "Faustian" aspect manifests itself when camel jockeys hijack jetliners and use them to demolish skyscrapers(and their occupants). You have yourself on many occasions complained of real or imagined infringements on your right to privacy through modern technologies(under the direction of the World Globalization Cabal, or the tin foil hat paranoia of your choice). You say unto me that not to serve my government is a personal weakness? I say unto you that I would rather fight the government that hath so usurped the freedoms which it is sworn to protect. Another of the endless evils of This Government is it's meddling in the markets of Science and research.The law of unintended consequence corrupts and confounds every scientific endeavor undertaken by private enterprise. No,I decline to participate or encourage such tyranny.My sole contribution shall be to avoid adding to the already overcrowded prison population and continue to submit to the confiscatory taxation that is the hallmark of all despots.
Cordially, Muninn

Aethelred said...

OMG, "hath"?
Actually, "certification of qualification" is what we call it when someone chooses to run for office. See, we have to be sure they are not wanted felons, or aliens, or otherwise unqualified to hold public office. I, for instance, am forbidden to hold office in my city while I am an employee of the city, and the city has a policy that forbids me from holding county or state office while in their employ.
Petty? Sure, but understandable.
Glad to know that your displeasure at the nature of participatory government has not led you to folly.