February 07, 2007

Starting at Shadows

As the Link above recounts, some folks evidently found Prince's rain-drenched halftime show at the Superbowl this weekend "offensive" because of the phallic appearance of a shadow cast by the diminutive rocker's symbol-shaped guitar on a large sheet of cloth.
One has to ask what rock these concerned individuals were living under to be surprised that a ROCK STAR's GUITAR is a PHALLIC SYMBOL!!??
Well, "Duh."
Every rock musician worth his salt carries his guit-fiddle at hip level and whales at it while bucking suggestively. Pete Townsend took the string-stroke to new levels decades ago. So-called "heavy metal" bands adopt costumery and make-up worthy of a Havanna S&M show. The instruments of Rock&Roll are props, and the music is about sex ... always has been.
Of course it's a phallus. It's never been anything else since Elvis started his spasmodic routine.
And what did they think they were getting with Prince? This is the guy who wear's butt-less pants. This is the guy who humps the stage, and the stage hands, as a part of his regular show. It's his schtick, man.
So one has to be surprised at the surprise. In a moderately restrained show (perhaps because of the drenching downpour), Prince did an admirable job, and at the very least wasn't lip-synching the performance.
Pretty impressive.
In a completely heterosexual, non-phallic kind of way.


muninn said...

This is the first year that the wife and I did not watch the superbowl. In fact,we did not watch any games all year. Not one. Now, I was raised as a true blue Redskins fan since grade school and played junior league for 8 years, so I have no prejudice against the game itself. The'Skins were abysmal in the pre-season, and salary caps have made player trading so common that one needs to learn practically a whole new roster every year. What is left to root for,a logo? A brand of merchandise? When I learned just before the "Superbowl" that Prince(or whatever his nom de joure is)was doing the halftime act, it was the last straw. Although he is technically musically talented, his antics on and off stage over the past 25 years are about as American as Lutefisk. To me, his schizophrenic androgeny and narcissism represent the very worst of American pop culture. Why did'nt they go whole hog and just hire Michael Jackson, with a special appearance by O.J. Simpson.
A civilisation in decline is an awful thing to watch. When they start to screw up even the basic "Bread and Circuses" you know the end is nigh.

Basil said...


I can only echo your comments. I gave up on pro football when the celebration of personal ego started taking center stage over team accomplishment. I remember Sam Huff snorting over the radio after a particularly egregious celebration, "Hey man, all you did was your job. It's not about you." Trust a West Virginia linebacker to utter the simple truth.

As far as Prince is concerned, I nominate him for a Presidential Medal of Freedom. If a pantywaist like Elton John can become a Kight of the Realm, it's the least we can do for Prince. After all, he already has a title. Aye, lad, it’s a terrible thing to watch civilization tumble into the abyss of decadence.