March 05, 2007

Coulter Kampf

Heard this one before? " I disagree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it!" Well, our fine conservative spokeswoman has apparently discovered that this noble statement is today usually followed by-Unless...
Seems she used the term "Faggot" in the same sentence which she happened to name a certain democratic Presidential Candidate(A.K.A. "The Breck Girl"). No one seems to have mobilized the Militia in her defense. Even the crack Berkley Free Speech Brigades are still in their barracks. It seems that there are a whole list of words and ideas that are rapidly being exempted from the first amendment. Make no mistake. This not a "Dixie Chicks" moment, as when a clueless chanteuse waxes political overseas during wartime and then wonders why nobody plays her songs anymore. The first amendment does not protect one from public vilification, no matter how badly it might effect your self esteem(or record sales). Ann Coulter is a very intelligent writer/commentator and shameless self-promoter. I have read most of her books and most of her columns and find them mostly spot-on as well as often very humorous(in a gallows sort of way). When she says outrageous things, her stock goes up, not down. George Carlin made a living off of one routine which included a list of seven(or was it nine?) words you could not say on the air. That short list has long ago been disregarded as "quaint" and has now been replaced by a veritable Domesday Compendium of banned words and even thoughts. Racist remarks are strictly verboten(to Caucasians, if no one else). Sexist, homophobic, euro centric, unegalitarian, patriotic, right wing, pro-gun, pro-nuclear, pro-victory, anti-diversity, anti-altruistic, anti-dhimmi, pro-christian, anti-tax, non-green, capitalist thought crimes are the target of the new liberal censorship. The main stream media are the new Mullah's that tell us who shall be stoned for daring to use banned language.
Say NO to thought crime. Say NO to"Hate Crimes". It's time to call a Faggot a Faggot. It's past time to call "Liberals" anything but what they are. Communist whores and Hate Amerika Firsters. The opposition is Disloyal and I question their Patriotism. Nay, not question, J'accuse! They are traitors and terrorists. We still have that rope that Lenin never got around to paying for. Time to use it. Go Ann! Let the Coulter Kampf begin! Front sight, squeeze! Repeat as necessary.


Aethelred said...

Admit it.
It's just the juxtaposition of a handgun and that firm little belly that makes your uboat dive, Muninn, cause the brain Coulter wears behind her pretty face is merely mean.
Comparing the [admitedly naive] political chatter of the Dixie Chicks to the calculated, professional, opportunistic character assassination of a presidential candidate by Ilsa, She-Wolf of the Neocons is real apples-and-oranges (peaches-and-prickly pear?) stuff. The Chicks may be forgiven as clueless chanteuses, but Coulter - a self-appointed pundette - should know better, unless she has given up on persuasive discourse and is shooting for Poster Girl of the Counter-Revolution when the Conservatives Rise and Conquer the Nation. (Are you getting off on this?)
And lay off Carlin. Gosh. It was seven words, and my mom got fired from her radio gig for one of them. George was being funny. Ann was being mean. There's a distinction in there somewhere.
Seriously, I tend to agree with you about the reaction, and about extending the First Amendment rights even to acid-tongued conservatives. I watched Coulter's comment on Youtube and I have got to say that it induced a gasp of sheerest ennui, gossamer in its transparency, but then, that's just me.
So she thinks Edwards is homosexual? Whoop. It may be true. De Do. So what? I am fairly sure President Obama won't mind a bit. (snerk*).
BTW, racist, sexist, homophobic, euro centric, unegalitarian, patriotic, right wing, pro-gun, pro-nuclear, pro-victory, anti-diversity, anti-altruistic, anti-dhimmi, pro-christian, anti-tax, non-green, capitalist speech is NOT "verboten" anywhere - it just depends on which blogs you read. But there are some things expected of pretty little white girls wearing suits. And some things not. Annie stepped over the line, committing not "thought crime" but merely poor taste.
Call a faggot "a bundle of twigs" and a liberal a "free-thinking, public-spirited do-gooder" if you like, but on air, one must keep the French to on'e self, mon frere.
Lenin's rope?
Please, you'll embolden me.

muninn said...

Ah mon ami, let us not forget the blue eyes as well. C'est tres magnifique n'est ce pas? I could think of worse candidates for Poster Girl of L'armee Reactionairre. We intend to resrore the nation, not conquer it.If the troops are re-deployed, we would suggest Washington D.C.as the primary operations base. First mission is to try the 246 congressional criminals who sold out their countries armed forces to preserve their political hides. Military tribunals could handle them swiftly, perhaps even en-mass. Their duties can be performed by veteran combat officers until their districts can be re-integrated into the Union.The time for persuasive discourse is long past. The population at large are illiterate zombies, made so by public education and a communist led media. This time we will give Lenin and all his fellow travellers their rope for free.If you do not believe that political correctness, enforced by the leftist's army of Lawyers and Educators has not perverted persuasive discourse beyond all utility, then stay home and read some more Kurt Vonnegut, fire up the Dixie chicks, and send your donations to Greenpeace. I, for one, do not intend to go so quietly into the night.
Your old Kamerade~Muninn

Aethelred said...

There is a fine line between winking sarcasm and nut-casery, mein alte.
The "Lenin's rope" citation, in particular, is an indication that one is drifting towards the latter. The phrase is a lapel pin for the reactionary fringe, flashed by fellows with extremely short haircuts, toothbrush mustachios and wild angry eyes to identify their party membership at torchlit rallies.
Keep in mind that an aeroplane cannot fly with only one wing, and a withered larboard limb will have a chap flying in circles, eh?