April 04, 2007


General Norman Schwartzkopf once famously opined,"Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without your accordion!". The diplomatic equivalent to this sentiment would be something like,"Negotiating from a position of weakness is like showing up for a gunfight with a kazoo!". The picture above is the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan CVN-76 (CVN is Navy lingo for Big Nuclear Aircraft Carrier).The Reagan battle group departed San Diego this week bound for the Iraqi Theatre of Operations(ITO). In reality,it is on a "Diplomatic" mission to Iran. It is not a Kazoo! Iranian President Ahmadamnutjob knows this. Just yesterday I was beginning work on an article deploring the decline of the British Empire's ability to project enough force around the world to rescue it's own subjects. Today, I awoke to read that the Iranians had decided to release their illegally kidnapped British hostages. When Jimmy Carter was president, this same Iranian leader held American hostages for 444 days. Obviously, he was not afraid of Pres. Carter or his Kazoo. Although it is deplorable that the European nations have largely abandoned military procurement while hiding beneath the U.S. nuclear umbrella, at least the anglosphere has made a go at it. Sometimes, it is good to have allies, and Prime Minister Blair has chosen wisely for once in his life in that regard. Reading the comments after the article in the Washington Post, I was heartily amused. The useful idiots who regularly post to that fish wrap took the occasion of the release of the Britons to lecture President Bush about the superiority of the "Diplomatic" approach, as opposed to his usual insane Cowboy warmongering. The magnitude of their lack of understanding of international affairs was actually laughable. They were clueless of the fact that the Naval armada assembling in the region is the most potent ever seen in history. The Iranians that have been captured in Iraq have provided more than enough intel to prove that Iran is providing many of the factions with equipment and training used to murder American Soldiers and Iraqi civilians,soldiers,and police alike. By itself, this is casus belli for America to make war on Iran. The Kidnapping of the British Marines also is enough to invoke a NATO response. Ahmadamnutjob could read the writing on the wall as well as anyone else with half a brain. His world was about to come crashing down-hard. It was not diplomacy that freed the Brits, nor compassion from the Iranians. It was the fear of total destruction. That is what underlies any successful diplomacy. Without fear of harm, diplomacy is at best begging for favours and at worst pre-emptive capitulation. The Mullah's know we are coming. Dubya has said "No Nukes for Nutjobs"(or the equivalent). That is why we must stay in Iraq. An American Army next door may help persuade Iran to the path of rightousness. If not, hard men with rifles will do the job. An American Navy offshore, with a naval officer as Theatre Commander must give one pause. We may have just passed our "Munich Moment". Please note: No one has claimed there will be "Peace in our time". Brunhilde, prepare your cavalry. Hugin and his brother shall soon break-fast.


Aethelred said...

Yah, gunboat diplomacy is offensive, crude, and really really effective.
We've give the AF and the Army and the Marines (a little) a shot at Dubya Diplomacy, so now the Navy gets to do a little live-fire practice on the Iranians. That'ss larn'em.
For most of the past three decades, the USAF drooled over the Israelis because they were the only fliers in the world who had actually seen air-to-air combat. The military mind believes (and probably correctly) that nothing can replace real combat to put the polish on your troops.
The Army's been polished into exhaustion. The Air Force has run out of legitimate targets in Iraq (wasting smart bombs on bicycles is poor economics, really), and the killer androids haven't been green-lighted yet, so it's the Navy's turn.
Should be fun. I believe the Iranians even have some surface-to-surface missiles that may be able to penetrate the AD on our ships. In any case, the navy always has been the most technologically driven service (I don't care what the fly-boys say), and replacing a few battlewagons should really wreck the economy.
Ragnarok? No. GrayGoo? Maybe.
Let's see how much havok Dubya can raise in his last two years ... might could wreck the nation and ensure a return of the GOP in four.

muninn said...

You sound as if you would enjoy seeing U.S.naval vessels attacked and destroyed by the Mad Mullahs. I find it inconceivable that you can wish for the death of American Naval personnel simply because you disagree with our Commander in Chief. There are some words to describe this type of reasoning, but I shall refrain from using them out of consideration for our long friendship. There are good guys and bad guys in this world. You once wrote here that you are in favor of good things and opposed to bad things. Have you changed your mind, or can you really not tell which is which? Just because Dubya does something does not automatically mean that it is wrong. Would you rather that America was as helpless in world affairs as our friends across the pond? The Iranian President has vowed to incinerate six million people as soon as he gets his hands on a nuke. These guys are evil and loony all at once. It was the threat of destruction that made them free the kidnapped Brits, not their magnanimity. That is the only thing that they understand. They do not understand how close to the precipice they are. War is bad, therefore the shorter the war the better. This one has been going on more than 30 years. Time to end it. It is the grown-up and morally responsable thing to do. Thankfully we still have a few adults running the show. Here is to a swift victory over the caliphate, and the resultant restoration of patriotic, intelligent government to the people who deserve it and even pay for it. Some will even fight and die for it. You are an American! Try to be worthy of that that privelage will you?
Respectfully yours,

Aethelred said...

Well, Reza Palavi was pretty funny on 60 minutes, but did the Shah of Iran really qualify as "patriotic, intelligent government [of] the people"?
Indeed, I am an American. And I believe in the democratic process. Of course, I also believe in diplomacy.
No, I would NOT have enjoyed seeing the Iranians blowing ships out of the water. And I think that, for all his posturing, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has proven too savvy to tangle with our navy.
However, brinksmanship is a dangerous game and the Iranians probably would respond to a bombing with missiles, don't you think? I did and do, and was making a "what if?" statement.
Seems that the Iranians blinked, this time. So the great War on Islam will have to wait for another provocation to advance to its next step.
"War is bad", indeed! You're going soft, mein alte.