April 13, 2007

How Green Was My Entre'?

The conservation movement recognizes that humanity is a consuming entity, eating up the resources of the planet Earth.
What it fails to do is think the argument through.
Green-ism is a growing and seemingly unstoppable emotional tide encouraging folks to use resources wisely and sparingly, to recycle, to avoid using "non-renewable" resources, etc.
This is all well and good, so far as it goes. It is a foolish monkey that fouls its own nest, right?
But what conservationism fails to take into account is that, willy or nilly, Mankind IS going to use the planet up.
We eat, we burn, we smelt, we poop ... all that good stuff. And eventually, we will use the planet right up. Gonegone. Clean plate.
Now, conservatism, environmentalism, the whole fuzzy Green Movement, has as its ultimate goal (were they to stop and consider it) the mere prolonging of the day when we have finished eating the Earth. If we are real real careful, they would have it, we may put off for a century or more the date when we ultimately are "done" chowing down on Mother Earth.
Of course, an asteroid may squish us before we have finished the dessert, but them's the chances we simply must take (they say) ... a few more years on this rock for our descendants, and all we have to do is suffer shortages, short-cuts, second-rate alternatives and inefficiencies for the REST OF OUR LIVES.
What's the solution to this seemingly pointless existence? Oliver Twist had the answer, "Please, sir, may I have some more?"
We need another planet. And not in a thousand years. We need another planet to eat and soon.
There are virtually infinite (well, really really huge, even if ultimately bounded) amounts of resources available once we get off this rock. There are (as Carl Sagan used to say) billions and billions of planets out there for us to snack on. And that's assuming we even choose to do the whole "gravity well" thing; after all, asteroids are much easier to break into bite-sized bits and you don't have to "blast off" to get back into space.
The basic fact is that Humanity is the locust of the universe. We invented "technology", which consumes resources in order to make us into Gods. The more resources we consume, the more God-like we become. It is the logical goal of our species. We should realize this.
The alternative is to throw off our clothing and run back to the plains of Africa, forgo the whole "civilization" thing as a bad job, and end up eaten by a cheetah.

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