April 20, 2007

Short and Sweet

Nuf' Said


Aethelred said...

Yeah, God forbid we actually acknowledge reality.
Boy, that Surge thing is really working out well, huh?
What is it with signs in Iraq?First "Mission Accomplished" and now soldiers engaged in political propaganda? What next, the Praetorian Guard declares Emperor Dubya for Life?
"Nuts" indeed.

muninn said...

Jeez! It didn't take long for that knee to jerk, did it? As I am sure you know,"Nuts" was the reply of Gen.Anthony McAuliffe to the surrender demand of General der Panzertruppen Heinrich Freiherr von Luttwitz during the siege of Bastogne in 1944.Mcauliffe commanded the 101st airborne at the time. John S.D. Eisenhower stated in his account of the Ardennes offensive that "Mcauliffe's reply...was typical of the man. there was nothing studied or theatrical about the statement;it simply reflected a direct man's reaction to a demand he considered ridiculous." General Petraeus was also a former commander of the same 101st airborne Div. I am sure that he would share his predecessor's sentiments regarding the surrender option. Find a 2x4 to lash to your spine laddie. It needs a bit o'stiffenin!
Regards, Muninn.

Aethelred said...

Dang, Svin. You had me going there.
Did you think I was unaware of the provenance of the quote?
"Spine-stiffening"???? So what is that, the new Neocon Codeword for "Sodomized"? I must have missed that segment of FoxNews.
Thank-you, sir. May I have another IED?
I know context means nothing to you unless it has 60 years of perspective, but try to recall what Dubya said would happen when he proposed his Surge.
Good try, anyway.

Basil said...

Excuse me, Red, but a few of us have rightly deduced that Democrats have no
vision whatsoever beyond their twisted belief that capitulation will somehow
benefit their party. If this means making common cause with our nation's
enemies against the president, so be it. If it means pulling the rug out
from under our troops, that's fine too. Because all the Democrats want
(back) is the power they seem to think belongs to them by right. How many
times must the world learn that you can't make deals with tyrants? Yet
national leaders, diplomats, and statesmen persist in efforts to negotiate
with lunatic factions that have declared war on civilization. Such people
think the wolf will meekly accept an offfering from the hand, only to be
stunned when the beast reverts to form and takes off the proffered hand up
to the elbow. We either win this battle now on our terms, or we can plan
for round two on their terms. Our soldiers are already in the field. Let
them do their job.