June 20, 2007


When, exactly, did the Goblins become so fearless? From whence sprung the notion that actions have no consequences? To the point; when and why did criminals seem to lose that restraint which should be imposed upon them by example? Our court system has failed to successfully prosecute too many miscreants. Our judges have failed to make sure that repeat offenders do not soon appear back on the street. Our Law Enforcement Officers are losing the will to act aggressively for fear of repercussions from their own departments and our Citizens are sometimes prosecuted for defending themselves by force of arms.
Is society failing in it's chief obligation, which is the safeguarding of the lives and property of it's members? Society is, and that means we as individuals are failing as well. What is society but a collection of individuals? Too many have decided that they are not at risk from ourselves, or our institutions, and have become predators.
In the past, crime was largely motivated by avarice or hunger. That is no longer true today. The criminal class has been encouraged to prey on society by those who should know better. In short, they have been taught that crime actually pays rather well, and that they are not really engaging in criminal acts so much as they are redressing social ills such as income inequality, racism, intolerance, and a lack of "Cultural Respect". Incredible as it seems, we have taught them that it is O.K. to perpetrate all manner of violence upon society in the name of egalitarianism. Crime today is largely driven by envy and permissiveness. When a gang of predators gathers in front of the drug store and asks all who would gain entry"Excuse me, but can you spare $10.00?" it is more like a shake down than a request for charity. Do you think they will be grateful for the money? They will not be. Like dogs, they have scented fear and they are more likely to attack. It is only a small progression to "Give me all your money, NOW!". As a notorious German Statesman remarked after Munich in 1938 "I have seen our enemies and they are worms.". Those are the fruits of appeasement.
"But wait" you exclaim" I am no appeaser".Quite probably, you are. Whenever you fail to uphold civilised norms of behavior you are in full appeasement mode. When you give the squeegee guy a buck to go away and leave you alone, you are in appeasement mode. When you tolerate gang behavior and run to hide in your crackerbox, you are in full appeasement mode. When you allow yourself to be harangued by some whacko that wants to change your diet, or clothing, or mode of transport, you are in appeasement mode. Don't worry though, for you are not alone.
The failure to take action against outrageous behavior is something that permeates our society these days. The inability to judge right from wrong, or the fear to do anything about it invariably leads to the same destination. The bad guys have already gotten the message. They own the streets and no longer fear the courts. This is the society of fear and confusion that we have built.
Jeff Cooper called it "The age of the Common Man"
It was not a generous assessment.
We must do much, much, better than that. Our lives shall depend upon it.

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