June 03, 2007

The Red Zone

12:45 PM
The man with the Kalashnikov walks through the front door of the bar and begins firing. He does not say a word. Starting with the booth closest to the door, he methodically fires single rounds through the bodies of the still seated customers.To the right of the shooter, a long bar covers most of the wall. On the opposite wall there are about a dozen booths filled with customers. There are two doors, the front from whence appeared the shooter and a rear door near the opposite end of the bar.
YOU! are seated in the very last booth. You have your chosen carry piece with you and you have a concealed weapons permit for this jurisdiction.
What do YOU do?
This is the "Bar Scenario" from the Internet site "The Red Zone". Shooters are invited to send their "Tactical Solutions" to a message board where they will be critiqued. About 20 persons responded. Nineteen of them proposed some variation of "shoot the bad guy". One headed out the back door. The moderator stated that he had never banned anyone from his site before, but that this craven act required him to do so now.
Our "out the back door man" replied that his choice was not cowardly, but extremely rational. He stated that he had a wife and four daughters aged 3 to fifteen. He also stated that he ran his own business and employed twelve other people who also had families. He had scores of business and other financial obligations. He stated that it would be insane for him to try and pull his pistol out and duel with an obviously well trained adversary who also had him outgunned(Assault rifle with thirty rounds vs. a pistol with eight). He also stated that he had exactly zero obligation to try to save any other persons inside the bar at that time, but would have headed for the nearest phone and called 911.
Let me ask again. What would YOU do?
The first rule of a gunfight is"Always Cheat-Always!" The second rule is-put as much distance as possible between yourself and your adversary! Distance is your friend. The third rule is-the last place you ever want to be is in a gunfight! It is true that the late Col. Cooper (pictured above) advised that "It is our job to make the Goblins fear us!", but I learned The Three Rules from him as well. Really, he was correct that the most important thing in a lethal confrontation is not the weapon nor the tactics employed but the Mind-Set of the combatant. We fight as we train.We should train as we fight. If you have ever been frightened by this type of nightmare by all means arm yourself, but take a combat pistol course before you go out and play "Dirty Harry". It could save your life.
The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted. — D.H. Lawrence

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