July 31, 2007

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Total confirmed kills for month: 30 (count as of 8/5/07)

July 31, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Featured: Islamic State of Iraq IED on M1A1 - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 06, 2007, Views: 19,841 (79 videos)
Video from Iraq shows the Courage of a Mujahid - Sheikh702
Added: March 18, 2007, Views: 2,482 (63 videos)
More New Footage from Taliban in Afghanistan - Sheikh702
Added: March 25, 2007, Views: 2,623 (63 videos)
*Massive IED attack on american crusader humvee - huz999
Added: April 12, 2007, Views: 11,000 (73 videos)
*Powerful IED destroys american bradley vehicle in iraq - huz999
Added: July 08, 2007, ews: 2,309 (73 videos)
Hamas of Iraq IED Humvee - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 18, 2007, Views: 946 (79 videos)
ISI/Al Furqan: ING Humvee Destruction - kateebjihad
Added: July 12, 2007, Views: 168 (54 videos)
IED 1920 rev. brig. vs. humvee in Kirkuk - kateebjihad
Added: July 29, 2007, Views: 61 (54 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*Lebanon 2006 - War on civilians - absssz
Added: July 30, 2006, Views: 2,951 (4 videos, only 1 jihadi)
Irak résistance - youness240
Added: October 26, 2006, Views: 152,654 (2 videos)
irak resistance - youness240 (2nd video, note spelling variation)
Added: December 18, 2006, Views: 8,087 (2 videos)
Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Cashing In On The War On Terror! - Suryu
Added: March 26, 2007, Views: 1,335 (115 videos)

{Last checked for Successful Smackdown to this point: July 31}

July 30, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Featured:OccupationResistance IED - OccupationResistance Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 56 (38 videos)
Iraqi Shia Restistance - kasim22
Added: May 25, 2007, Views: 800 (5 videos)
iraq resistance - FUCKALLG111
Added: April 17, 2007, Views: 939 (2 videos, 1 jihad related)
Resistance- Reply to US Invasion in Iraq - Muqtadaralsadr
Added: January 09, 2007, Views: 11,975 (15 videos)
Best of Iraqi Resistance IED traps vs USA Terror Army (#2) - Yallaa
Added: July 21, 2007, Views: 1,496 (32 videos)
iraqi resistance movement - thekingshrimp
Added: January 22, 2007, Views: 17,333 (2 videos)
OccupationResistance IED (same title, different video & link)- OccupationResistance
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 305 (38 videos)
IED on Cougar - OccupationResistance
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 287 (38 videos)

{Submitted by Svin/Munnin, removed before it could be put on DD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUwprNczEts - OccupationResistance, Added July 18, 2007, Views: 237 (38 videos - well it was 39!)}

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Iraqi Kids Killed - AntiAmerican2000
Added: July 01, 2007, Views: 121 (70 videos)
*IMPEACH BUSH NOW!!! - - AntiAmerican2000
Added: May 17, 2007, Views: 160 (70 videos)
Anti Flag - Die for the government - mousnonya
Added: December 12, 2006, Views: 41,533 (114 videos)
*click boom us vs iraq - yildirimr
Added: May 25, 2007, Views: 1,051 (6 videos)

July 29, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Mujahideen IED Humvee in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 23, 2007, Views: 456 (86 videos)
*Islamic state in iraq IED attack on iraqi police vehicle - huz999
Added: June 27, 2007, Views: 2,197 (72 videos)
Islamic State of Iraq IEd on Hummer - MujahideenMedia
Added: June 21, 2007, Views: 2,300 (79 videos)
Shia resistance in iraq 1 - YaHossain
Added: June 19, 2007, Views: 3,655 (26 videos)
Shia resistance in iraq 2 - YaHossain
Added: June 19, 2007, Views: 2,138 (26 videos)
Shia resistance in iraq 3 - YaHossain
Added: June 19, 2007, Views: 2,611 (26 videos)
I.E.D. Attack on Contractor Convoy - Panterapete187
Added: July 26, 2007, Views: 20 (14 videos)
I.E.D. Attack on U.S. Humvee - Panterapete187
Added: July 25, 2007, Views: 27 (14 videos)

Strong Stomach (graphic):
War crimes - drywallman (7 videos)
Added: July 31, 2006, Views: 14,090
WAR CRIMES - drywallman (different post, 2 vids)
Added: August 06, 2006, Views: 3,541 (7 videos)
Iraq - Crimes against humanity - Follz19
Added: December 04, 2006, Views: 5,465 (1 video)
British War Crimes - AntiAmerican2000
Added: June 18, 2007, Views: 147 (70 videos)

July 28, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
*New Insurgent Sniper video from Iraq - huz999
Added: July 07, 2007, Views: 2,091
Added: May 22, 2007, Views: 766
Destroying Iraqi police car- Islamic State of Iraq - jihad4all
Added: June 13, 2007, Views: 667
Too Too stupid Soldires - Hammer destroyed By Islamic state - jihad4all
Added: May 30, 2007, Views: 2,386
Big US army veichle destroyed by islamic state of iraq - jihad4all
Added: May 28, 2007, Views: 1,954
Film of the Islamic State of Iraq : the destruction of the h - xdfhbfdhgfdgfdgfdg
Added: April 10, 2007, Views: 2,400
Islamic State of Iraq destroys minesweeper - MujahideenMedia
Added: May 12, 2007, Views: 2,916

Strong Stomach (graphic):
revenge attack on u.s troop fot crime at abou graib prison - moudjahidine1
Added: July 27, 2007, Views: 11
children of iraq - venmishumishu
Added: April 02, 2007, Views: 490
The children of Iraq - A picture is worth a thousand words - ascendtofall
Added: February 15, 2007, Views: 872
The war in Iraq - A picture is worth a thousand words - ascendtofall
Added: January 28, 2007, Views: 5,379
Iraqi Lullaby - ncollins3
Added: October 19, 2006, Views: 1,449

July 27, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Are you afraid to die? - diatomic
Added: May 30, 2006, Views: 46,880
Islamic Jihad IED on Mossad tank - MujahideenMedia
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 1,032
huge roadside bomb +body of iraki flying in the air in iraq - moudjahidine1
Added: July 01, 2007, Views: 1,208
big roadside bomb on u.s troop in irak - moudjahidine1
Added: June 02, 2007, Views: 1,209
attack on foot patrol of u.s soldiers in iraq - moudjahidine1
Added: June 03, 2007, Views: 2,395
Man vs Bradley :O !!!!! " i.e.d , Iraq " - goulbak
Added: June 30, 2007, Views: 2,416

Strong Stomach (graphic):
*2 dead American soldiers in Iraq - roach2001
Added: November 02, 2006, Views: 6,707
Outlandish & Sami Yusuf "Try not to cry" 4 Children of Adam - IstiArief
Added: November 09, 2006, Views: 705,507
Mihkel, I don't want to be a soldier! - mousnonya
Added: June 15, 2007, Views: 54
*Beach Boys, Sloop John B - mousnonya
Added: July 04, 2007, Views: 133
Eagles, Eric Clapton, Hotel California - mousnonya
Added: May 23, 2007, Views: 1,536
Persecution of Muslims in Iraq - sameng5
Added: March 10, 2007, Views: 6,204

July 26, 2007
IED / Hate Speech:
Brave Iraqi Destroy US Bradley by IED,Long Live Iraq - torrnadoo
Added: March 20, 2007, Views: 26,255
Added: November 12, 2006, Views: 17,951
BAD I.E.D hit a humve in irak - sberriczy
Added: May 21, 2007, Views: 1,043
Al-basrawi group in western countries - AntiUsaTerror
Added: March 14, 2007, ws: 9,314
Mujahideen IED a Truck in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 1,727
Mujahideen IED a Humvee in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 1,612

Strong Stomach (graphic):
choc war - coyote003
Added: February 08, 2007, Views: 30,223
no war - mykedu66
Added: October 19, 2006, Views: 689
The Real Face of America - torrnadoo
Added: June 20, 2007, Views: 1,008
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! - torrnadoo
Added: February 04, 2007, Views: 1,466
hummve VS I.E.D - sberriczy
Added: May 22, 2007, Views: 1,043
Bad IED: Burning of a Humvee in Iraq (May 22, 07) - Katia19800
Added: May 22, 2007, Views: 3,613

July 25, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
Iraqi men welcome 3 of marines in a garden ...Excellent - crashview
Added: June 05, 2007, Views: 866
*Iraqi handball in streets and us vehicle hunt . . .Dangerous - crashview
Added: May 31, 2007, Views: 483
*See what happened to 10 of Marines in Iraq ...See it - crashview
Added: June 03, 2007, Views: 595
Insurgents in Iraq killing US soldiers - scalifguy
Added: February 07, 2007, Views: 9,736
Iraq - Insurgent Attack on US Soldiers 08 - scalifguy
Added: February 10, 2007, Views: 12,583
Iraq - Insurgent Activity M.E.1 - scalifguy
Added: June 04, 2007, Views: 572
3 ied vs troops in irak - sberriczy
Added: May 23, 2007, Views: 1,152

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Lord, Devil, and War(stop the killing) - h2oetry
Added: April 18, 2007, Views: 590
Welcome To Iraq - mustaphaquestion
Added: May 04, 2006, Views: 63,589
Guerre En Irak - misterjack5
Added: January 06, 2007, Views: 37,543
Added: July 27, 2006, Views: 21,317
The Terrorism of a NATION - tommy20003
Added: July 08, 2006, Views: 4,293

July 24, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
GSPC in the Islamic Maghreb ambush police - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 03, 2007, Views: 4,385
Mujahideen IED a vehicle in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 09, 2007, Views: 581
I.E.D. Attack on Iraqi Police Vehicle - Panterapete187
Added: July 09, 2007, Views: 458
I.E.D. Attack on U.S. Contractors in Iraq - Panterapete187
Added: July 09, 2007, Views: 449
I.E.D. Attack On U.S. Bradley's Fighting Vehicle - Panterapete187
Added: July 17, 2007, Views: 252
Massive IED on Tank - WhatevaBitch
Added: April 30, 2007, Views: 9,170
*IED hits amerikan tank - huz999
Added: April 18, 2007, Views: 6,554
m1a1 vs ied - d3rfubar
Added: January 10, 2007, Views: 10,384

Strong Stomach (graphic):
Added: May 25, 2007, Views: 275
Empty words of liberators - Mowen11
Added: June 09, 2007, Views: 300
The Crusade Invasion - Mowen11
Added: June 13, 2007, Views: 1,256
You're not alone - orphandrift
Added: May 04, 2007, Views: 1,533

July 23, 2007
IED Hate Speech:
VBIED Suicide Mission in Iraq (NEW) - 15a14
Added: May 20, 2007, Views: 3,549
Shiia of iraq resistance! - kasim22
Added: May 11, 2007, Views: 10,977
Al Mahdi Army 2 - kasim22
Added: February 07, 2007, Views: 10,860
Army of mahdi 2 - Armyofmahdi
Added: March 16, 2007, Views: 14,255
Al Manar TV - Iraqi Shia Group Operations - Sheikh702
Added: July 12, 2007, Views: 165
اسود العراق-iraqi lions - karrdo
Added: March 26, 2007, Views: 2,416
Mujahideen IED a vehicle in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 09, 2007, Views: 544
The Code of Silence (1/8) شفرة الصمت - aissamri
Added: May 14, 2007, Views: 8,807

Strong Stomach req'd:
*Iraqi Children- Human Cost of War - rock4orphans
Added: November 26, 2006, Views: 5,582
Added: October 24, 2006, Views: 11,732
Iraq children 2007 - kutelalameyn
Added: April 03, 2007, Views: 1,845
The Killing of Children, That's What War Is - LiveVegan
Added: February 20, 2007, Views: 25,632 (comments disabled)

July 22, 2007

IED Hate Speech:
Islamic Jihad IED on jeep - MujahideenMedia
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 309
*Islamic army in iraq video - huz999
Added: April 07, 2007, Views: 24,913
*Islamic state of Iraq IED attack destroys Humvee - huz999
Added: July 18, 2007, Views: 395
*Mujahideen Sniper video from Iraq - huz999
Added: July 04, 2007, Views: 4,897
*ISI top 10 compilation - KhateebJihad
Added: June 01, 2007, Views: 863
Ansar Alsunna TOP 20 - AntiUsaTerror
Added: April 15, 2007, Views: 914

Strong Stomach req'd:
Against the war of iraq - arthurschmisser
Added: October 31, 2006, Views: 7,886
Bush's America - Saddam's Iraq - aajizana
Added: March 30, 2007, Views: 632
2 dead American soldiers in Iraq - roach2001
Added: November 02, 2006, Views: 6,565
irak Ska-p "Tio Sam" - alejandrorusso4
Added: January 05, 2007, Views: 20,97
Result Of War - relishandbeans
Added: August 21, 2006, Views: 35,894
Armed Assault Jihad - SimioHornerFilms
Added: February 16, 2007, Views: 15,365
{Yes, I know, this last one is from a computer game, but it's hateful, glorifies killing our soldiers, and is as graphic as the author of the video can make it. I'm just curious to see what YouTube will do. For the record, I flagged it as hate speech. Look forward to an editorial comparing virtual porn with virtual jihad.}

July 21, 2007
AsShahab Presents Martyrdom Video.. - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: 4 days ago, Views: 338 (hate speech)
Mujahideen engage US in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: 2 days ago, Views: 587 (hate speech)
Best of Iraqi Resistance IED traps against USA Terror Army (#1) - Yallaa
Added: 1 day ago, Views: 302 (graphic violence)
Reuters Showing Footage of Fighters in Afghanistan - moosccco
Added: 7 months ago, Views: 4,518 (graphic violence)
Islamic Jihad al-Quds brigades - MujahideenMedia
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 200 (graphic violence)
Operation Shaotoi - MujahideenMedia
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 2,102 (graphic violence)
Islamic Army in Iraq IED on anti-mine vehicle - MujahideenMedia
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 1,234 (graphic violence)
Innocent Victims of Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq - maroccina86
Added: 6 months ago, Views: 2,496 (graphic violence)
IRAQ VICTIMS - pleborah123
Added: 4 months ago, Views: 786 (graphic violence)
Human Target - skwerley
Added: 3 months ago, Views: 7,051 (graphic violence)
US crimes in Iraq - ArisVelouhiotis
Added: 6 months ago, Views: 3,809 (graphic violence)
Iraq, Broken - American Shock & Awe - Oilwellian
Added: 8 months ago, Views: 5,858 (graphic violence)

July 20, 2007

*Compilation attacks - Alliance01
Added: 2 days ago, Views: 144 (graphic violence)
*a Turkish mujaahid blows himself up in Iraq - Alliance01
Added: 1 hour ago, Views: 3 (graphic violence)
*A nice double IED on the Crusaders - Alliance01
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 1,740 (graphic violence)
*Tribute to the Mujahideen - Mowen11
Added: 3 weeks ago, Views: 570 (graphic violence)
War of lies - Mowen11
Added: 1 week ago, Views: 70 (graphic violence)
*Crusade Invasion II - Mowen11
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 584 (graphic violence)
Injuries - tawheedist
Added: 3 months ago, Views: 714 (graphic violence)
Abu Umar - tawheedist
Added: 3 months ago, Views: 546(graphic violence, comments disabled)
Jundullah 8 - tawheedist
Added: 4 months ago, Views: 1,073 (graphic violence)
*A call against the Genocide of the Bosnian Muslims - abumohammed25524
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 1,419 (graphic violence)
*A call against the Genocide of the Kosovan Muslims - abumohammed25524
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 781 (graphic violence)
*Muslims !!! where are you? - abumohammed25524
Added: 4 weeks ago, Views: 399 (graphic violence)

July 19, 2007

IED Afghanistan tegen Amerikanen. - keeper0223
Added: 3 months ago, Views: 3,457 (graphic violence)
ied-afghanistan - khangoll
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 597 (graphic violence)
I like IED's - hamzat2006
Added: 5 months ago, Views: 4,362 (graphic violence)
Mujahideen driveby on a US vehicle and liquidate the kuffar - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: 3 weeks ago, Views: 2,687 (graphic violence) {I'm blocked from commenting}
Asayb Ahul Haqq & Rightly Guided Ones operations in Iraq. - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: 1 week ago, Views: 422 (hate speech) {I'm blocked from commenting}
Islam Iraq Fallujah Jihad War - AbuAyesha
Added: 3 weeks ago, Views: 967 (hate speech)
Somalia, War, Jihad, Islam - AbuAyesha
Added: 4 weeks ago, Views: 1,306 (graphic violence)
Jihad in Somalia - AbuAyesha
Added: 1 month ago, Views: 1,601 (graphic violence)
*†...STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ...† - sisterprosit
Added: ~3 weeks ago, Views: 203 (graphic violence)
stop the war on palestain and iraq !!!!! - MohannadTAR
Added: 2 weeks ago, Views: 54 (graphic violence)
War is Stupid! - makudat
Added: 11 months ago, Views: 6,420 (graphic violence)
war victims - alamfan
Added: 3 weeks ago, Views: 89 (graphic violence)
*The martyrs شهداء وجراح الامه أوجعيني يا جراحي - alanbaar
Added: 2 months ago, Views: 5,192 (hate speech)
{32 videos, account was suspended as I was working on 2nd video link!}

July 18, 2007

Warning Graphic Depiction Of War - gussguss111
Iraq War's Innocent Victims - spookytom
iraq war or crime - buzzpea
*Iraq war death savaş ırak - metinak20
sexy - 22051997
ırak soykırımı - myslowitz86
Annihilation - Chaos - Strelkovy
تدمير همر أمريكي - مؤسسة الفرقان - دولة العراق الإسلامية - IrhabiFromIraq
New al-furqan media تدمير آلية تابعة للشرطة المرتدة- الموصل - IrhabiFromIraq
New al-furqan media destroying hummer تدمير همر -الأنبار- - IrhabiFromIraq
*The UN AMERICAN way of war. - commieknocker3000

July 17, 2007

Face to face - shihabden
Added: June 23, 2007, Views: 342 (89 videos)
New al-furqan media - IrhabiFromIraq
{Arabic text not saved, multiple entries}
*Qaida al-Jihad (as-Sahab): Rockets American base Machadad - KhateebJihad
Iraq wants to live - davereps
Added: December 31, 2006, Views: 453 (4 videos)
Afghan Warlords - A2MIND
Added: March 24, 2007, Views: 14,009 (3 videos)
Christmas - davereps
Added: December 20, 2006, Views: 83 (4 videos)
Al-Zarqawi - Shihabden
Added: May 16, 2007, Views: 4,871 (89 videos)
Iraq - ToddSmyth
Added: April 01, 2006, Views: 26,340 (15 videos)
Al Furqan: Destruction of 2nd Hummer in single day - mujahidfisabeelillah
Added: July 14, 2007, Views: 491 (6 videos)
*Massacring 11 Crusaders When Destroying A Stryker - KhateebJihad

July 16, 2007

Khateeb Jihad
Iraq - rshea3428
Added: June 16, 2007, Views: 87 (1 video)
Al Rashedeen Army IED attack on US Humvee late October - AntiUsaTerror
Added: February 20, 2007, Views: 4,471 (24 videos)
ISI destructive IED vs rg31in Fallujah - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 17 (55 videos)
Mujahideen destroy an Abrans in Falluja - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 24, 2007, Views: 3,083 (106 videos)
Jaish al Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: July 03, 2007, Views: 1,933 (106 videos)
Mujahideen IED a M1A2 Abrams in Iraq - SwordOfBaghdad
Added: June 30, 2007, Views: 1,782 (106 videos)
Jaish al Fatiheen IED Attack - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 209 (55 videos)
IED vs Humvee by ISI (added Aug 1)
Islamic Army in Iraq attacks - to scarface480
Added: April 01, 2007, Views: 11,516 (9 videos)
*Islamic state in iraq IED attack on american stryker - huz999
Added: May 16, 2007, Views: 9,173 (77 videos)
Death for Israel (not a duplicate)
{no link, multiple resuts in search, status unknown}
Islamic State of Iraq (al Furquan - kateebjihad
Added: June 14, 2007, Views: 91 (55 videos)
Jihad IED on transport truck death for israel
{did not preserve link, may have been deleted, but unconfirmed}

Confirmed Kills from before dated records:
uyan artık!!!
For the Victims of War
True Victims of the Iraq War
savaş kötüdür hele bi de böylesi
Iraq the cost of war
- rshea3428
islamic state in iraq usa genocide against civilians

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July 30, 2007

Arguing Principle

Arguing Principle From Convenience Is No Principle At All

The harshest language I’m going to use in this article is to mention Harry Frankfurt’s On Bullshit. There may be different times and places where, creatively used, harsh language is more or less appropriate. It’s one thing to be respectful of the sensitivities of others. Watching one's language in some circumstances and being free with it in others is an example of a single principle that can lead to different behaviors according to those circumstances. But today I want to talk about the use of different principles that are used selectively, according to circumstances. Which principle being advanced depends on whether some advantage is to be had, or because it’s easier to mask one’s true motives behind some more defensible principle.

To summarize Frankfurt’s excellent article, most folks believe they can spot bullshit when they see it, but what exactly is the difference between a liar and a bullshit artist? For one, a liar at least believes the truth matters. There’s no point in trying to deceive others so you can benefit from having them operate under false assumptions unless you think there’s a meaningful difference between the truth and the lie. If it’s all opinion, there’s no need to lie. A bullshit artist, on the other hand, need not tell any lies at all. I don’t remember who said it, and have not easily found the source, but I read somewhere that honesty isn’t simply a matter of telling the truth but a willingness to let people know where you stand. That’s what the bullshit artist is dishonest about. He doesn’t care whether what he says is true or not, he’s more interested in getting away with something.

In short, he has less respect for the truth than a liar does. The bullshit artist is willing to argue principle, however, if it suits his purpose at the moment. He operates under the principle from the Jean Giraudoux quote, “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made.” I’ve been reading thru the YouTube editors’ blog recently, to get a better idea of how they operate. And I feel comfortable saying that the staff at YouTube is nothing if not sincere. They started out with a kind of ‘hey kids, let’s put on a show in Farmer Brown’s barn!’ vibe going on, and they’ve been trying to keep up with the phenomenal growth of YouTube ever since.

But if we at Operation YouTube Smackdown try and deduce the operating principles for how they handle flagged videos, it’s hard to escape the feeling that they are not above arguing certain principles out of convenience more than conviction. Now, there’s a whole article to be written on YouTube’s history of deleting (and in some cases where they got bad publicity restoring) videos that were more ‘politically incorrect’ than they were violations of stated policy. And at least once, they even deleted a video of a squirrel dodging a tossed rock on grounds of cruelty to animals. I kid you not. Now, it’s probably a good idea to mention another famous quote here. I quote the version I learned, “Never attribute to malice that which is more reasonably explained by incompetence.”

I’m prepared to accept evidence for either conclusion, but if you want to argue neither applies to how YouTube operates, you’ll need to offer me a third option at this point. People are inclined to judge the statements of those they disagree with more harshly than those of folks they like, whom they will often grant far more leeway, or benefit of doubt. Maybe YouTube is just left leaning as their reputation has it, but they still mean well. Well, let me offer a corollary to the quote above: Never attribute to a failing in another person’s ideology that which is better explained by a failing of the human nature we all share. Up to a point, it’s understandable that some videos would slip through the cracks, and it’s not going to be incontrovertible evidence of ill intent or gross negligence in YouTube’s flag review process. But we need some explanation for what we’ve learned so far at the Smackdown.

As of this writing our Operation YouTube Smackdown efforts are yielding about a 15% successful takedown rate. That averages out at just over 2 removals from the average Daily Dozen we put up for people to flag. Initially, the ‘Strong Stomach’ videos seemed to come down more easily, but recently it seems to be evening out a bit with the ‘IED/Hate Speech’ types catching up. If you find yourself wondering maybe the ones that got removed were worse than the others, remember the squirrel. And then go watch some of the videos still on YouTube, which we keep links to in our Archives. You don’t need to watch many to see my point, or notice that a great many of these videos are just recycling footage from other videos or identical sources from elsewhere. They are, in short, no different in any appreciable way than the few that do get removed. Maybe the different staffers apply their own standards, and operate with little oversight or regard for official policy. The only clearly (and repeatedly) stated operating standard YouTube gives out is that they don’t delete flagged videos unless a YouTube staffer has reviewed them, and that they have folks on staff 24/7 doing just that. They don’t say how many people are there at one time, and most YouTube users go to the site to watch what they want to see, and aren’t likely to flag anything they don’t like, even if they stumble across it by accident. Millions of videos get viewed every day, and the number of flagged videos may be small or large, we just don’t know.

We have tried to come up with possible reasons some videos are taken down while others just as bad and often worse remain up. The whole premise behind YouTube is that computers can take care of the details and let humans have all the fun. It’s reasonable to assume there’s some automated procedures to help YouTube staff handle complaints. Maybe it takes a certain number of viewings or a ratio of flags to viewings that get a human’s attention. The squirrel story linked above argues against even that, however. And we’ve seen videos up for less than 2 days and 125-150 viewings get taken down.

So, what explains the jihadi death cult style videos that have been up for a year or longer and have been viewed thousands of times or more? Now, if you read the various policy statements over at YouTube’s Help Center (see our How YouTube Operates) you’ll see lots of high-minded statements about making YouTube not only a user-friendly place, but also a Friendly Place for its users. Read the blog by their editors and you’ll see almost nothing but ‘niceness.’ In fact, it’s as if they aren’t aware the world is filled with anything but nice people, and the occasional troll posting unflattering comments about the videos other people upload.

I have found no mention of controversies about videos being taken down for less than even-handed and principled reasons. They were proud to announce the day they add ‘hate speech’ to the list of reasons to ‘flag as inappropriate’ any video people find objectionable. No mention of jihad videos being posted in large numbers preaching jihad and death to infidels, taking advantage of our culture’s free speech traditions to advance a cause that would deny the same considerations to others if they only could. It’s as if the nice folks at YouTube can’t imagine such things. Well, let’s help them get a clearer picture of the kinds of videos they’re hosting. Let’s make them choose every day between squirrel’s dodging rocks, white guys using ‘the n-word’, and jihadis blowing up Humvees with IED’s. If they want to delete all of them, so be it. Pick a principle and stick with it.

But I will not accept them protecting the tender sensibilities of animal lovers, or the rest of us from harsh language aimed at hurting the feelings of different races, sexes, ages, weights or whatever, and then turning right around and leaving up the vast majority of jihadi hate speech and anti-war death-and-gore fests in the name of free speech. I can see principled arguments for each of those standards (not to mention the public relations reasons YouTube might adopt some of them, as any ‘broadcaster’ would). But playing different Principle Cards every 2 minutes like it’s a game of Magic: The Gathering? That’s just a little too convenient. And arguing principle from convenience is no principle at all.

July 28, 2007

Comments for Jul 29-Aug 4 '07

This post is for general Operation YouTube Smackdown comments, questions, or suggestions. Please be civil, and try to make any criticisms the constructive kind. Spam, abuse, and other pointless posts will be deleted at our discretion. See, also.

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July 26, 2007

July 23, 2007

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How to Flag (tag) a Video and Shut it DOWN!
Just follow these easy steps!

#1) If you don’t have a YouTube account, go sign up for one. You don’t have to use it for anything but this.
#2) Click one of the videos in the playlist, let it start and then click the pause button on the player so you don’t have to actually watch the propaganda if you choose not to..
#3) Below the video, click “Flag"
#4) Choose "Select a Reason"
#5) "Violent or Repulsive Content" works for most.
#6) If not violent, choose "Hateful or Abusive Content"
#7) Next, "promotes hatred or violence"
#8) Where it says “please indicate the group attacked” choose National Origin.
#9) Where it says “provide additional information” type or copy/paste in the below statement and then at the very bottom click "Flag This Video"
Providing services to terrorists violates executive orders 12947 and 13224.

Congratulations! You have just flagged your first Internet Terrorist Video!

We thank you! America thanks you! Our military thanks you!

Note - If you have not registered with YouTube they will require you to do so in order to voice your opinion (flag the videos). It's simple enough - go to YouTube and just do it! They won't give out your email address, but it's probably best not to have any personal information on any account/email you use for this. A lot of us just put in a first name, last name initial, a user or "handle" of our liking. Oh yes, and they want your birth date to be assured you are old enough to be viewing the films. Some of us kinda fib about our birthdates. Who cares! So long as it reflects you being 18 or over.

Hate Speech, Free Speech, Whose Speech?

The First Amendment prevents the government from curtailing our free speech rights. But YouTube isn't the government; it has wider discretion to prohibit or allow the flow of information that flows thru it's servers. Different broadcasters and distributors of information set different standards, according to their target market's expectations. CNN and Fox generally don't show scenes of explicit violence and shattered corpses. Al-Jazeera isn't alone among satellite stations that don't feel the need to respect delicate sensibilities. The Internet is a big place, and there is no shortage of places that will host whatever the customer pays for.

But YouTube presents itself as as a certain kind of company, one that let's viewers 'flag as inappropriate' videos that contain 'hate speech.' This sounds more like the work of a politically correct University administrator than a company that's going to go to the mat for every last internet user's free speech rights. And, YouTube uses new technology; it's at least possible to allow a broader range of views and images on YouTube than are allowed on broadcast or even cable television, in the name of free speech, without exposing 9 year olds to it. The Internet isn't a broadcast medium in the same sense radio is.

But YouTube can't seem to make up it's mind whether they're all about the free speech, or all about protecting people from hate speech. If there's a way to reconcile high-minded policies against hate speech in an effort to create 'non-threatening' environments, protecting everyone's feelings along the way, while offering free webspace for the spread of ideas that pursue little else but creating threatening environments, and are bent on hurting people feelings, faith, and body parts, I'm not aware of it.

By comparison, it's almost easy to understand why YouTube might have a history of deleting videos of citizens whose politics they appear to disagree with. At least in those cases we can assume it all comes down to the question of whose speech is being subjected to the narrowest, strictest, letter-of-the-law reading of YouTube content policies. Not that it's fair, but it's at least understandable, if we assume YouTube operates in a politically partisan fashion. But it becomes unfathomable that YouTube would cater so much to the politically correct at the same time it's protecting the right of people to expound a muderous ideology that would like to take away everyone's right to free speech (and that whole life, liberty, pursuit of happiness would come in for some serious revision, too).

And I'm not talking about Islam here, or targeting Muslims just for being Muslims. I'm perfectly willing to concede that Islam is a Religion of Peace. Just as long as we all agree the death-cult, snuff-flick, hate-drenched videos YouTube hosts in such abundance aren't considered a part of True Islam, and deserve no protection on the grounds of religious freedom, any more than we'd accept a murderer's excuse that the devil made him do it on religious freedom grounds. I've seen many videos posted by Muslims pursuing religious practices no more disturbing than any other religious tradition I've known. I'm not talking about those videos.

Allahu Akbar simply means God is Greatest. I'm fine with that. But when you post a video with traditional religous background music, and repeat that phrase as you loop of the precise moment an IED goes off under a Humvee or other vehicle, a leading cause of death for Coalition soldiers, that's celebrating it. That is not simply committing an act of journalism. That, in my book, is hate speech. Odd thing, YouTube once at least pretended to agree.

The week Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars, "In an e-mail message, Ms. Supan [senior director of marketing for YouTube] said that among the videos removed were those that 'display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).'" - NY Times, Oct. 6, 2006

Try telling that to them now. Oh wait, that's just what we're doing here.

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How YouTube Operates

From The YouTube Editor's Blog

Let's take a quick trip to the YouTube Help Center. Oh, look, there are their Policy and Copyright Guidelines. See how prominently they display their help page for handling inappropriate content? Ooh, look, we're all a communityhere; a community with guidelines.

And if you want to learn more about YouTube online, there are many many helpful articles. If you're taking the tour of our site, you may have just seen a quote from one of them, demonstrating how concerned YouTube was (when it was being bought by Google for 1.65 billion-with-a-B dollars and getting it's name in all the papers). Something like:

Julie Supan, senior director of marketing for YouTube, said the company removed videos after they were flagged by users as having inappropriate content and were reviewed by the video service.

In an e-mail message, Ms. Supan said that among the videos removed were those that “display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).” - NY Times, Oct. 6, 2006

Sounds good to us. Of course, if you try and get YouTube to act on those quotes, well, good luck. No really, good luck; we wish you all the success in the world. That's what we're about here at Operation YouTube Smackdown, ourselves; trying to smack down those videos YouTube says have no place on their service. Let's take a look at some of those Community Guidelines, looking at those that seem most likely to apply to the kinds of Jihadi videos we're talking about. Emphasis in the selected quotes below is mine:

- Don't post videos showing dangerous or illegal acts, like animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb making.
- Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed. If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don't post it.
- YouTube is not a shock site. Don't post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies and stuff like that. This includes war footage if it's intended to shock or disgust.
- We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. But we don't permit hate speech which contains slurs or the malicious use of stereotypes intended to attack or demean a particular gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality.

While people are free to flag videos for any reason YouTube offers, the ones we're focusing most on here are the ones that are part of the Internet Jihad that is, in part, hosted by YouTube. If you're interested and what to see how we're going about it, head over to our How To Guide, see what comes next. And thanks.

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How Does It Make You Feel?

This post is about things more important than me, so I’ll hope you’ll forgive me if I start out talking about myself. I set aside a little money each month to send to some deserving cause. I’m not wealthy, and it’s not much. I don’t have a family to support, so it isn’t really missed. I do it because a lot of small things add up to something large, and there are a lot of people in the world who can spare a little cash now and again. And I do it because it makes me feel a little less useless. Because when I read stories like Michael Yon’s Superman I feel useless.

It’s not that I am completely useless. But to be honest, I don’t get the feeling that I’m really useful all that often. Maybe it’s not having children. Maybe a human being needs to spend a few years being responsible for other human beings to banish such thoughts. Sure, I’m comfortable that the ordinary choices I make in daily life have made me a nice guy, a decent person. I’m a reasonably bright guy, enough to avoid many stupid mistakes, even if not enough to avoid all foolishness. But I’m nobody to look up to. I’m no Michael Yon. And I’m sure as hell not one of the people whose stories he tells.

Useful people. Responsible for other human beings. How does it feel to be a Lieutenant responsible for the lives of a Stryker full of young men, not much younger than he is? How does it feel to be the young men who learn to trust each other with their lives riding hot, dusty patrols where too many people want to see them get blown up? How does it feel to be the company clerk whose job is to stay by the radio and wait for the call to come in, asking for a medevac ASAP? How does it feel to fly a helicopter through airspace that may be filled with AK-47 fire, RPGs and maybe, just maybe, a SAM? How does it feel to be a cute woman doctor, working every day with young and wounded soldiers who want nothing so much at that moment but to have a picture taken with her? So some day back home they can pull out a wallet photo, roll up a sleeve or pant leg and say, “This gal sewed me up.” And you know they will. It means the guy can take it. He’s come through it. He’s been useful. And besides, chicks dig scars.

How does it feel to leave your home, at your own risk and expense, to spend your time embedded with a Stryker Brigade in Iraq, so people like us will hear their stories? I don’t know. Ask Michael Yon. And while we’re at it, how does it feel to be an engineer sitting up at night, I like to think in an old bathrobe with it’s own pen-stuffed pocket protector, in front of a monitor and keyboard trying to build a better mousetrap? One that can deflect shaped charges. How does it feel to write the software that lets all of the people in the last paragraph talk to each other, pushing it through satellites, if necessary? How does it feel to sit at a terminal in the middle of the night making sure satellites on the other side of the planet keep working? How does it feel to be a family member of our Armed Forces, gathering with dozens of others at the local church or community center on weekends to assemble Care Packages to send to their loved ones? And then putting together hundreds or even thousands more for other soldiers, most of whom they will never meet.

It’s got to feel Useful.

How does it feel to sit at computer splicing together bad music and pictures of shattered and shredded corpses so you can post it on YouTube and prove there’s really no difference between terrorists and all those Useful People? How does it feel to be a politician, worried more about his re-election campaign than whether his next speech or floor vote will make it harder for all those Useful People to do the jobs we ask them to do? How does it feel to clamor for the spotlight because your son died in Iraq and the media decided you had absolute moral authority to say your child and every other Useful Person serving in Iraq is not only there for nothing, but they are the ones causing all the problems? How does it feel to be the reporter or editor who believes it’s more important to pay attention to that kind of thing than what more Useful People are risking, and spending, their lives to accomplish?

Ok, so I could do worse.

I joined Operation YouTube Smackdown for the same reason I send a little money each month to some website I’ve come across where people are doing Useful Things. I know I’m not sending enough money to make much of a difference. I know getting YouTube to remove even a few of the innumerable hate-filled, snuff-flick, America-hating, death-cult videos that they host won’t save a single life. It won’t shorten by a single minute the time U.S. soldier have to patrol hot, dusty roads half a world away. I know that YouTube is more likely to view every video of an IED that goes off under a Humvee or Stryker as free speech instead of hate speech. No matter how much the producer of the video glorifies the explosion, how many shouts of Allahu Akbar! accompany it, or how many soldiers it joyously claims were killed.

I do it because I want to feel useful. Not Useful, just useful. I do it because, with respects to Michael Yon, our Soldiers, and John Milton, I like to think they also serve who only sit and click.

Why I Joined the Smackdown

"Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed. If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don't post it."

"YouTube is not a shock site. Don't post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies and stuff like that." - from YouTube Community Guidelines

"In an e-mail message, Ms. Supan [senior director of marketing for YouTube] said that among the videos removed were those that 'display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).'" - NY Times, Oct. 6, 2006

When I was a teenage bookworm I once came across a library book on the Holocaust. It had pictures. Lots of them, and they didn’t pull any punches. I literally became light-headed and sick to my stomach. I can still picture some of them in my mind, now over 25 years later. I still haven’t found words suitable to convey how much changed for me That Day. It wasn’t that I’d pretended evil wasn’t real, or that humanity had put all that behind itself, or that proper education would be enough to solve all our problems. I didn’t really believe any of that before the book. But how I thought about those notions still changed. I was much less willing to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who argued that way. Make that argument while thumbing thru those pictures, and if you can do it with a straight face and without turning your eyes away, maybe then I’ll listen.

YouTube wants to get good PR by posting nice words in their community guidelines, or in interviews with the NY Times. They want to convey the image their website is a place where you, the people, can put up videos just like you see on TV. Your garage band can make it’s own demo and give Motown, Nashville, Austin, Seattle, and all of California a run for it’s money. You can be the next Steven Spielberg. Bob Saget’s funniest home videos have got nothing compared to the stuff you have on your hard drive from last year’s family reunion. You’re a citizen in a democracy; you can editorialize about the latest political scandal as well as any talking head on CNN or Fox. You can call for the death of all infidels and glory in disembowelments and decapitations just as well as any Imam preaching a Friday Sermon.

Oh, wait. Maybe YouTube hasn’t thought this through. I’ll say it again, I tend to lean on the side of free speech, trusting to the free marketplace of ideas more than any authoritative source telling us what we can and cannot be trusted to see, hear, or read. But YouTube isn’t setting itself up as the wild, wild west that is so much of the Internet. It’s setting itself up as a grassroots broadcasting network. And it wants to get credit for all the good, funny, insightful, talented things people put up there. It wants to be politically correct. And it wants to make money doing so. But it doesn’t want to be responsible for how people actually use the service. Well YouTube, make up your mind.

Nobody is paying me to help you enforce your own policies, and it seems certain that if ‘we the people’ won’t help you, you’re not going to do it yourself. Several countries around the world have blocked access to YouTube because dissident and separationist factions have used it to incite unrest in those countries. But apparently, YouTube doesn’t care to make a distinction. They might be dissidents crying out for free elections denied them by their government. You know, like Muslim women. They might be separatists crying out for the blood of heretics and infidels. You know, like the heretic, infidel Muslim women who want the right to vote.

Why has it become such a cliché already to ask why Google’s ‘Don’t be Evil’ motto doesn’t apply to YouTube videos? Another cliché is the term ‘viral video.’ Well, videos are only viral if the ideas and images they contain are, and YouTube’s policies like to make a distinction between good, catchy and bad, catching viral videos. But I’m starting to get the impression that YouTube’s ‘medicinal’ approach to content is the moral equivalent of claiming you have the cleanest operating rooms around while all your patients are out dying in the waiting room.

Maybe YouTube would really like to declare itself free and open for anyone to post anything for any reason. And maybe YouTube would like to declare itself the online video equivalent of radio’s Air America and only give voice to people they agree with. And maybe their lawyers and marketing guys have told them that’s a recipe for economic disaster. And maybe YouTube thinks it can have the best of both worlds. Claim to have high, and fairly enforced standards. Make sure all the fine print absolves you from any responsibility for the content you’re trying to make money off of. Then do whatever you feel like, or think you can get away with.

Ya, there’s no possible way that could lead to Unintended Consequences. Unless you stop and, I don’t know, think about it for a minute.

I remember my Econ 101 class where I read about externalities. An externality happens when the cost of economic activity is shifted to parties ‘external’ to the circle of those deriving economic benefit from the activity. A factory dumping toxic waste into a nearby river is a classic example. The factory doesn’t pay the costs of cleaning it up. Nor do they face the health risks the people living downstream do. Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars last year. They subsidize the spread of propaganda by individuals and groups whose ultimate aim is to deny those same free speech rights to others, if not kill them outright. Someone watches the video and gets inspired to kill, or just send money to killers, and YouTube’s hands are clean? They only delete videos once enough people complain. Why should we bear the costs of slogging through YouTube’s sewers, trying to clean out the muck? Externality.

It’s been said that in the modern politically correct climate, hypocrisy is the only remaining public sin. Attempting to hold people to a common set of standards has been ‘de-legitimized’ as nothing but the power plays of Insert-Your-Favorite-Oppressors-Here, masking their intentions in lofty but meaningless rhetoric (like, say, this very argument?). But if you can point out someone failing to live up to their own standards, then you can get your self-righteousness on, and go to town. Ok, so YouTube has a history of removing conservative bloggers’ videos and leaving jihadi videos online. I guess I missed that paragraph in their Terms of Use and Community guidelines.

Now, I’d be content arguing that YouTube shouldn’t post videos of terrorists glorying in the death of civilians or Coalition soldiers in Iraq because their entire worldview is evil, and, well, Don’t Be Evil. You know, because the left only deals in high ideals, and reasoned argument, never stooping to blatant emotional manipulation. Like, say, uploading to YouTube a snuff film full of dead Iraqi children set to the tune of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Of course, if it comes down to it, I guess I’ll settle for asking YouTube to stop being a hypocrite.

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July 22, 2007

The Smackdown's Founding Fathers

Once Upon a Time, some folks were sitting around waiting for Ejectia.com to go live. And then it just sort of happened (what follows is slightly edited from the comments thread):

I read at PJM that a lone blogger by the name of Rusty Shakleford has made it his personal business to shut down Taliban websites. This is a real fight, a people's war, a private citizen waging combat on his own! The Jawa Report vs. the Taliban, and guess who's winning? Now what does that tell you about our culture and technology vs. the enemy? A lone hacker is knocking out enemy communications from the privacy of his study. Twenty years ago this would have been science fiction. Check it out a PJM. - Basil

It just occured to me that Ejectia has an opportunity here to take an active role in the fight against terrorism. I've noticed while perusing combat video on U-Tube that I occaionally land on footage obviously shot by Jihadists. They are using U-Tube as a recruitment tool. Now, U-Tube does have a means by which users can complain to management about anything they find objectionable. U-Tube will then delete it. I'll need some volunteers. Here's the plan: We need to comb through the available footage using search words like Iraq, Afghanistan, Jihad, IED, etc. When we find something produced by the enemy, we click on the approriate link to advise management at U-tube that such video can be construed as aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war. Which it is, and against the law, too. Anybody game? This is a real chance to play an active part in this war, from the privacy of home no less! Post with a positive response, if you're up for it. Tally-ho! - Basil


Okay, I just gave my idea a test run. U-Tube is rife with Jihadist propaganda. I filed my complaint under "hate speech." We'll see if I can generate some action. - Basil


Basil, sounds like a good idea to me. Can you list any video you find so we can also go there and make our opinions known to management? Lets grow this thing! - Muninn


Jihadist video is rampant on this site. Just type in key words "IED" and "Jihad". It's all in Arabic and easy to spot. If U-Tube won't yield to citizen pressure, I'll call the FBI. Aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war is not protected speech under the 1st Amendment. Let's have at it. - Basil

And Operation YouTube Smackdown was born.

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Comments for July 22-28 '07

This post is for general Operation YouTube Smackdown comments, questions, or suggestions. Please be civil, and try to make any criticisms the constructive kind. Spam, abuse, and other pointless posts will be deleted at our discretion. See, also.

This Comment Thread closed, please see: Comments for Jul 29-Aug 4 '07

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[The original comment thread for Operation YouTube Smackdown.]

Fighting Words

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July 07, 2007


[You have found the original Operation YouTube Smackdown Post & Comments. Please come visit our new Operations Center. Thank you.]

Jihad has come to the Internet. Dark Age savages are using the power of the Internet to spread their message of hatred and destruction. You might think that our intelligence community would do something about it. Oddly, where our government has failed, an enterprising American blogger has succeeded in hacking a Taliban website. What's more, the Taliban are aware of his activities and there's an ongoing fight in cyberspace between a private U.S. citizen and a terrorist organization. See this report at Pajamas Media : The Taliban vs.the Jawa Report .

PJM Sydney
July 6, 2007 7:00 PM
“No joke, the Taliban have posted a message on a well-known Islamic forum addressing me, Rusty Shackleford, indirectly. In it, they gloat that their website is back online.” And then the Taliban challenge the Jawa Report to shut them down again.

Well done, Rusty! We're betting on another takedown soon assuming you haven't already pulled it off. We understand that the federal government is aware of your efforts and has endorsed your one-man crusade.

A private citizen sitting in front of his PC over morning coffee hacks into the enemy's communication system and takes it out from fifteen-thousand miles away. Awesome! We live in an age where an ordinary citizen with a little initiative can knock out an enemy installation with a click of his mouse. Now here's where it gets interesting because we're declaring our own campaign against terrorism. And you, dear reader, are invited to take a shot at the jihadists from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Jihadist videos have found a home at YouTube. Our enemies are using this site to spread propaganda and recruit new terrorists. We're going to shut them down. To play along you need to do the following:

1. Log into YouTube and run a search. Any of the following key words will land you in the right spot: IED, Jihad, Death to Israel, Islamic Republic of Iraq, etc. You won't have any trouble finding them; they are legion.
2. Open the jihadist video, then click the icon that says "Flag as inappropriate." Use the drop down menu and click on "hate speech."
3. This last step is going to take a great deal of self-control. You're going to see a lot of comments cheering on the terrorists as they blow up American and allied soldiers. Don't answer these comments directly. We want your comment directed at YouTube management. Something like: "This video aids and abets our enemies in time of war and should be deleted" will be sufficient.

Individually your participation might seem insignificant. But thousands of us united will crush this venue as an outlet for enemy propaganda. Our mission is to shut down the Jihadis on YouTube. Strike a blow for freedom. Copy this link and send a copy to everyone you know. Then go to YouTube and start your own personal crusade against terrorism. Be creative, have fun, and don't feel the need to pull any punches.

To Strike your own personal blow against the terrorists, please copy one, or all, of the titles from the Daily Dozen list on the right sidebar. Then go to YOU TUBE and let them know what they can do with it!!!
Thanks everyone

This message is a co-operative project of free citizens of Ejectia.