July 22, 2007

The Smackdown's Founding Fathers

Once Upon a Time, some folks were sitting around waiting for Ejectia.com to go live. And then it just sort of happened (what follows is slightly edited from the comments thread):

I read at PJM that a lone blogger by the name of Rusty Shakleford has made it his personal business to shut down Taliban websites. This is a real fight, a people's war, a private citizen waging combat on his own! The Jawa Report vs. the Taliban, and guess who's winning? Now what does that tell you about our culture and technology vs. the enemy? A lone hacker is knocking out enemy communications from the privacy of his study. Twenty years ago this would have been science fiction. Check it out a PJM. - Basil

It just occured to me that Ejectia has an opportunity here to take an active role in the fight against terrorism. I've noticed while perusing combat video on U-Tube that I occaionally land on footage obviously shot by Jihadists. They are using U-Tube as a recruitment tool. Now, U-Tube does have a means by which users can complain to management about anything they find objectionable. U-Tube will then delete it. I'll need some volunteers. Here's the plan: We need to comb through the available footage using search words like Iraq, Afghanistan, Jihad, IED, etc. When we find something produced by the enemy, we click on the approriate link to advise management at U-tube that such video can be construed as aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war. Which it is, and against the law, too. Anybody game? This is a real chance to play an active part in this war, from the privacy of home no less! Post with a positive response, if you're up for it. Tally-ho! - Basil


Okay, I just gave my idea a test run. U-Tube is rife with Jihadist propaganda. I filed my complaint under "hate speech." We'll see if I can generate some action. - Basil


Basil, sounds like a good idea to me. Can you list any video you find so we can also go there and make our opinions known to management? Lets grow this thing! - Muninn


Jihadist video is rampant on this site. Just type in key words "IED" and "Jihad". It's all in Arabic and easy to spot. If U-Tube won't yield to citizen pressure, I'll call the FBI. Aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war is not protected speech under the 1st Amendment. Let's have at it. - Basil

And Operation YouTube Smackdown was born.

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