July 23, 2007

Tips for First-Time Blogger Users

Blogger.com uses a rather quirky Comments System, and can take some getting used to.

1. To leave a comment on our Weekly Comments thread, go there and scroll to the bottom of the comments and click the "Post a Comment" button.

2. That will take you to a blogger.com page where you edit & post the actual comment. We have very little control over how that page operates.

3. Initially, you can use the Back/Forward buttons on your browswer to navigate back and forth between our blog and the blogger.com comments page. However, once you post a comment, the previous page seems to 'expire' and Back/Forward may not work to get you back here.

4. Once you've left your comment, you can click on our link at the top of the comment page where it says, "Post a Comment On: Quoth the Raven".

I told you it was quirky, but that's Blogger for ya.
Oh ya, and here's: Back to Main Page.

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