July 23, 2007


How to Flag (tag) a Video and Shut it DOWN!
Just follow these easy steps!

#1) If you don’t have a YouTube account, go sign up for one. You don’t have to use it for anything but this.
#2) Click one of the videos in the playlist, let it start and then click the pause button on the player so you don’t have to actually watch the propaganda if you choose not to..
#3) Below the video, click “Flag"
#4) Choose "Select a Reason"
#5) "Violent or Repulsive Content" works for most.
#6) If not violent, choose "Hateful or Abusive Content"
#7) Next, "promotes hatred or violence"
#8) Where it says “please indicate the group attacked” choose National Origin.
#9) Where it says “provide additional information” type or copy/paste in the below statement and then at the very bottom click "Flag This Video"
Providing services to terrorists violates executive orders 12947 and 13224.

Congratulations! You have just flagged your first Internet Terrorist Video!

We thank you! America thanks you! Our military thanks you!

Note - If you have not registered with YouTube they will require you to do so in order to voice your opinion (flag the videos). It's simple enough - go to YouTube and just do it! They won't give out your email address, but it's probably best not to have any personal information on any account/email you use for this. A lot of us just put in a first name, last name initial, a user or "handle" of our liking. Oh yes, and they want your birth date to be assured you are old enough to be viewing the films. Some of us kinda fib about our birthdates. Who cares! So long as it reflects you being 18 or over.


Howie said...



Andrea said...

Working on it. Will be getting back to you howie.

allahakchew said...

Jawa...smacked down

Thanks for helping....:)

Andrea said...

Waiting on more Howie

allahakchew said...

I apologize Andrea, I was just showing what had been also suspended and the link to the suspended page..
I must not have linked it correctly...
It was this video that is gone now
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1...? v=1n8aFCkfudA..

This one still up
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8...h? v=839aTLejLE4
It is the shaheeda87 guy...he appears to have alot more besides what you smacked down..thanks much!

Andrea said...

Advise please - where do we go next?
Keep posting videos by the two, ahem, "authors" - or specific videos you want posted (and therefore need to provide me with URL's)?

allahakchew said...

Hi Andrea...we just finished shutting down Hizbollah in Iraq a terrorist website. What is left is youtube..these two users were using the videos from the website.
Been flagging like crazy and nada..still early...youtube taint want to listen as you know.
1. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=qasimhaider2007
2. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=habebalmurshid

allahakchew said...

Forgot to add....all videos on both.

allahakchew said...

It's late..forgive...here is the jawa post on this...

allahakchew said...

Adrea, Howie wanted me to forward these to you..

Thanks so much for your help...see your list is really groooowing of smackdowns...nice..

Andrea said...

allahakchew - howie

I am just NOW seeing this!
I don't check here often!
We need better way to communicate!
I sent out distress signal today to Howie - first trying to use e-m from "J" but it came back no good so left you a note at one of your sites.
It was only by coming to my site to see if maybe you replied that I found the requests from 1/11 & 18 or I would have been all over it!
We need better method because there are times I want to send you guys something I find that you might want to look at.
How about this - there is a link immediately under the current videos - can you respond to me there and then we should be on a e-m/e-m status.
Meantime - I'm going to try to post this at Jawa somewhere where I see either of you may be watching replies on pieces written.

Locomotive Breath said...

Awesome idea! Thanks for the link. I took the liberty of uploading high rez GIFs for light and dark back ground blogs, and JPGs of the smack down icon. Help yourself.

Jonathan said...

Why not burn some books while you are at it!

Svinrod said...

Splendid idea. Lets start with Mikey Moore and Noam Chomsky. I'll bring some marshmallows. You can bring your candy-ass!

kyros said...

when flagging these videos, whats the best explanation to give?

Brad said...

I usually remind them that it is unlawful to host terrorist videos on US Servers.

mE said...

You should leave these videos up so people can see what is really happening in Iraq. American soldiers slaughtering innocent people by the thousands.

Abdullah DeLancey

Anonymous said...

It should be easy to write a script that will autoflag users assembled in a list.

Anonymous said...

Whats the most efficient identification to post when flagging the insurgent attack videos?

Col.Smeag said...

Andrea keep up the good work.

EveningStar said...

"3. When the video appears, STOP or PAUSE it a few seconds after it has launched if you don't want to watch. If you choose to watch, we can tell you that you need a strong stomach..."

I think that if you're going to vote on something, you should watch all or most of it. Otherwise you shouldn't vote.

opusrex said...

Something I've found that helps to get a youtube users account deleted is to go to their channel (click on the users name and it will take you there) and then click on the report user profile violation after you've reported all their terrorist vids.

This seems to get more attention from the youtube censors if their channel profile is flagged aswell as individual videos.

kyros said...

looks like there'll be a lot more smacking down to do once the taliban open their youtube channel.

Aaron said...

For immediate smackdown, a couple of terrorist manuals in arabic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZdccAT5lpM&feature=user
Both of his videos must be shut down.

Aaron said...

What I really don't understand is the persistent unwillingness of Youtube to remove Hizbullah videos. They survive weeks on Youtube while Al Quaeda and Taliban videos get removed in days.

Anonymous said...

Free speech anyone?
Perhaps you'd like to burn some books as well?

Bruce said...

I just now flagged 10 of your listed videos. According to the FAQ, when I returned to your blog the videos I flagged should have changed color - but none have. I got the flagged confirmation on all.


I'm more than happy to do as many of these as possible since I'm retired on disability and home most of the day. I also have your smackdown link on my blog,

Antonio said...

Don't you have something better to do. If you're a true conservative you believe in freedom of speech, no matter how much you dislike it.

Fricking neo-cons and neo-libs are retards.

jasonwest said...

For all of you whining about freedom of speech... we are FOR freedom of speech. Flagging videos because they are offensive is an expression of that freedom. What do you not understand about that?

tiniyo said...

Please flag the following:
It's a Chechen terrorist page.

Anonymous said...

Please flag the following:
It's a Chechen terrorist page

René O'Deay said...

Here's a vile jihadi channel.

Andrea said...

Got it! Thank you!

René O'Deay said...

What's the best way to get these vile video links and youtube users listed here?
post them on a comment
or send in an email?
Since it looks like it takes more than one flagger to get them removed.
Thanks, thanks for this site and the others.

Goldust said...

Cab you guys help to disable this user? On march 2009 he got me banned with my old account.
Here he is:



thanks guys!

Andrea said...

Goldust - the purpose of this blogsite is to remove terrorist videos that YouTube allows. Good luck in you quest.

Anonymous said...

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