August 05, 2007

Comments for Aug 5-11 '07

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Rickbert said...

You may have noticed a slight change to the Confirmed Kills section of our Successful Smackdown sidebar.

Total Confirmed Kills: 37
Including closed accounts: over 70

One of the things we didn't keep close track of early on was the total number of videos uploaded by account. Not all videos on an account will be jihadi ones. Many people will post videos of whatever they like, and only post one or two (often found from other sources) that we'd flag.

However, when it comes to our Repeat Offenders most of those are all jihad, all the time. So we're going to be tracking those, some have over 100 jihad videos, not all of which we've put up on the Daily Dozen, yet.

Going back over the 5 accounts closed or suspended since we began, I was not able to get solid numbers for all of them. So I erred on the side of caution, and the real number of jihad videos gone from those accounts is something like several dozen higher. Hence the 'over 70'. From now on, we'll be keeping closer track.

Andrea said...

I think we may be able to add Commieknocker3000 to that because I cannot find him or his video!! Wouldn't that be a FINE thing!?

Rickbert said...

Commieknocker3000 is still up, though one of his videos we flagged awhile back has been taken down. If you're curious to know if an entire account has been taken down, the format for account profiles is 'www.youtube.com/user/' followed by the account name. If the account is active, it'll bring up the profile with all the videos still up.

Rickbert said...

Bookkeeping Note: Andrea and I have gone over the archives to check for additional deletions and to scrub up our tallies.

First, I changed Total Confirmed Kills to Direct Hits. We were starting to count some deletions twice as accounts became suspended (we're also now keeping track of # of videos per account for our Repeat Offenders). Direct Hits now refers only to YouTube removals that were flagged and put on our Daily Dozen, specifically.

Second, we also found several new videos that have been deleted since they went up on the Daily Dozen. The combination of stricter standards and new deletions almost wash, as Direct Hits are now at 36. However, the newfound deletions show up in the grand total, which is now 76.

We're trying to establish a record of YouTube's 'patterns and practices' and we want to make sure if we make any claims, we can back them up with solid data. Thanks again to all of you participating in the YouTube Smackdown.

Anonymous said...

Joing the Fray...keep the smackdown alive! GraySix (on YouTube)

Andrea said...

GraySix -
Smackdown IS alive and daily improving, daily learning, growing.

Welcome and thank you!
It can't be said enough to every person who lends a hand, encouragement, expertise.

Rickbert said...

Gray Six. Hmm, a color and a number. Now, why does that kind of nickname ring a bell? ;)

Welcome, and thanks. Embrace the Smack.

Anonymous said...

After watching D4's vid I think we need to add riducule to our inventory.


Kat said...

I'm not sure, but I believe Saturday's pick for destruction is down. It's not loading anyway:


and this one:


Kat said...

Joining the fight:

I call BS

Posted at LGF and people are bookmarking the site as I type. Also posted at Ace of Spades. We'll see if we get some more major blogger support.

Rickbert said...

Thanks Kat! I've been trying to get word out to other bloggers as well. It's hard to know whether they're too busy or just not interested, but I can't claim a very high success rate at this point.

I will follow up with Grumpy over at I Call BS! and send a thank you note. And thank you for helping spread the word.

As for the two links you mention, the videos are still up. YouTube periodically shuts down for short periods to do maintenance, and have had times I couldn't get anything to load either, you may have run into the same situation.

Andrea said...

Your timing is absolutely amazing!
And your hat in the ring - hugely appreciated!

Rickbert said...

Kat, our site tracking shows a bump from your LGF comment yesterday. I noticed you apologized for 'hijacking' the thread, and agree that whenever possible, it's better to post about the Smackdown only on the more relevant posts. I also imagine picking and choosing the right threads to bring up the Smackdown increases the chances that the people who do see it will be more likely to visit the Smackdown site and be the sort motivated to chip in.

Having said that, I've been looking for a day when they have 'open' comments registration and keep missing the window. If you could keep an eye on their posts and want to speak up on any threads where it seems appropriate, it does look like you'll steer a few eyeballs our way, and thank you for that.

GraySix said...

Confirmed Kill....Re: The YouTube Get Out Of Iraq Campaign - AsifEminem

Andrea said...

GraySix - check again - there are now 8 videos down for today!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You all are doing great! I flag everyday and will continue as long as necessary.

Anonymous said...

I can't find anything from huz999. Perchance his account has been suspended???

muninn said...

Hey all,
I can't find ol'huz999 either. Perhaps he has expired of apoplexy.
Nah, too much to hope for.
Good Hunting!

Rickbert said...

Holy Freakin' Cow! I am out most of the day for a root canal, and 8, count 'em eight, videos come down, and huz999, one of our worst Repeat Offenders has his account closed? And 4low24, who only had one jihadi video up took it down himself(because of the comments we left?).

It's almost enough to make me want to get a root canal every day! Almost. ;)

For the record, if you ever suspect an account is closed, you can type www.youtube.com/user/AccountNameHere to pull up the account profile. Try that with huzz999 today, and you'll see "This account is suspended." Woo hoo!

Rickbert said...

A quick note about the 'sometimes YouTube gets it right' video for thursday. I saw a story about the song "This is not Us" on the news, and found it on YouTube.

First, it's good to see several popular Muslim singers willing to take a stand condemning terrorism. But note in the video a few other details that would tend to drive the Ahmadinejads and Bin Ladens of the world nuts:

Men and women, in western dress, sharing the same stage, even singing with instrumental accompaniment. All of which are haram, or forbidden, by the more fundamentalist strains of Islam that preach terrorism.

Good to hear, and good to listen to.

Rickbert said...

Direct Hits: 59
Including closed accounts: over 154

The numbers above reflect the following. Huz999, and the two other takedowns from today. We'd flagged 15 of huz999's videos before today's half dozen new ones, and not a one had been removed before today. Twenty one new Direct Hits. A full 78 videos taken down that YouTube had not seen fit to remove before now.

So YouTube, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but what took you so long?

muninn said...

Well Dang!
Just got banned from leaving comments on fightglobalists video nirvana. I'm so frickin' brokenhearted. After all we meant to each other. Funny how these turds can post all the video they want, but a teeny tiny little criticism shuts down the whole "dialogue" thing. Kinda makes me suspect that they have an agenda or something. Ya think?
Sic'em Ravens!

Rickbert said...

I've noticed that, too. Quoting YouTube's own policy to them will generate a reply about how they have a 'right' to post these videos on YouTube, no matter what YouTube thinks. Or that they're just posting the jihadi videos because the truth needs to be told.

Of course, not when someone else is trying to tell it while commenting on their videos.

Rickbert said...

Anyone stopping by who followed a link to our Open Letter to YouTube, thanks! If you have any questions you didn't find answers to on any of our posts, feel free to ask them here.

Note: Our Daily Dozens will now be going up every weekday. On weekends we'll put up a review of some videos from the previous week that YouTube never saw fit to remove on the first round of flagging. This will give the admins a little time off as well as give YouTube another chance to live up to their own policy.

muninn said...

Regarding posting to E!3. I have been having a strange problem when I try to post a link. If I check the link in preview before posting it, it gets the red death. If I post a link and DO NOT GO TO THE PREVIEW SCREEN AT ALL, it goes through just fine. Dunno why, but it just is.

Rickbert said...

I'm noticing YouTube seems to be putting an increasing number of videos behind their 'click if you're over 18, no really, we trust you' buttons.

If that's their way of keeping the videos accessible to anyone willing to click an extra button, I gotta admit, I'm not impressed. I noticed an uptick of this before the Open Letter went out, so it's not clear it's a response to anything but our flagging efforts.

But if this is now their response to flagged jihad videos, what is the message? Are they now going to start doing the same with all other violence, hate speech, animal abuse, and sexually explicit content?

I ain't holding my breath.