August 27, 2007


Texas Newspaper Gives the Boot to Jihad!

Glen Rose Newspaper aids "Operation You Tube Smackdown".

"Are you aware that some real jihadist terrorists are using YouTube to spread their hate speech and graphically violent videos of our American soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Have you ever watched one of these videos? It will make you sick. But, will it make you sick enough and upset you enough to do something about it? We need your help! Please just take a few minutes and look at how a small group of American Civilians are trying to stop this. This is in no way to be taken as a request by anyone in this group or by the Smackdown website to take sides on whether you or for or against this war. This is for all Americans to be able to take part in trying to stop what is simply wrong.

Perhaps I would not have believed this had I not been sent a video and seen it with my own eyes. YouTube claims it allows no violence or hate speech videos to be posted on their website. Well I’m here to tell you different.

Not only is this allowed to take place for the entire world to see, but they are actually allowing terrorist to send snuff or death videos here to our American soil. These are despicable clips of our American soldiers being killed, tortured, blown up, shot, beheaded and their bodies degraded. There are Strykers, Humvees, and supply line vehicles being blown to pieces, with music and laughter and shouts of Alla Akbar fill the background. Yes, this is a brutal description, but it is there for you and the world to see 24 hours a day. Jihadists are openly recruiting in our own country for their fellow countrymen to join in to destroy America, and all the while, YouTube is giving free press to jihadis who want us all, men, women, and children, dead. This isn’t just another article about the war. This is a fact! A fact you can see for yourself. How dare YouTube insult our American soldiers, and our American people, to all this graphic violence and hatred videos by the very people we are in a war with, to be put in the faces of the men and women of our country that have our backs! Our Soldiers! We need your help.

A small group of Americans have taken it upon themselves to spend hour upon hour looking through these vile, sickening death videos, and then posting them to their blogsite and asking those of us who will, to pull up the video and flag it as graphic violence or hate speech. They call it Operation YouTube Smackdown. YouTube claims that each such flagging will result in their review of content and they will delete the piece if it is considered to be offensive. You do NOT have to actually look at the video itself, many people simply could not do it, and this is where the heroes of this website come in. They find them for us, and deal with the mental graphic fatigue of actually viewing them. Then they post them to their website for us to flag. They have what they call the Daily Dozen Smackdown videos and are simply looking for volunteers! All they ask is that we go to their site, pick one, and or, all twelve of the offending videos and help them smack them down!

Those of us that will take literally six (6) minutes or less, out of our day to help on this project can actually say we are civilian doing our small, but very important part in this war. It is something you can be so very proud to tell your grandchildren some day. That you took part in fighting terrorism in America!

Once you click to flag a video it automatically goes to YouTube for them to take it off - or leave it on. So far this small group amazingly has gotten many of these videos taken off. But it’s not enough! YouTube has only removed 10 to 20% of these graphic videos, leaving the vast majority up. The goal is to get citizens applying enough public pressure to see this won’t be tolerated by us Americans. It is truly horrendous and sad that an American company, YouTube, owned by Google, could allow such a thing, free speech or no.

If you want to be like an angel’s wings on the shoulder of our men and women and be able to claim you are back home on American soil helping them as civilians fight this war, then I implore you to take a few minutes and check this web site out. Please go to http://muninnquotherave.blogspot.com. We must get this stopped! We are raving made!

In loving memory of this community’s recent loss, and for our military men and women in harms way – we will not forget you and your loved ones sacrifice,

God Bless America

Rainbow Resident

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