August 23, 2007

N.Y.P.D. on Internet Jihad

"Self-radicalization may begin the day that an individual seeks out jihadist websites. In the
physical world when would-be jihadists seek support among local jihadist mentors and likeminded
fanatics. This is the group that currently poses the biggest danger to the West. It is the
focus of the present monograph"

Here is the entire pdf file from the New York Police Department. The link will take you to the NYPD homepage, where you can click the box titled "Radicalization in the west, a homegrown threat" NYPD intelligence report.
NYPD. Radicalization in the west, the homegrown threat

If you do not believe that internet video is a jihadist recruiting tool, you need to read this report. If you do not believe that "Operation You Tube Smackdown" can make a serious difference, you need to read this report.
I have seen firsthand how young people can be drawn into these video rings. I have also seen people stop participating in these rings because of the negative feedback that they hear from some of our "Crusaders". It is also frustrating for them when they see their accounts closed. At the same time, they are learning a valuable lesson about the First Amendment in the process, namely, that it can be a two-edged sword. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and read about the process of recruiting and training home grown Jihadists. Then, click on a few videos and help to neutralize the best tool that the bad guys have.

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