September 20, 2007

Secret Wars Part III

Blackwater vs. Quds Force. The Secret War Diaries part III.

By now I'm sure that you have all heard about Iraqi President Maliki and his little disagreement with Blackwater Security Inc. He has revoked Blackwater's "license" to operate in Iraq. This proves once again that the honorable Mr. Maliki is too stupid to pour piss out of a boot, even with the instructions printed on the sole. First of all, Blackwater does not operate in Iraq under an Iraqi license. It is paid for by U.S. uummm... agencies/entities.

Svin ! What the hell are you on about now. Cant you ever start at the beginning?

Beginning? OK. In the beginning there was only ice. Now we have mixed drinks to go with it(rimshot). Sorry. Here is a massively compressed, unsubstantiated, and wholly made up (by my own self, no less) account of what is going down. A couple of days ago, a "very high value" personage working for one of our U.S. entities was returning to the international"Green Zone" in Baghdad from a meeting about 2 miles away. Blackwater security customarily provides the "protective" element for convoys of this type. What happened next comes in several different flavours. That is kinda the nature of this secret war stuff. Nobody tells the truth(almost nobody). Anyhoo, a VBIED(very big 'splody thing)may or may not have detonated near the convoy. Blackwater sources indicate that they were then fired upon from several houses in the vicinity. Does all this sound pretty familiar to all you anti-jihadi's doing your "Smackdown" duties? Well, of course we have seen it all about a million times before haven't we? Pretty standard BGA(Bad Guy Ambush). Being highly trained ex-military types, the Blackwater guys hit the gas to "drive through" the ambush and get the hell outa Dodge, if'n ya know what I mean. One problem. One of the vehicles took a hit to the engine and wasn't going anywhere. It gets a little murky around now. Fog of war and all that. I think at this point the convoy split up. Mr. High Value Guy(HVG?) and part of the convoy hightail it for the Green Zone. The rest of the convoy stays to hook up a tow line to the damaged vehicle. Incoming fire is everywhere. Blackwater guys lay down suppressing fire to cover the recovery operation. Back in the Green zone, a rapid reaction force is dispatched by U.S. Military. Another Blackwater rescue force also heads to the scene. U.S. Military Choppers are scrambled. Blackwater's own helo's converge on the scene as well. Now the fun really begins. Iraqi Army and Police units are headed to the scene as well.

Let us pause here for a moment, because we gotta think a little bit right now about President Maliki. Remember him? This is a story about him.

Since the first camel sprang from the dusty loins of the primordial desert, Arab rulers have been switching sides, betraying allies, playing both ends against the middle, talking out both sides of their face, and generally giving a bad name to the time honoured business of treachery. Brother Maliki is no different in this respect and perhaps we should not regard it as so much a bug but as a feature. Basically, he is caught on the horns of a dilemna. He is a Shiite and the Iraqi Army in Baghdad, as well as the supposedly hibernating Mahdi Army is also. The U.S. have just made common cause with the Sunni North of Baghdad and are kicking Al-Quaida's butt-hard. When we are done in Al-Anbar, we are gonna kick some serious Shiite ass when we take down the Mahdi Army in Baghdad. This is going to make Maliki sad because the Shiite militias are his not-so-secret-power base. If they go down, he will too(Ka-Boom). Things explode alot over there. To hedge his bets, he has been cultivating alot of friends in Iran.

Iran's operating force in Iraq is the Al-Quds force. They deliver lots of munitions to Al-quaida and conduct other covert ops like kidnapping American Personnel in and around Baghdad. The same personnel that we hire Blackwater to protect. Now, back to the streetfight.

Our friendly allies the Iraqi Army and Police show up and take up positions surrounding the Blackwater guys. The Blackwater people know all too well what will happen if they surrender to Maliki's guys. It is quite probable that the whole attack was an Iranian Al-Quds operation, that Maliki knew about it and that the Iraqi Army and Police were there to aid/abet or cover up.

Blackwater gunships appear over the Iraqui Army as their guys on the ground lock and load. The Rapid reaction force from the Green Zone gets there too, but cant get to Blackwater because the Iraqi's have them surrounded. They take up positions around the IA and prepare to advance.

More choppers arrive. This time they are U.S. Military and they start mock strafing runs on the Iraqi positions. Finally, the Iraqi's give up the game and withdraw. Mexican standoff ends. There are about 18 dead bad guys at the scene. Iraqi Army collects the bodies and proclaims them all women and children. Yeah right. Not Quds Force at all. No Iranians here. What Kidnapping? What IED ? This is all Blackwater's fault. "Bring me their operators license!"

Well, I know that is a sorry load of crap, and I cant tell a story to save my life, so I'll leave y'all with a little six minute video of Blackwater in action. The MSM will brand them as mercenaries, pirates, leeches, and murderers.They are none of that. They are professionals at what they do. I would give anything to be with them right now. I almost got the chance too...


September 18, 2007

Secret Wars Part II

Why can't I read the words? Because these are secret plans, that's why. Actually, it is just because Blogspot has a crappy graphic editor but thats not really the point. I am here today to tell you all something very important. The Battle for Iraq is over.
Uuummm....Svin? Who won?
Well, naturally, that is a secret. I can tell you who lost though. Saddam Hussein is the biggest loser. His charming offspring Uday and Qusay can be considered losers. That Bin Laden guy lost big time (even though he was in Afghanistan when Mohammed met the Mountain, so to speak). Al-Zarqawi took over in Iraq and promptly got smashed like a bug. Al-Sadr has eluded the virginal embrace, but wont be doing much talking on the cell-phone if he knows what is good for him. Al-Maliki is still a pain in the ass, but he is our pain in the ass so we own that one. Still, accidents happen. Hillary lost last week in a cage match against Petraeus. Al-Quaida in Iraq has been forcibly ejected from their "Capitol of the New Caliphate" in Al-Anbar (with heavy losses). The "surge" troops will be coming home (if only for a brief rest and re-fit) next summer. All-in-all, it looks like we can wrap this one up and file it in the WIN column. There wont be a formal surrender unless we get one of our battleships out of mothballs.
So Svin, are you telling us the War is over?
No. I said the Battle for Iraq is over. The war will continue. Phase one of the War against the Iranian Axis happened in early September when the Israeli Air Force took out a Syrian/Iranian/North Korean nuclear target in north-east Syria. The bombing of Iran will probably commence by December if the Israelis do it, or in the Spring if we do it. It will be much better if we do it, but the Israelis cannot afford to ignore a nuclear threat and will operate on their own timetable. The map above shows the approximate range of the Iranian Shahab-3 missile which can carry a 2,000 lb. warhead. Draw your own conclusions.
The (U.S.) campaign against Iran will be largely a naval/air campaign which will seek to quickly neutralize all of Iran's long-range assets. If they mobilize for a land incursion into Iraq or elsewhere, well, then they are more stupid than they look(hard to imagine, I know). The festivities will be accompanied by a(surprise) spike in oil prices, threats from the Chinese, more Moonbats marching to the Internationale in Washington D.C. and the usual lying and perfidy from the MSM, the UN, the DNC, the EU, the Russians, and NAMBLA (to name just a few). Same as usual. Us against the world. Waddya gonna do?
Just remember two things. These bastards started it and we are gonna finish it. Everything else is just fishwrap. Don't tell anyone. It will be just our little secret war, mmmkaayyy ?????
This report is brought to you directly from Odin's High Seat by Hugin, Muninn and Svin. All future facts have been verified by the three Norns at the Well of Urd." Quoth The Raven" denies that this post ever existed

September 13, 2007

What if they had a war and nobody knew it ?

Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan.

I'm sure you have all seen the movie. Some of you may be familiar with the original TV episode. I'll bet that not many of you have read the prequel "Star Trek, The Eugenics War" vols.1&2 by Greg Cox.

OK Svin, You have finally gone over the edge and changed this to a Trekkie site, right?

Wrong. I actually do have a point here somewhere. As I'm sure you all remember, Khan and his minions were the product of a genetic engineering scheme that resulted in the "Eugenics Wars" of the late 20th Century. If these wars were so destructive, why do we 21st century denizens not remember them more clearly ? Greg Cox has an interesting answer. The war actually took place, but was conducted largely in secret.

A Secret War ? "Holy Photon Torpedoes Batman. What a diabolical plot!"

"Right you are Boy Wonder, and its happening again."

"Right now?"

"Even as we speak!"

Ok, sorry for the geeky intro, but I really liked the Khan Picture. Too bad it was just a ruse to get you to check this out.

Ok, here is the real thing. Not a Starship. It is an Israeli F15i Fighter/Bomber (Made in U.S.A.). You all heard about when a formation of these crossed into Syrian airspace and destroyed what has been described variously as a "missile launch installation", "a shipment of missiles from Iran" or a "Nuclear facility" purchased from North Korea. You read it on the front page just last week, remember? No? Well, you must have seen it on the news, no? NO?
Surely you remember the Eugenic Wars?
Ok Svin. First we get Star Trek, and now we get World War IV and its a Secret ???
Next you're gonna tell us that Bin Laden was killed at Tora Bora and thats a secret too!
Umm....Have you seen his "latest" video? Its been in the can longer than Prince Albert. Here is the deal as near as I can make it out. Hope the Men In Black don't come back here after they read this. Israeli Jets did indeed strike targets in north-eastern Syria, which is an act of war, same way Pearl Harbor was. Syria doesn't wanna talk about it because
A) They got caught with their hand in the WMD cookie jar and...
B) They just spent really big bucks buying an "unjammable" anti-aircraft system from the Russians. Note-It did not appear to perform as advertised.
The Israelis have adopted a "Who Me?" attitude. The Russians don't want to admit that their system is a P.O.S.(Piece of Shiite). The Iranians (That'd be Ahmadamnutjob and his Diaper Head Chorus) just purchased the same P.O.S. from the Russkies as well and don't want to admit that their umbrella may have holes in it. They also don't want to admit complicity in shipping WMD to Syria or their Hezbollah buddies. The D.O.D. and the MSM dont want to talk about it for completely different and contradictory reasons. The only country that protested was North Korea, and that is just because their little cash and carry DIY(Destroy It Yourself) nuclear missile program just went chapter 7. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive (I just now made that one up).
So. That is your super-secret, highly classified, now I'm gonna have to kill ya report on WW IV. I hope that they can keep the ending secret too.
Sweet Dreams.
(Special war correspondant Muninn contributed to this "ahem" report)

September 11, 2007

9/11 Why We Fight

This is a hard post to compose. There is not an American alive today that does not know of the thousands that perished on that September morning. To me, this is what the fight is all about. America has now been at war for six long years. Thousands of brave volunteer soldiers have died and even more wounded. The treasury of the U.S.A., like a blood bank, is desperately trying to transfuse life into a dying region of the planet. There is a cancer growing there that, if left untreated, would destroy all vestiges of civilization as we in the west perceive it. It has thoroughly infected europe, and more than a few cells have been found here at home. It has a name. It is malignant and it is evil . It is also a religion. It is ironic that "We The People" should be confronted by an enemy that we have always considered sacrosanct. We guarantee religious freedom in this country. Our enemies demand submission to their bitter and twisted vision of Paradise. There is little room for compromise between medicine and poison. This sickness has been thrust upon us and can only be eradicated by it's complete and utter destruction. There can be no treaties, no co-existance, no conditions. The enemy must be ruthlessly hunted down and killed. Some will argue that an idea can not be killed. They are wrong . For untold centuries, civilizations were ruled by the"Divine Right" of royalty claiming descent from the Gods. This arrogance has been mostly given its answer in the last century. In the 19th century, slavery was considered a " peculiar" American Institution. Fascism, Hitlerism, and the 20th century Bushido of Japan were not only crushed militarily but destroyed as even viable ideas. It can be done. It has to be done again. I will leave it to those who have read thus far to determine how those infected with an evil idea should be treated. Is the infection always malignant? Can it be reversed or tamed? Can it be even understood? Choose your answers wisely my friends. The wrong decisions will kill us all. I choose life for myself. That choice may have consequences for others. Bad ideas cause bad things to happen. Too Damned Bad !

September 09, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Finally !

After weeks of review, the winner of the YouTube Smackdown video of the month !

September 02, 2007

Afghan Drug Trafficking

Sorry that this idiot is on the front page again, but The Minuteman over at Horseshoes And Hand Grenades has a new surveillance video out revealing the extent of the drug trafficking problems in Phumbuqistan. Courtesy of D4 productions. Warning!-Flashback Alert!
Click the link for teh funny.

Bin-Laden, Zarquwi, and uh...Dave