September 11, 2007

9/11 Why We Fight

This is a hard post to compose. There is not an American alive today that does not know of the thousands that perished on that September morning. To me, this is what the fight is all about. America has now been at war for six long years. Thousands of brave volunteer soldiers have died and even more wounded. The treasury of the U.S.A., like a blood bank, is desperately trying to transfuse life into a dying region of the planet. There is a cancer growing there that, if left untreated, would destroy all vestiges of civilization as we in the west perceive it. It has thoroughly infected europe, and more than a few cells have been found here at home. It has a name. It is malignant and it is evil . It is also a religion. It is ironic that "We The People" should be confronted by an enemy that we have always considered sacrosanct. We guarantee religious freedom in this country. Our enemies demand submission to their bitter and twisted vision of Paradise. There is little room for compromise between medicine and poison. This sickness has been thrust upon us and can only be eradicated by it's complete and utter destruction. There can be no treaties, no co-existance, no conditions. The enemy must be ruthlessly hunted down and killed. Some will argue that an idea can not be killed. They are wrong . For untold centuries, civilizations were ruled by the"Divine Right" of royalty claiming descent from the Gods. This arrogance has been mostly given its answer in the last century. In the 19th century, slavery was considered a " peculiar" American Institution. Fascism, Hitlerism, and the 20th century Bushido of Japan were not only crushed militarily but destroyed as even viable ideas. It can be done. It has to be done again. I will leave it to those who have read thus far to determine how those infected with an evil idea should be treated. Is the infection always malignant? Can it be reversed or tamed? Can it be even understood? Choose your answers wisely my friends. The wrong decisions will kill us all. I choose life for myself. That choice may have consequences for others. Bad ideas cause bad things to happen. Too Damned Bad !

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