October 05, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends.

Rickenbacker Airfield, Ohio 2007

Sometimes you just have to be there. There is no way to adequately describe the incredibly loud, powerful, rumbling, scream of an afterburner on full power. To say "It Rocks" is an understatement. One cannot fully appreciate ones tax dollar at work without seeing the United States Air Force demonstration team "The Thunderbirds" doing what they do best. Here are a few more pix I was able to take on that warm sunny September day, under an azure sky, just off of the runway in Ohio.

Note that I am not using a telephoto lens. These boys and girls are flying low and close. We probably had the best seats in the place, as most of the aerobatics took place directly in front of us.

Timing is everything! More for them than for my own humble self, but I was gratified that a lifetime of trigger training on the Trap range with a 12ga. allowed me to capture this perfect "Double". After that, things settled down to a perfectly normal pace. Normal for the T-Birds anyway.

Ever have one of those days when you just don't know which way is up? Lets try that one again, shall we?

Wait a minute. Something is still not right. Lets see how the other guys are doing it. I'm pretty sure the blue side should be on top.

Maybe not. Any of you guys have the instruction manual for these things?

Well, at least we're all pointed in the same direction. Lets go home.

Bye Bye Y'all. God Bless America! Stay tuned for part 2 of Mustangs & Legends



Andrea said...

Absolutely awesome!

minuteman said...

That is totally cool!

muninn said...

Thanks for the kudos. I can't believe that I missed a perfectly wonderful Smackdown while I was gone. Good Job! I wrote to YouTube about the offending nitwit, but have not gotten a reply yet. Go figure! Thanks for all the hard work. I will try and get my act together to be of more support.
Hoorah to you and yours!

Aethelred said...

Excellent camera work!
The Thunderbirds rock!

Anonymous said...

Basil said:

RE: Mustangs. I remember attending an Armed Forces Day event at Andrews AFB a few years back. It was all good, of course, but the single fly-over that impressed me was the P-51. I watched the other vintage aircraft do their thing with much appreciation, but the Mustang was in a class by herself. Yeah, I know, we borrowed the Rolls Royce Merlin from the Brits, but the hydrid was bitch'n like nothing else in the air. I can't describe it; it's something you have to see for yourself.

muninn said...

Brother Basil,
You are exactly right. The"Merlins" make a most wonderful noise. Almost like a Hummm...!
Stay tuned for Part Two (tomorrow hopefully) They tried to put 51 Mustangs in the air at once, but bad weather a few days before precluded a practice of the "Mass formation". They did manage to get to get 24 flying at once, and I got a picture of them doing the "51" formation.
We also went to Wright Patterson AFB on the Friday before and spent 8 hours at the Air Museum. Many pix to follow.
Stay Tuned.