January 10, 2008

For Andrea

Clicking on the link above will take you to Quoth the Raven's sister site, which is operated by a truly wonderful American Patriot named Andrea. "Stop Internet Terrorists" is the express page for those of us who were recently described on Jawa Report as "Irregular Civilians" battling the Jihadis on You Tube. Andrea is the one who tirelessly ferrets out Jihad Video on You Tube, copies the URLs and posts them on our hit list. Your job is to follow the links and "flag" the videos as offensive. You Tube has recently added a whole new menu of offensive behavior to choose from. As an added bonus( if you can stomach it) you can even leave a note to the "Artistes" who post this crap on their sites. They are generally not a very impressive lot. Actually, they are usually losers of the worst sort. Col. cooper was right when he said "We have been blessed with the most ignorant of enemies. They only have one book!"

The best thing about Andrea's "Express" version of the Anti-Jihad is that you don't have to read any of the stuff that I occasionally post here. It is not a Blog. It is more like a Target Acquisition Radar. The fastest and easiest way to go to You Tube directly and start helping to take down these sites.

It Really Works! We have taken down so many individual videos and closed so many accounts that I have lost track. All due to the indefatigable Andrea and her army of siblings and assorted co-conspirators.

So Please-Click on the Link at the top and go Whack a few Moles. Her site deserves all the support you can give to it. Is this the most effective way to fight the jihadist propaganda machine? I can only quote the great Teddy Roosevelt regarding another war in a distant land. "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have!" Sage advice for any time really. NOW GO DO IT!!!

Svin/ Muninn

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