February 05, 2008


How the West Virginia Republican Politburo Stole My Vote And Gave It To Mike HuckabeeThis is a story of political arrogance at it's worst. It is the untold story of how an anointed few have disenfranchised 99.9% of West Virginia's Republican Primary voters. In the past, this state's Republican primary contest was held in the spring and was open to all registered Republican voters. The balloting was typically preceded by weeks of mailings, phone calls, canvassings and the blossoming of the seasonal campaign signs in front yards and along the highway. I have been a registered Republican in this state since September 2001. I have voted in every election including primaries and local levy referendums. One would expect that when election procedures are to be radically altered, the electoral base would be notified. Apparently, the Republican Party apparatchiks have decided that the elections run much more smoothly without the voters! Unbeknownst to the average Republican voter in this state, our primary election has been "enhanced" by the addition of a "Leaders Caucus" about 4 months ahead of the "official" primary date. This means that 1,200 party appointees met in the state capitol on "Super Tuesday" and decided to award 18 of West Virginia's 30 Republican primary delegates to the esteemed( but probably untenable) candidate Mike Huckabee. The actual Republican primary will still be held as scheduled on May 13th, 2008. At that time, the other 99.9% of Republican voters will be allowed to vote for the remaining 12 delegates, the majority having already been chosen by our "Leaders". It is an abomination of truly Communist proportions. It is not a popular vote by any stretch of the imagination. It is despicable. When asked for the rationale behind the virtually unannounced procedural change, the answer given was that the Republican "Committee" felt that they needed to have more "influence" over the delegate choices. That is not "influence". That is "Diktat"!
I will go to the polls for the national election in November. I will vote against those candidates who would ruin this country. I will never again support the Republican party in this state. They have shown their contempt for their own voters and deserve the same treatment from them.
God Save the Republic.
Svinrod in Wesbygod


Anonymous said...

Basil says,

I was not in the mood to hear this. Things are bad enough without the Republic coming apart at the seams through skullduggery.

Europe has thrown in the towel. It's politicos mere quislings for a new order. I was hoping America alone might make a stand.

Americans are faced with evil choices. I honestly now see a shoot'n war ahead. When the soapbox fails, we rely on ballot box. But when the ballot box fails, we have only one alternative: the cartridge box. God Save the Republic, indeed.

svin said...

I have forwarded this to The Monster in hopes that he might find a way to include it in the E!3 Gazette. If you run into anyone in TCL please ask them to consider polishing and posting it.
Thanks, Svin
P.S. I agree with what you said.

Anonymous said...

Basil says,

Tuesday's results from both parties show a republic riven by identity politics. Those who preach "diversity" now see the fruits of their work. The body politic is growing more divided and alienated by the day. But this was the plan all along, no?

First they told us that truth does not exist. One person's opinion is equal to another, there are no facts, and each of us is but a bundle of personal prejudice. It began in the academy where faux professors launched a deliberate campaign to occlude objective truth.

Then they taught us to hate all that was good in America. Our accomplishments were labeled crimes. Our heritage was denounced as racist. The rule of law became a tool of the oppressors. A new order was taking shape based on revealed truth.

When confronted by ideas the minions of this new order refused to debate. They countered with insults and ad hominem attacks against anyone who dare spoke a plain truth. Unable to offer reasoned argument, they did everything to destroy the messenger. The politics of personal destruction became a legitimate tactic.

The new order then began its campaign of divide and conquer. They resurrected historical grievences and breathed old hatreds into the lungs of the body politic. They aimed for disunity and found it in identity politics, pitting one group against another in a zero sum game.

Once the populace was marginalized by faction, the new masters reached for the power to control all. Carefully constructed institutions and precedents were bypassed or ignored. Disenfranchisement followed. The Republic of two-hundred thirty years began to teater on its pedestal.

And only a very few understood the danger . . .

instinct said...

Personally, the whole caucus system is corrupt. In some states only certain delegates are allowed to vote which means that a few of the Republicans and Democrats get to decide for everyone else who will be on the ballot.

The entire system of delegate voting needs to be scrapped.

Basil, you are right. There is still a chance to save it, but those chances slip further and further away the more we let the radicals scream on about how it's everyones fault but theirs

bill mecorney said...

The Problem as I have seen it is: Affiliation without passion or need. Why organize when there was no compelling need for power? Long ago, no one saw the need to devote resources to Politics, not for any length of time, certainly not as an institution! The Day we allowed professional politicians to approach the pulpit, that was the day our Republic Died. The Politics of "safe" districts, "let's you and him fight", and barely legal ethnic banner wavers destroys us daily.
The MAN who brings back the aroma of my America, will find me behind him, rifle in hand, willing to fight for what we forgot.

Svinrod said...

I have been looking into this caucus thing a little deeper and I am shocked by how many states have usurped their voter's input in the primaries. Corruption Indeed!

Bill Mecorney,
Greetings and welcome. It has been said that during uneventful times we tend to elect weak leaders, but when things get more "interesting" somehow we manage to select a better breed. I hope that we can pull that off again at least one more time.

bill mecorney said...

Svin- I am unable to escape the presence of patriotism in myself and my friends. I believe with all my Heart in the principles of our Founders; when things get bad enough, there will be an inconquerable uproar of belly felt Love for this country. It is Inevitable, I rest my existence and that of my family on that feeling.

Svinrod said...

Well Bill M., you are on optimist. I guess my inner optimist still lives somewhere, otherwise I would not enjoy Bill W. so much. Patriotism is a good thing, especially when it venerates such a noble social compact as our founders attempted to devise. Philosophically, however, I do not see much light at the end of the tunnel. When "We The People" finally decide to act, and do what needs to be done, I feel that it will be more out of fear and desperation than out of love. Socialism cannot by itself long survive, but I fear for the Republic as well.
God Help Us

bill mecorney said...

Svin- I guarantee some of the Founders simply felt "nothing could be worse than George !!!"
But I'll bet most, if not all, eventually realized that they were on to something very special, not just a better than George thing, but a genuine "I stake my sacred honor and very life upon" kind of feeling. In any case, if what happens is what I fear, it won't matter why, only THAT we fight!!

Dogs Run, Men Fight.

instinct said...

I have always found it amazing how many men we had at the beginning of this country who were essentially at the right place at the right time.

Men of different backgrounds, religions, and views on life brought together a document so unique in the world that to this day it has not been copied by any other country.

The greatest threat we have it ourselves. We have not had a war that has taxed the people since WWII when people were doing everything they could for the war effort. Now, with the current situation, people still go out to dinner as normal, do their 24 hour sales at Sears, and don't let something like world wide terrorism intrude into their Paris Hilton filled lives.

When push comes to shove I think the good men and women of this country will take up arms and defend it - even against itself.

One thing that people must eventually realize is that it is not the governments job to take care of them. The government must realize this as well. JFK said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" Today it has been twisted around to "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you."

bill mecorney said...

Disenfranchised indeed; NEW? NOT!
The Vote cannot be stolen, even now, only GIVEN AWAY. Grab the nearest sheeple you can find by the shorties and have a serious talk with H/H. I recently went to a conference in Pa. and had the opportunity to speak to a group of very well connected NE types who showed serious Paris Hilton Syndrome. They got my message. If YOU give up, we're done, don't give up on THEM!

Anonymous said...

Basil says,

Small victories give me hope. I introduced my students to Obama's "Yes We Can" video. Naturally, they were swept away by it, youthful idealism being what it is. But after careful scrutiny they began to recognize it for the cotton candy it is. At least I have taught them discrimination.

Went next to some political cartoons about conservatism and McCain. Only a few of my students come from conservative households, but at least all of them now understand (in theory) the principles of conservativism: limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, etc.

Unlike my liberal colleagues, I teach how to think, not what to think. Judgement and discrimination are virtues. I gladly fill the role as teacher. The compensation is much more than just a paycheck.

God Save the Republic!

bill mecorney said...

anonymous- As a former schools trustee, I must say your approach is refreshing, encouraging, and Rare. Keep up the Honor of the Profession. We are not doomed.