March 27, 2008

poppysmic - 326 videos

The "author" -

"To deny the battlefield of Jihad means denying the authoritative texts of Islam"
"Nowadays, war doesn't determine who is right but only who is left."

Well guess what "poppysmic" of the U.K. - YOUR not one of those left!

"This account is suspended"

SMACKDOWN Cyber Warriors - take a bow!

Oh, yeah, and Rafidhayn (90) - thy name be TOAST!

March 12, 2008

Oh patience is such - a - virtue!

How many of you have written asking if we had worked on oumMoadh and his (123) pieces of jihad garbage?
I had to keep saying - Yes, yes, but he's not down - yet.

So the word spread and between Jawa and Kafir and Warintel and StarCMC and the awesome SMACKDOWN warriors - this cyberpig had no chance a-tall!
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

Poetic words from KittyLeapHore
- "WooFreakin HOO!!!!!"

March 08, 2008


So we have here at Smackdown a bakers dozen today and tomorrow.
How - sweet?
And then there is - Mister Autopsy.
Not a big player (5), but he seems to have a "thing" for Juba/sniper videos.
I don't like Juba/sniper videos! Do you?

We already got down one of his earlier in the week but today he decided to post three more so - da-ta-da - I thought it would be "sweet" to give him some exposure to some folk who just - don't - like - his - style.

If you have a few extra minutes - please click the sniper video link to go to S.I.T. and give him a hand on his way? I'd really like this guy to know he's been drinkin upstream from the herd!

March 02, 2008

UPDATE 3/7 - SLIME-O HAS BEEN SUSPENDED!!! The slimiest slime - American jihad sympathizers!

Jihad4Life4EvA - resurrected as - jihad4life4eva2 -
What?! He thinks we're stoopid!

Howie at Jawa says just dispatch him post haste!
Kafir has been on it since yesterday.
Lets join the spree - shall we?
Will leave him up thru Monday. Link at the right.