April 09, 2008

Hizballah Hezbollah

Videos at sidebar marked "Hizballah" - please flag in the "promotes hatred or violence" category.
Where it says "please indicate the group attacked" choose National Origin.
Where it says "provide additional information....." type or copy past in the below statement.

"Providing services to Hizballah, a specially designated terrorist entity, violates executive orders 12947 and 13224"


Anonymous said...

try this one


Andrea said...

I will have him on by Monday latest, possibly on Sunday.
Thank you.

Ralph said...

Here's another poster who needs to be smacked down.


His comment to me:

the whole world hates the USA and the americunts , and i'm proud of that , only some brainwashed americans and israelis like the US ;-)

Andrea said...

Ralph - nice guys like him need some talking to.
Will pull and see what we can do.

anonymous 4/13 - I did not get almujtabah ready for today you may have noticed.
A problem I am in the process of resolving - the site has been intended for the Iraq/Afghanistan fronts. Understandably I get more and more requests to work on the anti-semantic videos - so I have made the decision to do so.
I need a couple more days (if that) to figure how I want to do it - but - I will get it done.

Thank you both!

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Andrea, have you seen this?
Got War Porn

First time I saw that site. It is promoting your site!


Elizabeth said...

Freerepublic.com is helping with this too!

Lan Astaslem said...

Andrea, this is Opus Rex. I'm putting together a blog and youtube channel that is going to focus on one Jihadi recruiter/poster at a time.

anywho, I also want to include an instructional sidebar and was wondering if I could either link to this post (Hizballah Hezbollah) or c&p it with appropriate credit.