June 28, 2008

Founding Fathers

We Will Never Submit
I was extremely gratified to receive the following post from one of the three original Quoth the Raven authors. He is a world traveler, an author, a teacher, a most gracious host, and even a Senator of the Lost Republic of Ejectia. Since Bill Whittle is still on hiatus, I hope that you will here enjoy the next best thing.
The Enemy We May Not Name
By Basil Riverdale
I dislike the term 'Global War on Terror.' It makes as much sense as describing World War II as the war against blitzkrieg. War is waged between two opposing sides. You cannot declare war on a method. The anti-intellectualism from the politically correct crowd often manifests as muddled thinking. We cannot name the enemy; he might get upset with us. Upset? He's already angry enough to murder us, how much more upset can he get? Allow me to provide some clarity: Western civilization is in a war with Islam.

I have a good bit of personal experience with Islam. I traveled the world in my younger days. I've witnessed Islam as practiced in Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Kashmir and Malaysia. Here's a truth for you: the more pious the believer, the more ignorant and downtrodden he tends to be. Islam is the most totalitarian system ever devised by man. Every aspect of human behavior is regulated where it is not otherwise proscribed altogether. From diet to statecraft, you can find it all in the One Book. Islam as a system of control is the very antithesis of liberty. Modernity and Islam could not be more incompatible. Are there no modern Muslims? Well yes, but they tend to be secular as they go about their daily business. In Turkey, for example, a visit once a week to the mosque for prayer is the norm. You don't see Turks in Ankara putting their noses in the carpet five times a day.

Now, don't get me wrong. If someone wants to spend his free time on his knees begging the deity, have at it. Personally, I don't think anyone is listening. God has more important things to do; the universe is a big place and someone has to keep the gears lubed. What gets my dander up are the Muslims who want to impose their ways on me. I'm supposed to give up beer and dress my woman in a black sack, eh? Pious Muslims say it's all in the One Book. Guess what? In the west we have something called a library. We also enjoy something called liberty which exempts us from daily acts of personal abasement before the deity. So take your Sharia and shove it. It's not welcome in my world. Nor does my sense of human dignity include honor killings and sexual mutilation.

Keep in mind that I'm a product of the western, liberal tradition. I can negotiate. You can be an American Muslim provided you don't drag your religion into the public square. Americans believe in the separation of church and state. It's a proven concept for maintaining domestic tranquility for over two-hundred years. Also, loyalty to America comes first. If you as a Muslim can't abide by two simple rules, then don't come here. And if you do emmigrate, be prepared to see your progeny grow up as modern, secular, American kids. It's what happens to all immigrant groups. Modernity is riding a wave of secularism. Get used to it.

Of course, if you really believe that the last word on life, the universe, and everything was written down by God in the 7th Century, then we've got a problem. Or rather, you have a problem. You're stupid. If you believe seventy-two virgins are waiting for you in paradise, you are terminally stupid. And if you think you're taking me with you by way of murder, I'm left with only one choice. I have to kill you before you kill me. If you look at Iraq today, or talk with a jihadist (assuming you can still find one alive), you just might conclude that America is a killing machine. If you kill one of us, we will kill you back. Only the ratio favors us by a margin of 20 to 1. Got that?

So that's the deal. If you want to live under the tyranny of religion, stay home. If you think Iraq runs better with dependable electricity, running water, and consensual government, then join us. But if you think God has ordered you to murder, get ready to be disappointed. America has built a nation-state in Iraq out of damn near nothing, but even America can't fix stupid. Modernity is changing the face of Islam. The clock of history does not run backwards. Get used to it. It's time you got a clue.


June 21, 2008

Bomber Girlz

Aint America Wonderful!

Got an e-mail from the indefatigable Andrea after the "Camel Song" post. She says "Svin, the PC Nazis are gonna get you." Well, I waited all week and NO PC Nazis. I guess I'm just not trying hard enough.

With that in mind I thought I would start a new feature here on QTR to see if we could flush them out, so to speak. I actually got the idea from the freeper site(see the Bomb Damage Assessment link in the sidebar). After listing all of May's Smackdowns, they mentioned "Bomber Girl is pleased!"

Right about then I got to thinking about the Bomber Girl Concept (BGC?) and decided it should be an integral part of The Smackdown. Hey! If Kim du Toit can have his "Weekend Women" feature on Sundays, I figured we could get away with Bomber Girlz every now and then. Its a Morale thing. The best part about it is the Jihadi's cant hijack(pun intended) this idea becaus all of their Bomber Girlz look like Cousin It stuffed in a hefty bag. Also, these guys are so sexually repressed that a few good pix might make their heads explode. Figure that its worth a try at the very least. Remember what the Mooselimb Moms say about their younguns. "Kids. They blow up so fast these days."

My idea is to set up a Bomber Girlz page where we can collect entries that y'all send in. Requirements are pretty simple and obvious. Bomber Girlz pix should have Girlz in them. A bomb or bomber is what makes it a Bomber Girlz pic. Lemme show ya what I mean.

Allow me to present the charming and talented Tara. See the picture? See the Girl? see the bomb? Pretty simple concept really. We could even do captions. Anything that will drive Mo,Hammed and Curly to the camel tent would be ideal. But be warned. Uncle Svin aint lettin no gutter trash on his site. Tara here is a qualified aircraft maintenance tech and has her own security detail which includes among others my own self, her chosen Soldier Boy, the odd Marine and a few Vulcan operatives. As usual, with any new idea, lemme know what yer thinking and we'll do something, even if its wrong.

Seeyall in Smackdown land

Svin Out!

June 03, 2008


By Allah! First the tooth Fairy leaves me a knock-off Rolex that is so cheap it does not even have a dial, and now some crazy infidels get me thrown off of You-Tube. Whats next? Crusaders start handing out Christian coins? By the fleas of my fathers, it is getting harder and harder to be this stupid and not get blown up.

Death to those Smackdown American peoples. Don't they know about the first amendment. Don't they know that it only applies to us mooselimbs. It is enough to make one stop beating his wives. I go back to cave now. Talk to camel. Maybe bring some flowers. Get Lucky.

Ooohhh beautifuulll camelll....

Four legs are so nice....

My cave is my castle...

Your hot breath is like spice...

Gotta go Puke now.


June 02, 2008

What a Merry Merry Month of May!

Wow! So, the force multiplication efforts have borne fruit...

Thank you everyone who helped suspend 25 users and remove a grand total of 1,452 terrorist supporting videos during the month of May!

I would also like to mention Senator Joe Lieberman's contribution to our effort. Thanks to his continued voice in the media, YouTube's jihadi problem is getting the attention it deserves. Perhaps, because of his efforts, YouTube is listing a little bit closer to us.

I attempted to contact the senator to let him know he is not alone in this battle, but as I am not his constituent, I could not get through...

Look for more exciting news to come as our movement grows and gathers steam. Some say it's not worth the effort, but those of us here think no battleground should go uncontested. You can look at the SMACKDOWN numbers for May and know we are making a difference. I for one WILL NOT surrender YouTube just because it's "not worth the effort."

Keep SMACKING DOWN those terrorists, keep spreading the word, and never, ever, forget.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that 22 of those 1,452 videos were posted over at jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day. Twenty-two of thirty-one videos posted...
That's a 71% success rate. Not too shabby!