June 21, 2008

Bomber Girlz

Aint America Wonderful!

Got an e-mail from the indefatigable Andrea after the "Camel Song" post. She says "Svin, the PC Nazis are gonna get you." Well, I waited all week and NO PC Nazis. I guess I'm just not trying hard enough.

With that in mind I thought I would start a new feature here on QTR to see if we could flush them out, so to speak. I actually got the idea from the freeper site(see the Bomb Damage Assessment link in the sidebar). After listing all of May's Smackdowns, they mentioned "Bomber Girl is pleased!"

Right about then I got to thinking about the Bomber Girl Concept (BGC?) and decided it should be an integral part of The Smackdown. Hey! If Kim du Toit can have his "Weekend Women" feature on Sundays, I figured we could get away with Bomber Girlz every now and then. Its a Morale thing. The best part about it is the Jihadi's cant hijack(pun intended) this idea becaus all of their Bomber Girlz look like Cousin It stuffed in a hefty bag. Also, these guys are so sexually repressed that a few good pix might make their heads explode. Figure that its worth a try at the very least. Remember what the Mooselimb Moms say about their younguns. "Kids. They blow up so fast these days."

My idea is to set up a Bomber Girlz page where we can collect entries that y'all send in. Requirements are pretty simple and obvious. Bomber Girlz pix should have Girlz in them. A bomb or bomber is what makes it a Bomber Girlz pic. Lemme show ya what I mean.

Allow me to present the charming and talented Tara. See the picture? See the Girl? see the bomb? Pretty simple concept really. We could even do captions. Anything that will drive Mo,Hammed and Curly to the camel tent would be ideal. But be warned. Uncle Svin aint lettin no gutter trash on his site. Tara here is a qualified aircraft maintenance tech and has her own security detail which includes among others my own self, her chosen Soldier Boy, the odd Marine and a few Vulcan operatives. As usual, with any new idea, lemme know what yer thinking and we'll do something, even if its wrong.

Seeyall in Smackdown land

Svin Out!


Lan Astaslem said...
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Lan Astaslem said...

This won't qualify?


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that bomber girl art should be pletiful if you consider what was actually painted on the old warbirds. Just an idea . . .

Anyways, I am still around, but something is still screwed up in my software. Thus the necessity of posting semi-anonymous. I'll see what I can do about getting you an editorial for our one year anniversary.

~Basil - out.

Svinrod said...

Tank girl can come to any party I am throwing. How could you stop her anyhow. She will definately be on the new page when it is up.

I thought about "Nose Art" as well. Works for me too.