June 02, 2008

What a Merry Merry Month of May!

Wow! So, the force multiplication efforts have borne fruit...

Thank you everyone who helped suspend 25 users and remove a grand total of 1,452 terrorist supporting videos during the month of May!

I would also like to mention Senator Joe Lieberman's contribution to our effort. Thanks to his continued voice in the media, YouTube's jihadi problem is getting the attention it deserves. Perhaps, because of his efforts, YouTube is listing a little bit closer to us.

I attempted to contact the senator to let him know he is not alone in this battle, but as I am not his constituent, I could not get through...

Look for more exciting news to come as our movement grows and gathers steam. Some say it's not worth the effort, but those of us here think no battleground should go uncontested. You can look at the SMACKDOWN numbers for May and know we are making a difference. I for one WILL NOT surrender YouTube just because it's "not worth the effort."

Keep SMACKING DOWN those terrorists, keep spreading the word, and never, ever, forget.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that 22 of those 1,452 videos were posted over at jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day. Twenty-two of thirty-one videos posted...
That's a 71% success rate. Not too shabby!


William Teach said...

Hey there. I have another one you can smackdown: http://youtube.com/user/ShaheedAbuMusab

He is still a small fry, only 6 vids, but, any terrorist is a bad terrorist!

andrea said...

Yep. You are so right William Teach! And we've avoided the small guys for the most part in an effort to get the big guys down. BUT! We have just found a good spot to smack these "little" jerks. I'll let you know when we're set up for him. Real soon! Thank you!

andrea said...

william teach - we posted him 6/3 at Free Republic (see Smackdown Corps). At the time of posting he had 6 videos. He added one during the day. Six have come down so far!

Lan Astaslem said...




Are Suspended!!

More to come, but I've got a plan to catch soon.

Lan Astaslem said...

Wow! As I type this, every video at the daily Smackdown is either suspended or taken down.


instinct said...


andrea said...

instinct - you ain't kidding!

william teach - all vids down on your guy but his site's still up. We'll watch for any additions.

Lan Astaslem..even with you traipsing around the planet your troops kept working it...and that too is AWESOME!

It was a great week everyone - THANK YOU!!!!

Third Zionist Whore said...

I am soooooo Happy!