July 09, 2008

Fourth of July

The Amateur Philosophers Society and Gun Club
Held it's second annual Independance Day gathering at the redoubt in Wesbygod last Saturday. A grand time was had by all. Freedom was unbound and celebrated as it only can be here in America. Firearms, fireworks, food and friends aplenty.

Ronin J. enjoying the afterglow from emptying a 20 round mag, thus proving that John Lennon was right about something.
Shooting, grilling and beer consumption continued throughout the afternoon. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms may be a political deprtment in D.C. but in Wesbygod it more accurately describes the local convenience store.

But Svin...is that safe???

Well, with all that shooting, did you guys ever have a chance to discuss any philosophy? Now that is a silly question. Guys and beers and guns and philosophy go together like Anheuser and Busch, like Smith and Wesson, like God and John Moses Browning. We talked about many of the issues of the day . Topics like evolution and its supporters and detractors.

Ah yes. God versus Kalashnikov. Now there is a philosophical debate for you. While we were at it, we also discussed the nature of the Trinity in it's earthly manifestations.

Richard "Der Schwanz" keeps the brass flying in the speed event. How many angels can dance on the headstamp of a cartridge case? I dunno. Gimme another beer and we'll count em again. Eventually, most of the ammunition had fulfilled it's karmic destiny. The cordite wafted away in the breeze and we prepared for the final ritual of the day.

The Scotsman was on hand with his bag of magical tricks.

Bomber Girl joined in to help make the...well... Bombs! Lets see here. The red fuse is the fast fuse and the green fuse is the slow...no...wait a minute. The green fuse is the fast fuse and the red...WHATEVER!

That s a whole bunch of potential freedom right thar folks' and it went down something like this.

And this...


Happy 4th of July Y'all !

Svinrod out


Anonymous said...

Basil says,

Nice show. Looks like it was a lot of fun. BTW, when did you get a Mosin-Nagant? Good round, rotten launcher. Your standards are slipping.

I've been meaning to write more, but at present I'm into the bottom of a six of Bass Ale and there's a poltergeist in the gunsafe. I hate when that happens. The ghosts are normally pretty quiet, but I think they get excited when they hear fireworks.

Anyway, in my free time I hang at Chase's. Drop by sometime.

Svinrod said...

The Mossie is actually Bomber Girl's. I was working out a sticking bolt problem for her. With so much ordinance around from the "volunteers" I never even had to open my gun locker. Whee! Free ammo and no cleaning chores. Just the opposite of what usually transpires. Oh BTW. Aethelred and I got into a sword fight after the fireworks. Much blood was spilled on both sides. A good time was had by all. Healing nicely, thank you.

Andrea said...

Damn that looks like a lot of fun!! I want an invite next year!

Celebrimbor said...

Shooting and fireworks, two of my all time favorites! Ranks right up there with HUGE bonfires. Can't think of a better way to celebrate the 4th!

Love the inspirational posters. Those are awesome!

Don said...

Well day-um! Looks like a large time was had by all. And I just went down to Georgia and brought home a tractor. Shucks...

Maybe next year I can run up and bring a few toys of the loud verity.