September 12, 2008


Despite the awesome numbers Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN has been posting these past few months, I still hear people ask what's the use. What difference can a couple of people flagging these harabist, islamo-fascist, terrorist supporting pieces of jihadi propaganda make? There are thousands of these videos out there they say. You guys will barely make a dent they say. It's not worth the effort they finish.

Well, we've got news for them. It is worth the effort! and... The dent we are making is HUGE. Just this past August, we had
45 suspensions and 1,056 individual pieces of harabist garbage removed from YouTube. That's one thousand terrorist supporting videos, young impressionable minds will not see. That's one thousand videos the islamo-fascists can't use to recruit more suicide bombers. That's one thousand casualties in the cyber-war. (hmmm. I wonder if martyred videos get 72 porno flicks when they go in the trash.)

Is it worth it? Hell Yeah! Are we making a difference? You bet! Its got to be pretty demoralizing when you can't even win on the YouTube battle ground.

So, what makes us even more effective? Growing the movement. That's what.

To that end, we are proud to announce the opening of SMACKDOWN Corps Headquarters at:

And by the way, since Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN started, we've SMACKED DOWN nearly TEN THOUSAND enemy propaganda videos! No, not very effective at all...

To learn how you can help spread the word,
follow this link to our Lend a Hand page.


Howie said...

Hell Yeah!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ten Thousand?!! That's great news. I had no idea. Way to go, us.


#1 infidel said...

kick ass , I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

andrea said...

#1 infidel
"kick ass, I love it!!!!!!"

My sentiments EXACTLY!

AhDoodieClaire - 10,000 -
Yeah! And I have 13 months of records to prove it - LOL!!!
"Way to go, us."
Truly, I have no idea the # of folks involved in this even after all this time. I do know every single person doing this work should be real proud of themselves.


Cannoneer No. 4 said...

Al Qaeda Goes Dark

Sometimes these vigilantes are exceedingly effective, and lately they may have shut down all of the few sites used as distribution points for important new videos.

andrea said...

cannoneer no. 4

Last paragraph -
"The intelligence agencies prefer that the Islamic terror sites stay online, so their users can be watched and identified. But the anti-terror vigilante hackers want to fight back, and no one has the heart, or the means, to stop them."

Now isn't that just too damn bad.
Thanks for sending that piece - I had not seen it!

Cannoneer No. 4 said...

What's the Point

andrea said...

What's the Point???

Michael Tanji - "The CT business just got that much harder. But hey, it feels good, so that makes it OK."

Mr. Tanji obviously has no friend/family involved in the fighting taking place therefore can't relate to a parent/spouse/child/friend who dreads the time they see their loved one on a YouTube video as he or she is blown to smithereens. I'll repeat what Rusty Shackleford said about the Al Qaeda in Iraq video showing the "desecrated" body of Major Troy Gilbert .....
"Troy and his wife Ginger have five children together."
A NOT so "trivial" reason why we do it Michael Tanji!

Nine days later YouTube is not following their own new "we're going to be good guys now" guidelines.
Rest assured there will be plenty of videos/users for the big boys to continue pursuing.

I know your on our side Mr. Tanji - regardless - let me just say - STUFF IT!

Anonymous said...

"Now the producers and promoters of such content are forced to use other systems; systems probably more difficult to find and monitor."
It seems that Mr. Tanji answered his own question. Making the videos hard to find is the point of YouTube Smackdown, isn't it? Propaganda doesn't work if it never reaches its intended audience.