October 18, 2008

Fire Your Guns

Amateur Philosophers Society and Gun Club-The Video

Pictured below is Spc.Mills, now a civilian and engaged to our very own Bomber Girl.

He has produced a video for all of us gun lovin' "Bitter Clingers" that have nothing better to do than to SILENCE JIHADI PROPOGANDISTS! The reason for the special meeting of the A.P.S.G.C. was to throw a "Bon Voyage" party for brother Corporal J. Mills U.S.M.C. who is deploying this week to the sandbox. The chosen venue was of course "The Redoubt" in Wesbygod (a.k.a. Svins backyard). You can scroll down to see some still shots we took or you can go straight to the video by clicking on the title of this post "Fire your Guns". The link will take you to a Magix video account. Once there, click on Disc 2008-10-10 and as Bill Whittle would say,"Reach for the LOUD handle !". This is the video that we should use to reply to those Jihad Jobs on You Tube. Unfortunately, I dont have the Skilz to make a direct copy and post it there. I will try to get that done next week.

Let's go to the still Pix! Some of these would make great Demotivators.

Here are some elements of the Wesbygod Rapid Recon squad. "Bomber Girl" and "Stuff "can get there the fastest with the mostest. Aint America great!

The Quartermasters Table was well stocked with all kinds of goodies. Everything from an '03 Springfield to the latest A4 poodle shooter from the U.S. Armory. Garands, Mini-14s, Ak-47, SKS, Colts, Mausers, Mosin-Nagants, Berettas, Mossburgs and Uncle Svin's very own Steyr Scout Rifle (Jeff Cooper Edition).

Here is a close up for the true believers Got Jihad? Yeah, I'm talkin'to you Juba!

Th...Th...Th...Thats all folks!



LadyRaven said...

"Got Jihad? Yeah, I'm talkin'to you Juba!"

My kind of guy! You go Svin!

alexa said...

Svin, nothing like some gun pr0n to make the goblins go bye-bye from the dreams. More, please!

Howie said...