October 01, 2008

Smokin' September

Wow! That's all I can say. WOW!!!
September was an amazing month for Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN.

72 harabist, islamo-fascist, terrorist supporters suspended!
2,479 individual videos SMACKED DOWN.

That's right - 72 suspensions and 2,479 videos removed! By far the best month since this little project started.
Be pleased with the work you have done. That is 11,662 videos removed to date that no longer haunt our military families.

In addition to record SMACKDOWN numbers, September saw the opening of our new headquarters at SMACKDOWNCorps.org and the addition of new member AhDoodieClaire, who has a great selection of sorted, tag 'em and bag 'em play lists for your SMACKDOWN pleasure.

Well, how are we going to top that in October? Let's start by opening up our new SMACKDOWN Corps Forum, how does that sound? Join us for a little hirabist SMACKDOWN chat?

One last thing before I let you go... Have you got your Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN coffee mug yet? Nothing starts the day off right like a cup of SMACKDOWN joe as we head into what we hope will be an Outrageous October!

THANK YOU All for your efforts! We are making a difference!


Lan Astaslem said...


#1 infidel said...

Absolutely , Ass kickin !

Bruce said...

As effective as this campaign is and has been, I can't help but wonder if there isn't some way we can go after the 2 leftists who run Google and YouTube DIRECTLY. I personally refuse to use Google, and have had all my websites and links removed from their listings. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to boycott YouTube since so many conservative groups continue to use it for the exposure it gets.

But if indeed posting videos that propose the violent overthrow of the US government and murder of our servicemen is illegal to begin with ... how can YouTube continue to even consider posting them? We shouldn't HAVE to go after these cretins ourselves - YouTube should never post them in the first place.

Bruce said...

heheheheh ... just went back and flagged every one of the videos listed on the right AGAIN. Except the 4 that have been removed already.

Hey - I figure if Obamabots can register to vote a dozrn times - I can flag those suckers as many times as I want, right?

Oh Achmed ... we're coming after you!


Anonymous said...

Love it guys... keep up the good work.

Cheapshot911 said...

For years I've just dreamed of having enough face time with net to get after any of these cockroaches.
Out, freakin', standing folks.
There was an Iraqi tv show called "terrorists in the hands of justice" that could use some airtime, if it can be found.
Segments always ended with the terr' DiMilo wannabe beggin' for his life, not a coalition troopie in sight,,bad news.
I'll be mentioning this page over at the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler
Drop by Y'selves!

andrea said...

cheapshot911 -

How to put this.

Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler is probably known by any who have ever spent any time at E3 - which this group has. As a matter of fact we got started right there on the comment area of one of B.Whittle's posts.

You are so welcome here and at any of the Corps sites and we'll take any mention you want to make - squishing cockroaches is what we do - you'll have a good ol time!