December 07, 2008

A Most Thankful November

Another fantastic month for Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN:

We racked up 50 Suspensions!!!

and a whopping 1,516 videos SMACKED DOWN!!!

For a total of 14,902 videos removed by
Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN since the start.
Take a bow SMACKDOWN Warriors!!!

As always, Star says it much better than I, head over to the December FReeper SMACKDOWN thread for more and some graphical representations of our work.


instinct said...

So is it just me, or does it seem the list of videos is getting shorter?

Are they still trying to get as many videos up as before, or are they finally giving up and going somewhere else?

andrea said...

instinct -

I have been trying to figure out how to answer this besides a simple - no, yes, no/yes
Better answered maybe by these links.
Our work is far from over!



blogsurdities said...

I've linked you guys in my blog. F**ck Evil...this movement should be global! Terrorism MUST STOP! Thes crazy Islamists have been writing me a lotta hate mail!

andrea said...

blogsurdities -

We have been doing Smackdown for eighteen months. We've grown and have had just the most awesome people/sites join what we are doing - but I will tell you - every, single, solitary, time someone new surfaces it is like a total victory all over again!
THANK YOU for your support!