February 27, 2008

To The SmackDown Troops

Thanks to Grey Fox at Jawa who asked the question - "Is there a way to flag a user, instead of just flagging the videos?" To the best of my knowledge there is not - but - this did spawn an idea which has now been implemented.

I have posted the sites of jihad accounts which have multiple videos - all ripe for keyboard warriors with a little extra time on their hands who want MORE to smack down! Just click the link and smack as many as you want.
The idea - it's a math thing. If an "author" - we'll use WahabiAna as an example - has 175 videos and is suspended - that's 175 videos in one fell swoop! The number of videos he/she has on site is noted as (175). (175)(180) indicates 5 videos added!

Yes, the individual videos are still here for those with just a few minutes a day to do the Smackdown deed.

The Juba/sniper video project at our sister site, Stop Internet Terrorists (S.I.T.), is going well in it's transition to posting strictly Juba/sniper videos. Please visit when you can. Link, of course, provided to the right!

And last - thank you for supporting Youtube Smackdown. You'all are so awesome! Take a look at the number of accounts "suspended" so far this month. There have been over 850 videos removed due to suspensions and individual videos taken down increase that figure. Sweet!

This is 850+ videos fewer to encourage our enemies!
850+ videos our military families don't have to see!

Thank you - WARRIORS all - Thank you!

February 16, 2008

Groucho vs. The Monkees

Wierdest Coincidence Ever
Here is Professor Wagstaff accidentally overdubbed with the Monkees.

February 13, 2008

Extreme Conservatism

McCain? Reagan? Thompson? The Huckster?

Many people are currently debating the nature of Conservatism. As usual, one only need look to the historical record to find an example of Conservatism in it's purest form. Since actions speak louder than words, let us go straight to the horse's mouth.

The one, the only, the inimicable Professor Wagstaff of Huxley University! Or was that Professor Huxley of Wagstaff University? Well, whichever of them he is, I give you Conservatism at it's Finest!

Sounds strong on defense too!

February 11, 2008


The Battle of Walkersville

A great victory for the nation

Local irregular forces thwart massive enemy invasion!
Not since General Lee's retreat from Antietam have local Marylanders witnessed such a triumph. 10,000 of invading enemy foot have been prevented from establishing a stronghold in the small hamlet of Walkersville (population 5,980). Apart from threatening nearby Fort Dietrich in Frederick, Maryland, the enemy forces would be poised to cut the vital transportation lines from Washington D.C to all points North and West. Hurrah! Hurrah! for those brave citizens, volunteers one and all, who have resisted this cowardly sneak attack from our pernicious and unwelcome invaders.

Secret Wars Part IV History Quiz

The battle of Walkersville took place in What Year?





The correct answer might be easier to ascertain if one knew that the invading enemy "foot" were Islamists. Specifically, that they were from an apostate Pakistani sect of Islam called Wahaddi. Their "invasion" plan was to purchase a 224 acre farm from a certain Mr. Moxley who is the current owner. Their plan was to construct an "Islamic Worship" center. The center would be capable of handling up to 10,000 "pilgrims" at a time for religious celebrations. That would be 10,000 visitors in addition to those permanently employed in maintaining the facility. I mentioned above that the total population of Walkersville is currently under 6,000 souls-none of whom are Wahaddi. The water aquifer in that area is already over utilized and in danger. The road system is already gridlocked by the largely commuter population. Imagine the impact that this huge influx of Muslims would have on the town. It was quite simply nothing less than an attempt to buy up an entire township.

Why Walkersville?

Well, I am not privy to the council of Wahaddi's inner thoughts so I can not say for sure. I cannot even imagine who is financing the operation(but I can guess). There are some disturbing circumstances. Fort Dietrich, in Frederick Maryland, is the nations premier facility for the development and testing of bacteriological and chemical weapons(and how to defend against them). From Moxley's farm to the front gate of Ft. Dietrich is approximately 6.5 miles. Mapquest lists the travel time as 11 minutes. The entire population of Frederick is only 50,000 people. Imagine how such a huge influx of Islamists would change the local economy. Surely, Muslim merchants and businesses would be inclined to locate near to such a huge attraction. The demographic for Walkersville and Frederick would change dramatically. Am I paranoid if I think that the security at Fort Dietrich may be compromised if the surrounding outside labor force and businesses are largely Islamic? Then there is the transportation issue. Washington D.C.'s emergency evacuation plan calls for any persons north of Pennsylvania Avenue at the time of crisis be evacuated to the North and West. The only major highway north from D.C is Route 270 North. From 270N you can take 70 west to Hagerstown, 340 west to Harper's Ferry and West Virginia, and 15 north to Gettysburg. Guess where all these roads intersect? Lets say it together. That's right. Frederick, Maryland. Six and a half miles from Walkersville. I'm quite sure however that we have nothing to worry about because as we all have been told for so long "Islam is a religion of Peace"

In a Pig's Eye

At any rate, The invasion was stopped by the Walkersville zoning board who declined to change Moxley's Farm's zoning from agricultural to Jihadist.

And you didn't even know that any of this was happening, did you?

Stay tuned for Secret Wars Part V, coming to you from a blog very nearly like this one. That is unless I have violated Sharia Law and committed a thought crime. Time to get the old Iron Collar out of the Armory I guess.

Svinrod Out

P.S. The correct answer is D for any KoS kids who are still wondering.

February 05, 2008


How the West Virginia Republican Politburo Stole My Vote And Gave It To Mike HuckabeeThis is a story of political arrogance at it's worst. It is the untold story of how an anointed few have disenfranchised 99.9% of West Virginia's Republican Primary voters. In the past, this state's Republican primary contest was held in the spring and was open to all registered Republican voters. The balloting was typically preceded by weeks of mailings, phone calls, canvassings and the blossoming of the seasonal campaign signs in front yards and along the highway. I have been a registered Republican in this state since September 2001. I have voted in every election including primaries and local levy referendums. One would expect that when election procedures are to be radically altered, the electoral base would be notified. Apparently, the Republican Party apparatchiks have decided that the elections run much more smoothly without the voters! Unbeknownst to the average Republican voter in this state, our primary election has been "enhanced" by the addition of a "Leaders Caucus" about 4 months ahead of the "official" primary date. This means that 1,200 party appointees met in the state capitol on "Super Tuesday" and decided to award 18 of West Virginia's 30 Republican primary delegates to the esteemed( but probably untenable) candidate Mike Huckabee. The actual Republican primary will still be held as scheduled on May 13th, 2008. At that time, the other 99.9% of Republican voters will be allowed to vote for the remaining 12 delegates, the majority having already been chosen by our "Leaders". It is an abomination of truly Communist proportions. It is not a popular vote by any stretch of the imagination. It is despicable. When asked for the rationale behind the virtually unannounced procedural change, the answer given was that the Republican "Committee" felt that they needed to have more "influence" over the delegate choices. That is not "influence". That is "Diktat"!
I will go to the polls for the national election in November. I will vote against those candidates who would ruin this country. I will never again support the Republican party in this state. They have shown their contempt for their own voters and deserve the same treatment from them.
God Save the Republic.
Svinrod in Wesbygod