December 29, 2009

YouTube - Where the taliban Release their Propaganda

On Christmas Day the taliban released another hostage video of captured Idaho National Guard Private Bowe Bergdahl. Where did this propaganda film first appear? You guessed it, YouTube.

It is a shame and shows great disrespect for Private Bergdahl's family that these videos are so easily found on YouTube. We should make it more difficult.

Here is a play list full of taliban hostage videos to flag:

taliban hostage videos

To speed you along, once you have flagged the first video, click on play next toward the right hand side near the arrow in the above picture.

And here are some flagging instructions

December 28, 2009

Another Installment of Kids Training for jihad


As always with any video I post here, this one was flagged and deemed acceptable use by YouTube.

Forward to the 1:30 mark to see a baby sitting with an AK-47.
At 1:47 we see kids running with automatic weapons.
At 3:00 we see children going through military training.
At 5:40 a child shoots heavy weapons including an RPG.
And... interspersed throughout the video we see images of children reciting verses that I am sure extol the virtues of peace and harmony.

Do these videos promote jihad? Here is a comment posted on this video by a user who claims to be in the US:
tusken088 - "we fight in iraq and afghanstan and our eyes are on Jerusalem. we are never at peace unless we are at war with the kufar"
Remember, kufar is their religious slur for unbelievers and carries all the hatred and rancour of the n-word.

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab927

December 23, 2009

More jihad Propaganda Acceptable Use

UPDATE: This video is no longer available. Not because it was removed for its content, but rather the user was suspended through our continued efforts.


Take note, once again, you must be logged in to view.
This video may not be suitable for minors.

With that disclaimer, you know for sure that this video has been viewed by YouTube's crack staff of reviewers and found acceptable use.

Here are some of the images YouTube says may not be suitable for minors:
Dead child at 2:25
Execution with head shots at 2:46
Dead body nailed to a post at 2:57
Many more dead bodies at 6:40-8:40

An example of what may not be suitable for minors:

May not suitable for minors? Wow, just wow.

Uploaded by YouTube Terrorist: sahab928

December 22, 2009

CNN Takes Notice of YouTube

YouTube relies on its users? Really? Just look at the previous posts on this blog to see how much they rely on us. Is making it harder to remove terrorist propaganda conducive to policing the site?

I am tired of being an excuse for YouTube. We have been at this for over two years. We have contacted YouTube on multiple occasions. Have they returned our calls? No.

It is time to recognize YouTube's important roll in radicalizing muslim youth and hold them accountable. Giving them a pass because too many videos are uploaded for them to police and their "reliance" on users, glosses over their tacit approval of jihadi material they have been made aware of and refuse to remove.

Hat tip to Howie at the Jawa Report for posting: CNN: # Terrorists lure recruits via YouTubeVideo. Go read his post too.

December 21, 2009

YouTube - Facilitating the jihad

Another taliban YouTube user, talibanmujahideen, displays a link to the official taliban website on his profile. This user was also one of the first to uploaded the videos of captured US soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

Despite being flagged, the videos are still available.

Here is his background image, kids brandishing hand guns:

Do these online channels facilitate jihad? One commenter has this to say:

"I want to start jihad in the uk . the goverment is criminal and i am willing to give my life and go jail. so wish me luck brother ....................."

December 20, 2009

More Kids Training for jihad

Kids performing karate, right? For the first five minutes sure. Forward on to the 4:57 mark and you can see them demonstrate how to break down and load automatic weapons and RPGs. If that isn't enough for you, forward on to the 6:15 mark and you are treated with a small child wearing a black ski mask holding a hand gun. I don't speak the language, but can guess at the content of his recital.

Again, this video has been flagged numerous times and remains, demonstrating YouTube's tacit approval of children training for jihad.


Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab927

December 18, 2009

Suicide Bomb Blast Cool with YouTube

UPDATE: Well, I guess we hit enough flags. This video has been removed. Good Job YouTube. (took you long enough)

UPDATE II: Well isn't that special, the same user has the exact same video posted...

Here is a problem with YouTube's flagging apparatus. This video has 195,581 views. Why is that a problem? Well they say that every video that is flagged gets reviewed. Really? This video has been flagged a number of times. I guess they find suicide bomb blasts acceptable use then?

It's more likely that since the video has 195,581 views, flags won't trip a review until they reach a certain threshold. Does it take a 1,000 flags? 10,000? Who knows?

guerra no iraque

December 16, 2009

taliban Outreach Program on YouTube

Did you know that the taliban have an official channel on YouTube that includes a link to their English website? If it is not the official channel it certainly presents itself that way. The taliban are a specially designated terrorist organization and providing them material support is illegal.

Is providing an outlet for their news releases giving material support? I'd say so. Does YouTube know about it? Yes. Every single one of the videos from this channel has been flagged many times. Here is the kicker, not one has been removed. YouTube must see this as a legitimate news source.

Here is a video from their channel. Notice the as-sahab logo in the lower right corner. as-sahab is another media arm of alqada - by its very nature, any video that displays alqada logos promotes hatred and violence against non-muslims.

taliban mujahideen Raiding Military Camp of the Apostate Puppet Army in Zabul

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist islamic emirate of afghanistan

While you are here, click a link on the right under the Hirabist SMACKDOWN!!! to flag some islamist propaganda.

December 14, 2009

Islamist Music Video Featuring Dead Bodies

UPDATE: This video is no longer available. Not because it was removed for its content, but rather the user was suspended through our continued efforts.

A "nasheed" - an islamic religious song, often promoting violence and jihad - plays in the background of this video from the failed islamic state of iraq's media ministry, al furqan media, otherwise known as one of alqada's propaganda wings.

Take note, you must be logged in to view. This means the video has been reviewed by YouTube and found acceptable for users over the age of 18.

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab912

December 13, 2009

Racial/Religious Slur okay with Youtube

The term kuffar is used by the islamists to denote "unbelievers". It is a bigoted, hate filled word that drips with racism and religious superiority. In the context of its use, kuffar is very similar to the n-word and other racist terms.

Not only does the following video contain the racists, religious slur, it is a call for violent jihad and features violent attacks and threats of violence. Does YouTube find this acceptable use?

Apparently. The following video has been flagged a number of times, but remains available to everyone.

jihad dirty kuffar

November 24, 2009

Write your Congress Person

Below is an email I recently sent to my representative regarding YouTube's refusal to deal with the islamist radicalization of muslim youth that is happening through YouTube's services.

I suspect it will be some time before I get an answer if any, with the health care debate and all. Perhaps though, if we all sent letters, one might make it through the noise. It is not necessary to use the text I wrote; it is only a starting point. In fact, it would probably be better if you wrote your own from the heart, but be polite yet emphatic about the danger posed by islamic radicalization via YouTube.

Some may say it's a first amendment issue, that the jihadists have a right to say what they want. I would counter that we are at war against the political ideology of islamisim, and YouTube is used to recruit fighters to bring the glories of sharia to the west. Would we have allowed the fascists to recruit fighters to bring the glories of nazisim to our shores? No we wouldn't. Further, an American company that facilitated the radicalization of German youth would likely find themselves in deep trouble.

Unfortunately today, instead of combating radicalization, we are facilitating it. MADNESS! As Daniel Henninger aptly says in his Wall Street Journal piece, Hasan, Not KSM, Is Our Real Problem - Violent Islamic Web sites pose a clear and present danger to the U.S.:

"For now this is the way it is: Future Hasans can get jacked up all day on kill-the-Americans Web sites, and we have to wait until they put in motion a conspiracy like Fort Dix or the Colorado jihadists. Or until they start shooting."

Is YouTube responsible for Ft. Hood? No, but youTube is a major source of kill-the-Americans propaganda and is the gateway drug to more violent jihad websites. It is clear something must be done. How many more Ft. Hood's need occur before something is?

Senate Contact List
House Member Web site Finder
Contact a House Member Form

Dear __________,

In light of the recent Ft. Hood shooting and arrests of David C. Headley in Chicago, Najibullah Zazi in Aurora, Colorado and others, I would like to know what your take is on the radicalization of Muslims that currently takes place on YouTube.

YouTube is chock full of users promoting violent jihad via their profiles and uploading jihad "nasheeds" - a music video promoting jihad and violence. YouTube says it relies on users to police content, but despite the concerted efforts of some YouTube users and groups like Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN, the content remains. In addition, YouTube continues to make it harder and harder for those same users it claims to rely on, to help.

Is it okay for radical imam anwar al awlaki to have a platform to reach millions of users?

Is it okay for users and videos like the following to remain on YouTube?




Thank you for looking into this matter,

A concerned citizen

November 04, 2009

Meet a YouTube Terrorist

Get a load of this e-hadi. Three separate channels. Probably more.
Each account has had multiple videos removed for Terms of Service violations. His videos, around 80 for each channel, fly alqada flags like the one seen below.

With the recent terrorist busts and revelations about how the would be murderers were radicalized online, isn't it time to hold YouTube accountable for facilitating that radicalization?



October 30, 2009

FreeRepublic YouTube SMACKDOWN - ON STRIKE!

"In light of the recent FBI raids and busts, it is clear the danger from radical Islam is near and growing. One common thread throughout each of these cases is that these misunderstanders of Islam become radicalized through online media. Whether it be forums, websites, or videos, the internet has proven a powerful tool in the hands of those who wish to harm us and bring the joys of sharia to America. Unfortunately, the terrorists are aided and abetted by companies in the US who allow the use of their services. The common answer is "We aren't responsible, we had no idea they were promoting violent jihad." In the case of YouTube, they explicitly rely on their users to help police online content. And, that is what we have been doing for the past 19 months: helping YouTube take out the trash.

It has always been a difficult task, but recently the job has become more difficult. Videos that should be removed, remain. Users who should be suspended, remain. Despite our best efforts, flagrant Terms-of-Service (TOS) abuses and calls for violent jihad remain on YouTube's servers. So essentially, not only are we fighting the islamo-fascists, we are fighting YouTube. Hmmm I wonder if this is some of that "smart" diplomacy we keep hearing about - befriend your enemies and walk all over your allies. Certainly not the way to treat your partners, especially if you depend on them to remove your trash.

YouTube's lackadaisical application of their TOS is offensive. The flagrant abuse of YouTube's service is an outrage. The tacit support of the islamists through failure to remove calls for violent jihad, is criminal. We have made YouTube aware of the issue many, many times. They know those videos support violent jihad, yet do nothing. They have become a party to any deaths that occur due to the radicalization of Muslim's here and around the world.

We have come to the conclusion that without more pressure, YouTube won't change. We will continue fighting both the jihadists and YouTube, but until YouTube gets it's act together, the Free Republic SMACKDOWN Crew won't be helping. Take out your own trash JihadTube!

and... Once the e-hadi's catch wind, there will be a ton of trash. It'll be pretty hard to hide the stench. Perhaps someone in Washington will notice."

September 12, 2009

Want to See 9/11 Thru the Eyes of alqada?

It's the day after... and what are you going to do? Me, the more I see of the terrorist support provided by Youtube, the angrier I get. What a convenient excuse YouTube has, not being able to speak arabic. "Well, we don't speak arabic, so how are we going to tell if this is hate speech or not?" Well, beyond the arabic hurdle, any image that shows an alqada flag or the as-sahab logo should imply hate speech by the vary nature of that terrorist organization.

I read on the Jawa Report yesterday that YouTube claims to have cleaned up the terrorist mess they have on their hands. Really? REALLY?!?!?!? They should come talk to us. Personally, after the anemic response we have gotten from YouTube over the summer, I think the terrorist support provided by YouTube has gotten worse and the e-haidi's have gotten bolder. Is this part of our new outreach to the "religion of peace"?

Hey, YouTube. You still have a terrorist problem. You can keep boobs off YouTube, why can't you keep alqada off???? WTF?

Here is a start for you, this play list features an alqada "documentary" on the 9-11 attacks. Notice the as-sahab logo on every one of these videos. Please flag them and help fight the jihad on YouTube.

The Manhattan Raid in 10 parts

September 11, 2009

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

The collective memory is important.

Generations unborn even now will be effected by that moment in time.

I know where I was....emersed, here.

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

We'd like to know.

NEVER forget, as painful as that may be - Lady Liberty is depending on us!

May 02, 2009

Shovel Ready Socialism and Going Galt

Things you will need to know for our "Brave New World"

Updated with Part II

"The Times, They Are A-Changing"

Much time has been spent recently reflecting on the first 100 days of our new President and his administration. I was reluctant to join in this political commentary earlier for a variety of reasons. The first reason had to do with "The Smackdown" and the great success that it has enjoyed. I was having trouble relating my political observations to the general task at hand of defeating the cyber-jihadist. But why do we fight them? Really it is to support those who have volunteered to protect us by engaging them in a real fight in their own back yard. It all came together for me when I heard a man on the radio ask "When our troops come home, will they be returning to the same country that they left?" I realized then that we are indeed engaged in a wider conflict than just "The Smackdown". While the troops are winning their war abroad, we seem to be losing our war on the home front. Let us then join in the great contest of ideas and join the fight to preserve our freedoms at home for ourselves, our brothers in arms and our posterity.

The Nature of the Beast.

The greatest threat to the American way of life today is the assault on the Capitalist system that is responsible for every success that this nation and it's individual citizens have had. If you are unaware of of what I am talking about then go read "Atlas Shrugged" and check back here in a couple of weeks. That will expose you to the battle of philosophies that is taking place right here, right now in our own country. One is the philosophy of freedom and the other is the philosophy of control. I stand today and forever on the side of freedom. I think that you do too. I have some very bad news for you. We are losing the fight. We are losing our long war against tyranny. We are losing our country to the looters. To win this fight we are going to have to see our country with a new set of eyes and a new set of ideas. Much of the way that we have conducted our lives before has been on the assumption that doing good for ourselves was also doing good for our country. This linkage has now been broken. The wealth that we create by our hard work and industry is increasingly expropriated by a system that uses that same wealth to enrich themselves, our enemies, and to increase their control over our lives. They are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and blaming the goose for it's own demise. We can no longer afford to pay for our own destruction. We must change the rules that we play by.

Maggie Thatcher once said that the problem with socialism is that it eventually runs out of other peoples money to spend. Therein lies the key to our strategy to defeat the Statist. Their plans and programs always assume that the sheep don't mind being sheared. They see our countries economic output and assume that it is like a river that flows endlessly of it's own volition and will never stop running no matter how much water that they siphon off. That is the great flaw in their reasoning. The great wealth of our country is produced mostly by the hard work of individuals. It is not a natural resource that can simply be collected and distributed freely to one and all. We have the power to dry up that river and deprive the Statist of the funds that they use to maintain their power over us. This is the idea that you may have heard of as "Going John Galt". It does not mean moving to another country or living in a compound off grid. It is the notion that we the people can go on strike. We can reduce the money river to a trickle or shut it off completely. This is the Statists secret fear. This is the nightmare that haunts their dreams. We can make this nightmare come true for them. Nobody knows better than the Smackdown crew the power that one simple idea can accrue. Ask any ex-YouTube user who has had his account yanked. Some people have called for a tax revolt to stop the looters. Some have begun the Tea Party movement. Some are stocking up on ammunition. What can the average American do? It is so simple that most will not believe it could work. It is a simple 2 step plan that most anyone can follow. Are you Ready?

Here are the steps

Step 1.Make as much money as you can.

Step 2. Don't spend it!

Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Still, allow me to explain. The intent here is to "starve the beast". It is a concept that some in government have used to support the idea of tax cuts. They contend that if the government doesn't have the money in the first place they can not spend it. Nice try, but the Feds still control the printing presses. To fund their grandiose delusion, the current administration has corrupted and is attempting to control most of the major financial sectors of the American economy. This is how they intend to guarantee their access to the money river. Since they now control most of the access points to the river, our only recourse is to dry it up at the source. This may involve some serious belt tightening for at least two years and possibly four, but it is better than a descent into serfdom for the rest of your life. those are really your only 2 choices. Either we starve the beast or it consumes us. Notice that in step 1. I did not say to quit your job or stop paying your taxes. The key to economic survival for the next two years may very well be a large cash reserve. With unpredictable job losses and an uncertain economic climate ahead, cash may be your best investment right now. I do not predict any sustained gains in the stock market in the near to mid term future. Investment relies on confidence and confidence demands not change, but its very opposite. Long term investments cannot be properly planned out in an era of unpredictable economic changes. If you are still putting money into a 401k you might want to think again. Remember when I said that we will have to have a new way of looking at things. A 401k is an OK investment vehicle when you can be confident of the long term stability of the investment institution, the companies that it invests in and the long term security of the currency that you are investing. Nationalized banks, government controlled companies and extremely inflationary monetary policies are not a good environment for long term investments. If we can starve the beast in just a few years and restore sanity to the market system, 401k may again be an investment option instead of a bad joke. In the same vein let us look at additional changes that may be necessary in the short term.
Stay Tuned for Part II~Svin

Shovel Ready Socialism And Going Galt Part II

"Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the high road to pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction."

Margaret Thatcher

My Father was born in 1931 and my Mother in 1933. Their young lives were spent entirely in the throes of the Great Depression. The poverty of that era was only relieved by the onslaught of World War in 1939. The United States entered the war two years later on December 8th 1941. They have described to me firsthand the sacrifices necessary to defeat the rise of Fascism in the first half of the last century.

The last automobiles for the civilian market were produced in 1942. No new cars would be available again until after the war ended in 1945. If you owned a car and had a job you could apply for a gas ration stamp. This would allow you to buy a few gallons of gas every week to help you get to work. Replacement tires for any car were hard to find as all rubber production was consumed by the needs of the armed forces. Vegetable gardens were in every yard to augment the meager supplies available from the grocery. Meatless meal days were instituted to deal with the meat shortage. The people seemed to know instinctively that freedom was at stake. They purchased war bonds with the little money that they could spare. They held collection drives for scrap metal, scrap rubber, and any other item that could be collected for the war effort. Few complained. Their husbands and sons and brothers were in a real shooting and dying war in Europe and in the Pacific. It was a war to defeat Fascism and Imperialism. It was a costly but necessary conflict. Fascism was defeated-for a time.

Now, more than fifty years later, freedom is again under siege. It is not from Europe that the threat comes this time, but from elements right here in the Land of the Free. Once again, like our parents and grand parents, we will need to sacrifice to stop the threat. Today, capitalists, CEOs, investment bankers and corporations are all being vilified by the current administration. It is a heinous type of class warfare that inevitably leads to a "Kristallnacht" or "Cultural Revolution".

A simple definition of Fascism is just state control of industry. Chavez has instituted it in Venezuela and others closer to home are well on the way to making it a reality here. I refuse to co-operate with such a regime and so should you. The great wealth of this country is still controlled by those who work for it. Our goal must be to see that our national treasure does not fall into the hands of those who would usurp our liberty. In short~we must go on strike. We must deny our hard earned wealth to those who would destroy the means to produce it.

60 million Americans voted against President Obama in the last election! I call upon every one of them who still feels the same way now to boycott the economic plans of those who would destroy capitalism in this country.

I am not asking anyone to do anything illegal or criminal. I am just asking them to participate as little as possible with the current regime. One party rule is not good for this country. There is an election in two years. If we do not prevail in restoring balance to our political house in this upcoming election it may be too late to ever do so. Here is another inconvenient truth. Socialism appears to work at first, but can only appear to do so for a limited time. Let me tell you the truth about Hitler's "Great Economic Miracle". He put people to work building roads, resorts, monuments, cars, armaments and all manner of things. People got jobs and people got paychecks. Food started to appear in once empty stores. The new currency stabilized. The nation had pulled itself out of depression through hard work and discipline. Or so it seemed. In reality. Hitler had achieved these goals by bankrupting Germany. The gold reserves were all spent. All that was left was a pauper nation with a shiny new army. Without more gold the system would come crashing down upon itself. There was no longer any money left to pay the factory workers, the road workers or the army. Other nations, however, had not spent so profligately. They still had gold and cash reserves. These nations were called Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France. One by one they were invaded or absorbed into the greater Reich. Their looted wealth kept Germany going for another year, but that was all. Only the vast resources of the Soviet Union remained to be conquered and used to shore up the Fascist system. In the beginning of the Barbarossa campaign(The 1941 invasion of Russia by Germany), German troops were sending home care packages of food wine and cheese to their families back home because these things were no longer available to the general population. The soldiers had better rations than the their families at home. That is what socialism does. It loots when it can and then turns violent as it starts to collapse upon itself. We are on the road to something very like this, very soon.

Start your "Victory Bank" now!

You can help put the brakes on the slide to socialism and invest in your political future ( i.e. freedom) at the same time. We support our nation the most, economically speaking, when we continue the cycle of wealth creation and the free flow of goods regulated by a free market. When our government no longer upholds the free market, it no longer deserves our support. For the next two years I intend to participate as little as possible in the socialists economic experiments. I will not buy a car produced by the United Auto Workers. I will not give money or invest with banks that have succumbed to government control through TARP money or by outright seizure. I will put all such monies into my "Victory Bank". I will no longer contribute to my 401k for reasons outlined earlier. I will put that money into my "Victory Bank". I will be frugal and save as my Mom and Dad did when they had to sacrifice in the fight against Fascism. I will put that money in my Victory Bank. By starving the system we can expose the underlying bankruptcy of the socialist system sooner rather than later. Then, in two years, when the next election comes around, I will use my victory bank to support the forces of freedom. Be it at the ballot box or elsewhere. I would ask everyone that feels like I do to do the same. What a tremendous force we could be if we work together. Please help spread the word. You all did a tremendous job with the Smackdown. Help to spread the word on this as well. Let us all do our best at "Going Galt".

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God save the Republic


April 08, 2009


IfUCmeUWontLikeme is the user ID of one of the Corps member’s web channels.
And that about says it all to the hirabist that YOU/we set our sights on.
No apologies, our goal is to remove the propaganda, and recruiting, and evil from this venue.

To that end, March Smackdown’s and Suspensions exceeded even January's numbers! What is there to say but the 101st Chairborne Division ROCKS!

Of note, thanks to the hard work of
JimmyCrackCornX, and YOU, one Hezbollah supporting user (kassem14) with 1,619 videos bit the proverbial dust.
And though it took a while, we got suspended the Hezbollah webmaster's YT account. (Hezbollah)

And there were more, many more taken out that will not grace the halls of YT any longer.
That will not solicit for the cause of jihad.
That will not spew hatred and propaganda for the world to see.
Will not haunt the dreams of the loved ones of our military and the coalition forces that are continually watching our backs.

So take a bow guys and dolls and know that the cyber jihad face an awesome foe in YOU.

March videos SmackedDown – 6,628
Since 7/4/07 - 31,952
March users Suspended - 84
Since 7/4/07 – 695

March 13, 2009

12 Days Late, But it Ain't Short....

Apologies for keeping you in suspense...

Though not as mind boggling as January (tough to beat 5,000 videos and 79 suspensions), February was still a banner month for Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN.

69 Users Suspended and a whopping 3,384 videos removed!!!

That makes a total of 611 users suspended and 25,324 terrorist supporting videos removed. Operation YouTube SMACKDOWN just keeps on rolling along!

As always, Star is far more eloquent and has a great graphical depiction posted at the FreeRepublic. Go check it out:

Again, we can't thank you enough for your help. Without YOU, this battle would not be joined.

February 04, 2009

Read It And Weap Losers -

5,092 videos removed in January
79 users suspended
Over 20,000 videos removed to date
Over 500 suspensions
Read it and weap hirabist trash!

To the men and women of our U.S. Military - thank you!
January 2009
amimane (39) hobareii (123) RoqayahShamseddine (7) mojahid83 (8) 4Younes (49)
syedaliabbas313 (35) codo99887766 (5) RevengeWillBe2Sweet (0) chabah830 (33)
FighterAgainstKufars (60) AngrySaturnStrikes (9) ZionistsKiller2008 (32) xongonet (630)
MeanMujahideen64 (21) Intifadabiszumsieg1 (42) JihadWillRemain (82) idStarfleets (44) ukmuslimslovu (4) siyahsancakcom (10) IntifadaBisZumSieg (67) alghareeb007 (19)
IslamicForceofYT (3) sagar384 (7) mansur242 (15) penkalli (268) GazaGazaV (13)
IslamInternational (20) Ahmedo19842 (26) lolrx (17) blackdesertstorm360 (260)
AlQassamTube (12) tarajiste (114) albramsre (21) CryingForJannah (54) peppiro (65)
rauf0104 (3) ab0alKuwaiti (3) ArchivesAlgeriennes (541) akkad33 (65) sydneyafghan (43)
GazaGoGoGaza (9) Simpon3 (21) tito45 (91) zorozere0102 (5) arabpathoon (16)
InfoDeGuerre (172) dasilvacl (27) Gaza4everGaza (21) KavkazCenterCom (56)
alqaida33 (14) Think48 (11) jihadfisabililah (17) ExposingtheZionists (8) rnjigga (292)
darisabangsampaimera (10) Albraalmsre1 (165) xMuslimSouljax (10) Zakaria840 (8)
afghanasheed (92) ashrafhossain08 (13) thriller07 (50) HatedBlackGentile (8)
KutibaAlaykumulQital (103) KKuffar2008 (41) ala7dab (5) BurningMoon1488 (49)
TheyCantStopUs (16) ihabsalim (159) ccbbaa1133 (29) Vb1429 (31) AlqaedaSoldier (8)ArbianKnights24 (6) DrForIslam (153) islam4usa (53) LiveAndDie4Allah (107) SaracenH377 (18) C4Xra (11) neversilent1 (12) Muslimsno1 (2)

January 31, 2009

In My Dreams.

I have sent Cpl. Jesse a pack of Smackdown bumper stickers with which to adorn his platoon of Abrams tanks. There will be photos! You can get your own bumper sticker if you are clever enough to figure out where the on-line store is hidden. Apart from Smackdown stuff, there is also an Amateur Philosophers Society and Gun Club beer stein and some gear for the Remnants of the Lost Republic. All proceeds will go into the Ammo Fund. I promise.
Svin Out

January 25, 2009

Letter from Jesse

Cpl. Jesse Mills somewhere in Iraq 2009. Conditions on patrol "In the field" as they call it are primitive. From the photos that I have seen there is not much difference between conditions on the front line today versus 65 years ago. Between repairing tanks and patrolling the streets there is not a whole lot of free time. Occasionally there is time to write. I would like to share a portion of this letter from Cpl. Mills with you. With permission of his family, please read and hopefilly enjoy the following.
Svinrod out!

A typical day...I guess there really is no such thing as a typical day here. When we are in garrison we get up around 630, hygiene and go to chow. The chow hall is surprisingly nice and well stocked considering the fact we are in a combat zone. After chow we head to the "ramp" where the tanks are kept. After about 15 minutes of "bsing" we begin our daily and never ending routine of tank maintenance. Believe me when I tell you that there is never an end to maintenance on a tank. A tank is the only vehicle in the world I have ever seen that can operate properly one day, be parked and the next day be completely f***ed up. It’s unbelievable. It has so many electrical components in it that the slightest moisture or dirt inside even the smallest component or a connection will cause a multitude of failures, malfunctions and errors. I have a tank right now actually that moves forward in all gears: F, R, N,and Low. The circumstances surrounding my discovery of this are pretty comical. I crawled into the driver’s seat and fired the tank up. It has an electrical shift control assembly whereas when you place the tank in a specific gear it sends an electrical signal to a series of solenoids on the transmission that opens valves and shifts the tank into the gear you selected. I was told that the tank just didn’t go into reverse. No one mentioned that neither the parking brake nor the service brakes hold the tank, that the tank is stuck in high idle or that the tank will not shut down properly. I not sure if it’s that they either neglected to tell me or they just didn’t know. Unfortunately I found out the true symptoms really quick. As you can probably figure the tank, a 68 ton combat vehicle, lurched forward when I placed the selector in reverse. It scared the hell out of me and I instinctively tried to apply the service brake to no avail. I then calmly tried to set the parking brake, again with no success. Remaining collected, I then attempted to shut the tank down. It’s about this time, when the tank did not shut down, that I began to panic. Panic induced partially by the fact there was a pretty substantial concrete wall about 8 meters directly in front of me, and more so by the realization that I was out of options. Thankfully I was able with much effort to jam the selector back into neutral and “emergency kill” the engine only a few meters from the wall. I laugh about it all now but at the time I was justifiably pissed off. I do however think an occasional rapid influx in your heart rate is healthy. I therefore wouldn’t say I didn’t benefit at all from the experience.
At or about 1130 we break for chow. We are supposed to have an hour and a half for chow but because we have a slave driver for a Gunnery Sergeant our chow time is usually shortened to about half of that. It’s not a big issue because a break is a break and after all we are in a combat zone. After chow we work until 6 -9pm usually. We don’t get any days off from the time we hit the sandbox until we leave again for the states but I believe that this forced labor is a great way to instill a healthy work habit. It also makes you feel like you might be making a difference. And that makes it all worth it.
We then head to chow then back to our “cans” which are nothing more than a roughly 20’x7’ Iso container with electric and heating where we sleep. Most of the time I shower and immediately hit the rack. Sometimes I’ll write letters or read. That is a typical day in the rear.
A day in the field is allot different. We sleep in tents in bombed out abandoned forts or in the middle of the desert.. Everything is dirty and dusty. Unbelievable amounts of dirt. We eat preserved foods, MRE’s, or these pretty interesting cans called “Heater meals”. It’s like a usual can of beef stew, chicken in pasta, chili mac, or pork and beans except it’s inside a bigger can that has a water bag and a limestone base. When you puncture the water pouch with the conveniently supplied water pouch puncturer, the water reacts to the limestone and generates allot of heat. Because this water-limestone combination surrounds the meal can it quickly heats the meal up. A new concept to me, I find it really neat.
Out there we get up between 05 and 07, depending on the current situation, stuff down some chow which sometimes is just coffee and immediately begin working on our tanks. We usually take a couple of minutes to eat lunch on the front slope of the tank then get right back at it. We carry our weapons loaded every where we go. To include the bathroom (a designated area in a derelict room or remote location). Disposing of our “waste” is a completely different topic that I won’t elaborate on but our trash we burn then bury. We stop working at the loss of daylight, eat chow then hit the rack to start it all again the next day. Night time usually promises pulling duty on the perimeter with night vision goggles and weapons. COLD! Always cold.
These are my days.

January 03, 2009

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