January 31, 2009

In My Dreams.

I have sent Cpl. Jesse a pack of Smackdown bumper stickers with which to adorn his platoon of Abrams tanks. There will be photos! You can get your own bumper sticker if you are clever enough to figure out where the on-line store is hidden. Apart from Smackdown stuff, there is also an Amateur Philosophers Society and Gun Club beer stein and some gear for the Remnants of the Lost Republic. All proceeds will go into the Ammo Fund. I promise.
Svin Out


Anonymous said...

Paules says,

Well done, Svin. And a nod to corporal Mills. Keep up the good work, lad. We have your back.

Smackdown has come a long way. This is a proud moment for me. Our name will be on hardware in the field. That is awesome beyond belief. But why stop at a platoon? How do you think the honchos at YouTube will feel with an entire American army running the Smackdown logo?

Svin, you gotta call me. I have a D.C. contact who can procure bumper stickers for a nickel each.

andrea said...

Very, very, cool!

instinct said...

That would be sweet.

Can we get a few really big ones to put on our Navy ships? For some reason a standard bumper sticker looks kind of small on a aircraft carrier :D