September 12, 2009

Want to See 9/11 Thru the Eyes of alqada?

It's the day after... and what are you going to do? Me, the more I see of the terrorist support provided by Youtube, the angrier I get. What a convenient excuse YouTube has, not being able to speak arabic. "Well, we don't speak arabic, so how are we going to tell if this is hate speech or not?" Well, beyond the arabic hurdle, any image that shows an alqada flag or the as-sahab logo should imply hate speech by the vary nature of that terrorist organization.

I read on the Jawa Report yesterday that YouTube claims to have cleaned up the terrorist mess they have on their hands. Really? REALLY?!?!?!? They should come talk to us. Personally, after the anemic response we have gotten from YouTube over the summer, I think the terrorist support provided by YouTube has gotten worse and the e-haidi's have gotten bolder. Is this part of our new outreach to the "religion of peace"?

Hey, YouTube. You still have a terrorist problem. You can keep boobs off YouTube, why can't you keep alqada off???? WTF?

Here is a start for you, this play list features an alqada "documentary" on the 9-11 attacks. Notice the as-sahab logo on every one of these videos. Please flag them and help fight the jihad on YouTube.

The Manhattan Raid in 10 parts

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