October 30, 2009

FreeRepublic YouTube SMACKDOWN - ON STRIKE!

"In light of the recent FBI raids and busts, it is clear the danger from radical Islam is near and growing. One common thread throughout each of these cases is that these misunderstanders of Islam become radicalized through online media. Whether it be forums, websites, or videos, the internet has proven a powerful tool in the hands of those who wish to harm us and bring the joys of sharia to America. Unfortunately, the terrorists are aided and abetted by companies in the US who allow the use of their services. The common answer is "We aren't responsible, we had no idea they were promoting violent jihad." In the case of YouTube, they explicitly rely on their users to help police online content. And, that is what we have been doing for the past 19 months: helping YouTube take out the trash.

It has always been a difficult task, but recently the job has become more difficult. Videos that should be removed, remain. Users who should be suspended, remain. Despite our best efforts, flagrant Terms-of-Service (TOS) abuses and calls for violent jihad remain on YouTube's servers. So essentially, not only are we fighting the islamo-fascists, we are fighting YouTube. Hmmm I wonder if this is some of that "smart" diplomacy we keep hearing about - befriend your enemies and walk all over your allies. Certainly not the way to treat your partners, especially if you depend on them to remove your trash.

YouTube's lackadaisical application of their TOS is offensive. The flagrant abuse of YouTube's service is an outrage. The tacit support of the islamists through failure to remove calls for violent jihad, is criminal. We have made YouTube aware of the issue many, many times. They know those videos support violent jihad, yet do nothing. They have become a party to any deaths that occur due to the radicalization of Muslim's here and around the world.

We have come to the conclusion that without more pressure, YouTube won't change. We will continue fighting both the jihadists and YouTube, but until YouTube gets it's act together, the Free Republic SMACKDOWN Crew won't be helping. Take out your own trash JihadTube!

and... Once the e-hadi's catch wind, there will be a ton of trash. It'll be pretty hard to hide the stench. Perhaps someone in Washington will notice."