December 29, 2009

YouTube - Where the taliban Release their Propaganda

On Christmas Day the taliban released another hostage video of captured Idaho National Guard Private Bowe Bergdahl. Where did this propaganda film first appear? You guessed it, YouTube.

It is a shame and shows great disrespect for Private Bergdahl's family that these videos are so easily found on YouTube. We should make it more difficult.

Here is a play list full of taliban hostage videos to flag:

taliban hostage videos

To speed you along, once you have flagged the first video, click on play next toward the right hand side near the arrow in the above picture.

And here are some flagging instructions

December 28, 2009

Another Installment of Kids Training for jihad


As always with any video I post here, this one was flagged and deemed acceptable use by YouTube.

Forward to the 1:30 mark to see a baby sitting with an AK-47.
At 1:47 we see kids running with automatic weapons.
At 3:00 we see children going through military training.
At 5:40 a child shoots heavy weapons including an RPG.
And... interspersed throughout the video we see images of children reciting verses that I am sure extol the virtues of peace and harmony.

Do these videos promote jihad? Here is a comment posted on this video by a user who claims to be in the US:
tusken088 - "we fight in iraq and afghanstan and our eyes are on Jerusalem. we are never at peace unless we are at war with the kufar"
Remember, kufar is their religious slur for unbelievers and carries all the hatred and rancour of the n-word.

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab927

December 23, 2009

More jihad Propaganda Acceptable Use

UPDATE: This video is no longer available. Not because it was removed for its content, but rather the user was suspended through our continued efforts.


Take note, once again, you must be logged in to view.
This video may not be suitable for minors.

With that disclaimer, you know for sure that this video has been viewed by YouTube's crack staff of reviewers and found acceptable use.

Here are some of the images YouTube says may not be suitable for minors:
Dead child at 2:25
Execution with head shots at 2:46
Dead body nailed to a post at 2:57
Many more dead bodies at 6:40-8:40

An example of what may not be suitable for minors:

May not suitable for minors? Wow, just wow.

Uploaded by YouTube Terrorist: sahab928

December 22, 2009

CNN Takes Notice of YouTube

YouTube relies on its users? Really? Just look at the previous posts on this blog to see how much they rely on us. Is making it harder to remove terrorist propaganda conducive to policing the site?

I am tired of being an excuse for YouTube. We have been at this for over two years. We have contacted YouTube on multiple occasions. Have they returned our calls? No.

It is time to recognize YouTube's important roll in radicalizing muslim youth and hold them accountable. Giving them a pass because too many videos are uploaded for them to police and their "reliance" on users, glosses over their tacit approval of jihadi material they have been made aware of and refuse to remove.

Hat tip to Howie at the Jawa Report for posting: CNN: # Terrorists lure recruits via YouTubeVideo. Go read his post too.

December 21, 2009

YouTube - Facilitating the jihad

Another taliban YouTube user, talibanmujahideen, displays a link to the official taliban website on his profile. This user was also one of the first to uploaded the videos of captured US soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

Despite being flagged, the videos are still available.

Here is his background image, kids brandishing hand guns:

Do these online channels facilitate jihad? One commenter has this to say:

"I want to start jihad in the uk . the goverment is criminal and i am willing to give my life and go jail. so wish me luck brother ....................."

December 20, 2009

More Kids Training for jihad

Kids performing karate, right? For the first five minutes sure. Forward on to the 4:57 mark and you can see them demonstrate how to break down and load automatic weapons and RPGs. If that isn't enough for you, forward on to the 6:15 mark and you are treated with a small child wearing a black ski mask holding a hand gun. I don't speak the language, but can guess at the content of his recital.

Again, this video has been flagged numerous times and remains, demonstrating YouTube's tacit approval of children training for jihad.


Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab927

December 18, 2009

Suicide Bomb Blast Cool with YouTube

UPDATE: Well, I guess we hit enough flags. This video has been removed. Good Job YouTube. (took you long enough)

UPDATE II: Well isn't that special, the same user has the exact same video posted...

Here is a problem with YouTube's flagging apparatus. This video has 195,581 views. Why is that a problem? Well they say that every video that is flagged gets reviewed. Really? This video has been flagged a number of times. I guess they find suicide bomb blasts acceptable use then?

It's more likely that since the video has 195,581 views, flags won't trip a review until they reach a certain threshold. Does it take a 1,000 flags? 10,000? Who knows?

guerra no iraque

December 16, 2009

taliban Outreach Program on YouTube

Did you know that the taliban have an official channel on YouTube that includes a link to their English website? If it is not the official channel it certainly presents itself that way. The taliban are a specially designated terrorist organization and providing them material support is illegal.

Is providing an outlet for their news releases giving material support? I'd say so. Does YouTube know about it? Yes. Every single one of the videos from this channel has been flagged many times. Here is the kicker, not one has been removed. YouTube must see this as a legitimate news source.

Here is a video from their channel. Notice the as-sahab logo in the lower right corner. as-sahab is another media arm of alqada - by its very nature, any video that displays alqada logos promotes hatred and violence against non-muslims.

taliban mujahideen Raiding Military Camp of the Apostate Puppet Army in Zabul

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist islamic emirate of afghanistan

While you are here, click a link on the right under the Hirabist SMACKDOWN!!! to flag some islamist propaganda.

December 14, 2009

Islamist Music Video Featuring Dead Bodies

UPDATE: This video is no longer available. Not because it was removed for its content, but rather the user was suspended through our continued efforts.

A "nasheed" - an islamic religious song, often promoting violence and jihad - plays in the background of this video from the failed islamic state of iraq's media ministry, al furqan media, otherwise known as one of alqada's propaganda wings.

Take note, you must be logged in to view. This means the video has been reviewed by YouTube and found acceptable for users over the age of 18.

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab912

December 13, 2009

Racial/Religious Slur okay with Youtube

The term kuffar is used by the islamists to denote "unbelievers". It is a bigoted, hate filled word that drips with racism and religious superiority. In the context of its use, kuffar is very similar to the n-word and other racist terms.

Not only does the following video contain the racists, religious slur, it is a call for violent jihad and features violent attacks and threats of violence. Does YouTube find this acceptable use?

Apparently. The following video has been flagged a number of times, but remains available to everyone.

jihad dirty kuffar