December 28, 2009

Another Installment of Kids Training for jihad


As always with any video I post here, this one was flagged and deemed acceptable use by YouTube.

Forward to the 1:30 mark to see a baby sitting with an AK-47.
At 1:47 we see kids running with automatic weapons.
At 3:00 we see children going through military training.
At 5:40 a child shoots heavy weapons including an RPG.
And... interspersed throughout the video we see images of children reciting verses that I am sure extol the virtues of peace and harmony.

Do these videos promote jihad? Here is a comment posted on this video by a user who claims to be in the US:
tusken088 - "we fight in iraq and afghanstan and our eyes are on Jerusalem. we are never at peace unless we are at war with the kufar"
Remember, kufar is their religious slur for unbelievers and carries all the hatred and rancour of the n-word.

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist sahab927

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StarCMC said...

Ugh!! You'd think Youtube would get a clue on Sahab -- he's bad no matter what number follows his name. But then that would meant they'd actually have to enforce their TOS's.