December 22, 2009

CNN Takes Notice of YouTube

YouTube relies on its users? Really? Just look at the previous posts on this blog to see how much they rely on us. Is making it harder to remove terrorist propaganda conducive to policing the site?

I am tired of being an excuse for YouTube. We have been at this for over two years. We have contacted YouTube on multiple occasions. Have they returned our calls? No.

It is time to recognize YouTube's important roll in radicalizing muslim youth and hold them accountable. Giving them a pass because too many videos are uploaded for them to police and their "reliance" on users, glosses over their tacit approval of jihadi material they have been made aware of and refuse to remove.

Hat tip to Howie at the Jawa Report for posting: CNN: # Terrorists lure recruits via YouTubeVideo. Go read his post too.

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