December 23, 2009

More jihad Propaganda Acceptable Use

UPDATE: This video is no longer available. Not because it was removed for its content, but rather the user was suspended through our continued efforts.


Take note, once again, you must be logged in to view.
This video may not be suitable for minors.

With that disclaimer, you know for sure that this video has been viewed by YouTube's crack staff of reviewers and found acceptable use.

Here are some of the images YouTube says may not be suitable for minors:
Dead child at 2:25
Execution with head shots at 2:46
Dead body nailed to a post at 2:57
Many more dead bodies at 6:40-8:40

An example of what may not be suitable for minors:

May not suitable for minors? Wow, just wow.

Uploaded by YouTube Terrorist: sahab928

1 comment:

StarCMC said...

Amazing that there's such a dearth of brains and common sense over at YouTube that they can't just say that video isn't fit for viewing by ANYONE - let alone minors.