December 16, 2009

taliban Outreach Program on YouTube

Did you know that the taliban have an official channel on YouTube that includes a link to their English website? If it is not the official channel it certainly presents itself that way. The taliban are a specially designated terrorist organization and providing them material support is illegal.

Is providing an outlet for their news releases giving material support? I'd say so. Does YouTube know about it? Yes. Every single one of the videos from this channel has been flagged many times. Here is the kicker, not one has been removed. YouTube must see this as a legitimate news source.

Here is a video from their channel. Notice the as-sahab logo in the lower right corner. as-sahab is another media arm of alqada - by its very nature, any video that displays alqada logos promotes hatred and violence against non-muslims.

taliban mujahideen Raiding Military Camp of the Apostate Puppet Army in Zabul

Uploaded by YouTube terrorist islamic emirate of afghanistan

While you are here, click a link on the right under the Hirabist SMACKDOWN!!! to flag some islamist propaganda.

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