August 16, 2007

Welcome to Operation YouTube Smackdown

There are times when YouTube gets it right:

And then there are the times YouTube gets it wrong. Jihad has come to the Internet. And YouTube is helping them. We're not saying they set out to, but that's the result. Jihadist videos have found a home there. Our enemies are using that website, and others, to spread propaganda and recruit new terrorists. YouTube allows anyone to post anything and doesn't take it down unless someone objects, at which point they might take it down.

Well, we object. We object to YouTube making a profit hosting videos celebrating the death of Coalition Soldiers (and pretty much everyone else) while washing their own hands of any responsibility. We're out to smack those videos down, and maybe shake a little sense into YouTube in the process.

We know we're not on the front lines of this fight. And we can't tell a story about a Stryker platoon and their ride, the General Lee, like Michael Yon:

"The enemy was holding a video camera ... a culvert the enemy had packed with explosives ... As the bomb detonated beneath it, the General Lee arced like a dolphin from the sea of Hell ... I’ve got a photo of the mangled General Lee, but we don’t like to publish things that help the enemy. Suffice to say that the General Lee took another one for the team, and again saved the crew."

[The General Lee not pictured. Stryker photo from dvids.]

As for me, "I do it because I want to feel useful. ... I do it because, with respects to Michael Yon, our Soldiers, and John Milton, I like to think they also serve who only sit and click." And that's all we're asking from you. Flag the videos that violate YouTube's own policies.

If you think you might like to join the Smackdown: Consider our "Hate Speech, Free Speech, Whose Speech?". Take a look at "How YouTube Operates", and get started with our How-To Guide.

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