March 11, 2010

Fox & Friends - An Interview with Jer of Smackdown Corps

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Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Andrea,

As I could not find your email address, I am posting this comment.

My name is Harald Doornbos, a reporter from Holland. I am the Beirut based Middle East correspondent for GPD, a Dutch newspaper group (www.gpd.nl).

First - It is with great interest that I read your story on Jihad Jane. Thank you.

Second - According to the story, Jihad Jane became a radical islamist after a holiday to Holland where she met a Muslim man. As you probably can imagine, I would be very interested in the name of this person. Would you know who this Muslim man is, if he is still living in Holland, is he still recruting people etc, is there anything more to this Dutch link???

I sincerly hope you can respond to my questions by contacting me on my email address: haraldmarkd@yahoo.com

Thank you very much for your time.


Harald Doornbos