May 18, 2010

Damn! Caught by another piece of Hirabist (trash) dung! UPDATE PWND!

Let me be very clear - he lies.
We did not "threat to" him.
We simply advised him we were not fooled by his clever (not) name changing and that we did not like his little hobby.

AssalamoAlaikum dear Muslim brothers and sisters !
my third account on youtube about jihad updates , has also been deleted .
(salamtaliban , salamtaliban1 , salamtaliban01 ) these accounts are deleted by youtube team .. in the operation of Youtube Smackdown ( which is working against islamic extemist on youtube ).
they threat to me also by sending personel email on my google account that dont create further account on youtube to spread Taliban's propaganda videos .
my respectful brothers and sisters i reject their threats . now i m back again to spread latest videos of mujahideen Inshallah ..
i m subscribing u !
plz add me as ur friend or subscribe me !
Jazakallah !
Long Live islam .. Long Live Mujahideen .. Death to Pig America & their bitch allies !
w.salam... ( from Syed Ali Abbas)


bartender said...

Salamtaliban's ass, you 'ain't seen nothin' yet cowboy! You think 3 suspensions gives you credibility? JihadJane make you look like a pussy.
Nobody threatened your pansy ass. Smackdown crew does not threaten slugs, we squish 'em.

StarCMC said...

Oh noooooes! We "threat" him? Not really -- I believe someone actually informed him that his creation of a new account after being suspended was breaking YouTube's terms of use. What is it with these people who believe they are above the rules? Go find your virtual goats, you moron. You're on American servers and it should be expected that you play by OUR rules.