October 15, 2011

Falling Man - Who's Next?


Last week it was our good Canadian friend and ally, FlippinTheRaya. 
Tomorrow it will be you my friends, or me.

Falling man represents a very dark day in world history.  It was the day the many-headed grotesque body of Islam revealed itself.
It was also the day Google began it's own fall into the bowels of hell as it became the spokesperson for terrorists across the globe.

A week ago Google disabled Flippin's account ostensibly for his "protection."  For his own good don't ya know!  Big brother, the candy man, has a sweet in his bag though - if Flippin would just give them his phone number everything would be hunky dory again. 

There are bloggers all over the world who write anonymously because to do otherwise leaves them and their families and friends vulnerable to persecution and even death.  Having one's personal information in the hands of a company like Google who is tight with terrorists, well, it just doesn't seem very smart.

ScotishJackass, another who's account was disabled in the exact same way as Flippin, made a comment to the blogspot moderator -
" While it may be like the Bard's much ado, power corrupts, especially the absolute kind ... to take such presumptive action without first contacting the owner seems unthinkable among honorable men, except under the direst of circumstance. I can't imagine rationale supporting such action in any case, but especially the "random" ones."

Random?  FlippinTheRaya?  I seriously doubt it.

I am still chewing nails.  This is nothing less than an attempt at censorship (there I said it again Vinnie!) unless we give up our ability to stay anonymous.  At the expense of Flippin, Google has concretely proven themselves for the power hungry, controlling EVIL f*****s that they are.  Add to that four years of documenting here their malfeasance with regard to allowing terrorists to roam freely on YouTube - it all points to it being time Operation YouTube Smackdown shuts the doors here at this blog site and allow (hopefully) them to hang themselves.  Something I said months ago - we are just pawns folks.  There will be no change for the better no matter what Google is on record saying, or will say in the future.  Actions speak louder than words.  Google is, simply put, EVIL.

The goal of SDCorps was to cover the backs of our military and our extended family here and abroad by removing terrorist propaganda from YouTube.  It has taken me a long time to fully understand we have actually been part of Team Google.  In essence by the work we do, we cover their asses (Google: "See! We remove videos thanks to the help of folks like SmackDown") when they are called on the carpet.  No more.  Not from this blogsite. 

A note to Vinnie @ jawa who criticized my use of the word "censorship" in the previous post regarding this situation - I'd like to say -
Vennie - if we were friends I'd have looked you in the eye and called you a jackass.  As we are not, but are both committed to counter jihad efforts I'll just say - when all you can do is critique the use of a word instead of taking on the real enemy Google, for effectively attempting to shut the mouth of an important ally, you betray all CJ.  Really - really - bad - form - fella.

Good night Flippin.  Thank you for all your tremendous efforts to educate others about the creeping, insidious, evil partner of Google - the jihad for khalifa.
Good night and thank you to all the readers of this blog who flagged terrorist videos for four very long years.  Know that some day when we have won this war, when your grandchild asks - What did you do for the war on terror? - you will tell them about the efforts of the 101stChairborne Division at Operation YouTube Smackdown, and you will know - you made a difference.

We'll be in touch.  Count on it.
A note this morning from Mrs. Flippin which belongs to all -
" I read your post and it touched me deeply. It is a beautiful, heart felt piece that brought a tears to my eyes. I believe you voiced everything that needed to be said perfectly and without a doubt. All the work that has been done by so many people for so long, and all the pitfalls and obstacles they've encountered along the way that just pushed them harder.
Always believe that everything you tried to accomplish was noticed, even if corporate Google and their greed refused to change. All involved were the armchair army of the 21st century and their efforts did not go unnoticed by the loved and respected ones they were trying to protect.
THANK YOU :)  -  Mrs. Flippin                                 

Mr. Flippins comments are unprintable."

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PatriotUSA said...

You and Flippin have made a difference and will be sorely missed, more than can expressed here in a few words.

Resolve is steeled and what we are witnessing at this time in our lives makes me weep. The gnashing of teeth, the extension of claws and talons extended.

We are all the Falling Man and you and Flippin have fallen with pride. Your efforts have touched many and I am so sorry I did not meet you and Flippin sooner.

We are the Watchmen and women on the towers of Jerusalem.

We are locked, loaded and we will prevail. We know the cost will be high but the alternative with islam is not one for free men and women.

You WILL NOT be forgotten and your efforts will live on.

Thank you for all you have done and exposed, down to the least letter.