November 06, 2010

So YouTube is supposed to be removing Al Awlaki videos.

GREAT JOB YouTube!!! THANKS for tip Allahakchew!
Oh! Wait! "Jihadi Videos On YouTube OK - Breast Cancer Awareness Videos NOT OK! WTF!

Fine. Lets see what they do with this list.
Al Awlaki
Update 11/10/10 -
After several days of YouTube trying to make up their mind about removing Awlaki videos, the end result was that they reinstated several (videos) including the five posted by user mjh4eva who they had initially suspended, thought better of it, and reinstated.

Special. Just sayin - their actions indicate they think Alwaki is - special.
YouTube (Google) doesn't seem to be afraid of the big, bad, Obama administration.
Possibly there is something to this article..... google-clout-with-obama-administration deserves-an-investigation

Update 11/7/10 - YouTube showed huge ambition in their follow-thru of taking Awlaki's videos down yesterday.  25 of 200 were removed.  Now ain't that just special?

Two accounts were suspended.  Normally that would be met with approval on many fronts, but the ISSUE here is an influential, terrorist-supporting-radical-imam gracing the halls of YouTube. Google, doing the devils work.
Simply outrageous. 

Three years of flagging terrorist videos on YouTube has taught our group one thing - sure - YouTube is going to remove videos for a short time - consistently around 9/11, during elections, or when they are in the spotlight.  All of these videos may go down - but in the same way that radical Islam is like a cancer, YouTube can't resist a good thing - follow the money folks.
Below are the users on this list of 200 videos, in the order they are on the list, and # of videos each user has.  While this took several hours to compile, believe me, these were NOT difficult to find.
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSecretNews (49)

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